Regional Protection Of Human Rights Pack

Author: Dinah Shelton
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Prospects for regional systems in the Middle East and Asia are also discussed. The relevant basic texts are reproduced in a documentary supplement.

National Regional And International Policy

Author: Millica Mwela
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These policies and legal frameworks provide a positive platform for protection of
women's human rights. Zambia is obligated to fulfil the policies and conventions,
Policy makers and legislators should use them for gender sensitive legislation
and accounting for women's human rights in Zambia. This information pack is a
mouth piece to and for the members of parliament and other decision makers to
reflect on the situation of women and international, regional and national laws
and ...

Human Rights Worldwide

Author: Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat
Publisher: Abc-Clio Inc
ISBN: 9781851097623
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22. 733 08 26 Website: The International Service for Human
Rights (ISHR) was established in Geneva in 1984 by members of various
nongovernmental organizations for the purposes of promoting "the development,
strengthening, effective use, and implementation of international and regional
law and mechanisms for the protection and promotion of human rights." It
provides information, training, and support to human rights defenders from
around the world.

South African Journal On Human Rights

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no student photocopy-pack could hope to match. I am somewhat doubtful, but
perhaps the ... Theunis Roux Reader in Law and Society Centre for Applied
Legal Studies University of the Witwatersrand J Symonides (ed), Human Rights:
International Protection, Monitoring, Enforcement. Ashgate, 2003. The
development of the ... Regional systems have also been developed to reinforce
the protection of international human rights standards. However, these norms
without effective ...

Human Rights And The Environment

Author: Svitlana Kravchenko
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The Commission acknowledged the fundamental nature of this right when it
stated, "[v]arious international human rights instruments, both universal and
regional in nature, have recognized the right to property as featuring among the
... The Court held that the government of Nicaragua had violated the Awas
Tingni's rights to property and judicial protection when it granted concessions to a
foreign company to log on their traditional lands without consulting them or
getting their consent.

Human Rights In Bangladesh

Author: Āina Sāliśa Kendra (Dhaka, Bangladesh).
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Any unilateral attempt to drastically transform the ecology, including the RLP, will
not only be a violation of international customary and other treaty laws,
democratic practice and human rights, but also unlikely to achieve the claimed
results; 6. There is need to review all the existing bilateral water related treaties
towards reaching a comprehensive regional treaty; 7. Any water related activities
in the region must aim at ensuring sustainable development, environment
protection, common ...

Global Dialogue

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The most disturbing form of smuggling involves human-trafficking, where the
smugglers not only bring migrants across borders but exploit and abuse their
labour in the process. ... The protection of its borders is key to a state's definition
of itself. ... the combating of migrant-trafficking, the return of extra-regional
migrants, full respect for the human rights of migrants, the reintegration of
repatriated migrants within the region, the equipping and modernising of
immigration control systems, ...

Yearbook On Human Rights

Author: United Nations
ISBN: 9789211540727
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In Koblenz on 14 April 1983 the Minister of the Interior of Land Rhineland-
Palatinate banned the neo-Nazi Wehrsportgruppe Wolfspack, Sturm 12 (Wolf
Pack Martial Sports Group, Assault Group 12), which had only been in existence
since January 1983. B. Right to an effective remedy (article 8 of the Universal
Declaration; article 6 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All
Forms of Racial Discrimination)1 Judgement handed down by Bochum Regional
Court on 23 ...

Human Rights Information Bulletin

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In March, such a meeting was co-organised with the Judges Association in
Andorra. In May a seminar was coorganised by the UNHCR and the Information
and Documentation Centre on the Council of Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia,
focusing on the European Convention on Human Rights and its implementing
mechanisms for the protection of nationals, aliens and refugees. In June a similar
meeting was co-organised with the Irish Council for Civil Liberties in Dublin,
Ireland, focusing ...

Perspectives On Foreign And Second Language Pedagogy

Author: Dorte Albrechtsen
Publisher: University Press of Southern Denmark
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Linguistic human rights in international and regional instruments Most of the
formulations in human rights instruments granting individuals or groups linguistic
rights are to be found in clauses which protect minorities. ... The press pack
associated with this media event declares that the aims of English 2000 are "to
exploit the position of English to further British interests" as one aspect of
maintaining and expanding the "role of English as the world language into the
next century".