Real Estate Law

Author: Robert Aalberts
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0840053592
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3 The study of real estate law is especially important for those who want to
understand and participate in the free market system. This book was written in
response to a need for a real estate law textbook that combines text, short case
summaries, longer teaching cases, and problems. This eighth edition of Real
Estate Law contains several new features as well as a major change. George I.
Seidel III, who originated this textbook and whose personality, intelligence, hard
work, and ...

The Encyclopedia Of Housing

Author: Willem van Vliet
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780761913320
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(SEE ALSO: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) —Jeffery M. Sharp Further
Reading Hinkel, Daniel F. 1995. Practical Real Estate Law. 2d ed. Minneapo- lis/
St. Paul: West. Floyd, Charles F. and Marcus T. Allen. 1994. Real Estate
Principles. 4th ed. Chicago: Real Estate Education Co. French, William B. and
Harold F. Lusk. 1979. The Law of the Real Estate Business. 4th ed. Homewood,
IL: Irwin. Mills, Edwin S. 1994. "The Functioning and Regulation of Escrow
Accounts." Housing ...

Michigan Environmental Law

Author: James M. Olson
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Chapt. 14, REAL ESTATE LAW (1980). 33 Pennsylvania v. Mahon, 260 U.S. 393
(1922). Here the Supreme Court in a leading case of takings law, held there was
a taking of plaintiffs property where a Pennsylvania statute prohibited plaintiff
from mining coal pursuant to subsurface property rights within HO feet of adjacent
residences on surface rights of parcels acquired and where such had the effect of

Economics Of The Law

Author: Thomas J. Miceli
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195355949
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Rose-Ackerman, S. 1990. “Market—Share Allocations in Tort Law: Strengths and
Weaknesses.” J. Legal Stud. 19(2): 739–746. Rose-Ackerman, S. 1989. “Dikes,
Dams, and Vicious Hogs: Entitlement and Efficiency in Tort Law.” J. Legal Stud. ...
“A Reexamination of Nonsubstantive Unconscionability.” Virginia L. R. 63: 1053–
1083. Schweizer, U. 1989. “Litigation and Settlement Under Two-Sided
Incomplete Information.” Rev. Econ. Stud. 56: 163–178. Seidel, G. 1979. Real
Estate Law.

The Martindale Hubbell Law Directory

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General Clvu, Criminal and Orphans' Court Litigation, Business and Estate
Planning, Personal Injury, Real Estate and Environmental Law. ... Personal Injury
Law, Corporation and Business Law, Real Estate, Family Law, Probate and
Estate Planning, Banking, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Collections, Workers'
Compensation, Social Security Disability, Criminal Law, Commercial Litigation
and Insurance .... Of Counsel: Raymond M. Seidel: George M. A man, in; Lindley
M. Cowperthwait.

Real Estate Law

Author: George J. Siedel
Publisher: West Publishing Company
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George J. Siedel. HIDDEN DANGERS KNOWN TO LANDLORD A landlord who
knows or should know of hidden dangers on the premises is under a duty to
disclose these dangers to the tenant. ln Rhoades v. Seidel,60 August Seidel
rented a house to Rhoades. After taking possession, Rhoades contracted typhoid
fever which, he alleged, was caused by a noxious gas coming from an open
sewer in the cellar. When Rhoades brought suit, the court held that Seidel was
not liable.

Martindale Hubbell Law Directory

ISBN: 9781561606269
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Coun, Related Companies, L.P., The *RESPONSIBILITIES: e;
Telecommunications Law; Real Estate. Segall, Mark E., (AV) '53 '79 ... *
PRACTICE AREAS: Estate Planning: Trusts and Estates; Charitable
Organizations, Real Estate. Seggebruch, Eric . ... Leonora Cheryl . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . '57 '89 C.477 B.A. L.912 J.D. 7 Penn Plz., 17th Fl. Seide, Rochelle K., (AV) . . . .
. . . . . '48 84 C.823 B.S. L.8 J.D. [Baker B.] (See Pat. Sect.) *PRACTICE AREAS:
Intellectual Property. Seidel, Arthur W. .

Laws Of The State Of New York

Author: New York (State)
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New York (State). : thur, Duncan Thomas Ennis, William Dunkley, Farquhar
McRea, Thomas Caruthers, John Rohr, Charles Brady, Thomas Naters, David T.
Cooper, Joseph Nixon, John Lasher, James Wallace, Daniel Ferguson, Andrew
... John Hall, John McNamer, county of Kings; Hartas Hedley, Richard
Richardson, John Hawkins, John Jenner, John Biden, county of Monroe; shall be
and they are hereby respectively enabled to take real estate within this state,
either by will, descent ...