Limited Liability Entities

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and may be cited as the ''[State] Limited Liability Company Act.'' Revised
Prototype Act Comment This section is derived from the Prototype Limited
Liability Company Act (1992) (the ''Prototype Act'') §101. All current statutes have
short title provisions, so it is appropriate to start the Act in the same manner.
Reference in the comment ...

Limited Liability Company Partnership Answer Book

Author: Martin
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[See, for example, Rev Rul 93-38, 1993-1 CB 233 (Delaware); Rev Rul 93-49,
1993-2 CB 308 (Illinois); Rev Rul 93-50, 1993-2 CB 310 (West Virginia); Rev Rul
93-53, 1993-2 CB 312 (Florida)] Q 2:6 Are the LLC acts similar to the Revised
Uniform Limited Partnership Act (RULPA) and the Uniform Partnership Act (UPA
)? Yes, at least to a certain extent. Limited liability companies are hybrid entities,
containing features both of business corporations and partnerships; many LLC
statutes ...

Prototype Limited Liability Partnership Agreement

Author: American Bar Association. Committee on Partnerships and Unincorporated Business Organizations
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Carter G. Bishop, The Limited Liability Partnership Amendments to the Uniform
Partnership Act (1994), 53 Bus. Law. 101 (1997). Richard A. Booth, Fiduciary
Duty and the Former Partner, 48 Bus. Law. 315 (1992). Richard A. Booth,
Fiduciary Duty, Contract and Waiver in Partnerships and Limited Liability
Companies, J. Small & Emerging Bus. L. 55 (1997). Richard A. Booth, Profit-
Seeking, Individual Liability, and the Idea of the Firm, 73 Wash. U. LQ. 539 (1995)
. Alan R. Bromberg ...

Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements Fourth Edition

Author: John M. Cunningham
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LIABILITY COMPANY ACT You can't perform the tasks listed in Exhibit 1-1 in the
abstract; you have to perform them under specific LLC acts. Thus, the chapters of
this book often use specific LLC acts in ... Uniform State Laws; and • The
American Bar Association Revised Prototype Limited Liability Company Act (as
issued on June 2, 2011). Both of these model acts have been drafted by leading
LLC scholars ...

Forming And Operating California Limited Liability Companies

Author: Suzanne L. Weakley
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Puerto Rico also has a series limited liability company statute. See Laws of
Puerto Rico, Title 14, Subtitle 4, Chapter 218B, §3426p. In addition, three other
states (Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin) provide for series LLCs but
without the internal liability shield. The Revised Prototype Limited Liability
Company Act (Prototype Act), promulgated by the Business Law Section of the
American Bar Association on May 1, 2011 (67 Bus Law 117 (Nov 2011)), has
adopted the series LLC.

Symonds And O Toole On Delaware Limited Liability Companies

Author: Robert L. Symonds
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A bill substantially identical to the proposal made by the Delaware State Bar
Association was introduced in the Delaware House of Representatives, passed
by the Delaware General Assembly, and, on July 22, 1992, signed into law by the
governor. The Delaware Limited Liability Company Act (the ''DLLC Act'') as
initially enacted became effective on October 1, 1992.11 [C] Regular Review and
Periodic Amendment of the DLLC Act. 8 A ''Prototype Limited Liability Company
Act,'' ...

Drafting Delaware Limited Liability Company Agreements

Author: John M. Cunningham
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However, the above charging order shall be the only remedy by which the
judgment creditor may satisfy the judgment out of the member's limited liability
company interest, and the creditor shall have no remedy with respect to the LLC's
property.13 12 See, e.g., ABA Prototype LLC Act, ''General Considerations
Underlying the Prototype Limited Liability Company Act Project,'' § 6. 13 Section
18-703 provides in its entirety as follows: § 18-703. Member's limited liability
company interest ...

Research Handbook On Partnerships Llcs And Alternative Forms Of Business Organizations

Author: Robert W. Hillman
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ABA Ad Hoc Committee on Entity Rationalization, Proposed Model Inter-Entity
Transactions Act, 57 Bus. Law. 1569 (2002) ABA Comm. on LLCs, P'ships and
Unincorp. Entities, Prototype Limited Liability Company Act (1992) ABA Comm.
on LLCs, P'ships and Unincorp. Entities, Revised Prototype Limited Liability
Company Act, 67 Bus. Law. 117 (2011) ABA Corporate Laws Comm, Model
Business Corporation Act (2010) Art, Robert C., Conversion and Merger of
Disparate Business ...

Joint Ventures Involving Tax Exempt Organizations

Author: Michael I. Sanders
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CHAPTER NINETEEN 19 19.1 INTRODUCTION Derived from various foreign
laws, the limited liability company (LLC) is a state law creation that has become
increasingly popular in the United States because it limits the personal liability of
all its ... The Prototype Limited Liability Company Act and the Uniform Limited
Liability Company Act are reproduced in Ribstein and Keatinge, Limited Liability
Companies (1998), and Bamberger and Jacobson, State Limited Liability
Company and ...