Prosser And Keeton On The Law Of Torts

Author: William Lloyd Prosser
Publisher: West Group
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Emphasizes contemporary developments in order to reflect the shift in tort law toward the plaintiff's side and expanded liability.

Clinical Psychiatry And The Law

Author: Robert I. Simon
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 9781585621675
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King JH: The Law of Medical Malpractice, 2nd Edition. St Paul, MN, West
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once—but did you intend it?: psychiatric assessment of suicide intent in
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WP, Dobbs DB, ...

Psychiatric Malpractice

Author: Robert I. Simon
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 9780880481076
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... Long v Rothbaum, 68 Md App 569, 514 A.2d 1223 (1986) Keeton WP, Dobbs
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of Michigan, ...

Tort Law And Economics

Author: Michael Faure
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848447302
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Posner, Richard (1977), Economic Analysis ofLaw, 2nd edition, Boston and
Toronto: Little Brown. Posner, Richard (1997), Economic Analysis of Law, 5th
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Minneapolis: ...

Kionka S Black Letter Outline On Torts 5th

Author: Edward Kionka
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 1634590902
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122 E. OTHER SOURCES In tort law, the four most important reference works are
: 1) 2) 3) Dan B. Dobbs, The Law of Torts (West Group 2000). Now this is the
current West Hornbook on torts, superseding the Hornbook which for decades
was the standard onevolume work in the field—Dean William L. Prosser's The
Law of Torts. The latest edition of that work was Prosser and Keeton on The Law
of Torts, Fifth Edition (1984), edited by W. Page Keeton, Dan B. Dobbs, Robert E.
Keeton, ...

Proof Of Causation In Tort Law

Author: Sandy Steel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316381072
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... Professional Liability 6th edition with 4th supplement (London: Sweet &
Maxwell, 2010) Jansen, N. Die Struktur des Haftungsrechts (Tübingen: Mohr,
2003) Kasche, M. Verlust von Heilungschancen – Eine rechtsvergleichende
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Keeton on Torts, 5th edition (St. Paul, Mn: West, 1984) Keren-Paz, T. Torts,
Egalitarianism and Distributive ...

Der Arzt Zwischen Aufkl Rung Und Beratung

Author: Christian Glatz
Publisher: Duncker & Humblot
ISBN: 9783428489473
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(1978), 91-105. Plitman, Hallie: Tort Law - Moore v. Regents of the University of
California: Was He Merely Vending His Spleen? 21 Memp.St.U.L.Rev. (1991),
625-635. Pound, Roscoe: Progress of the Law, 1918-1919, Equity. 33 Harv.L.Rev
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Rev. (1961), 189-218. Prosser, William Lloyd: Prosser and Keeton on the Law of
Torts. 5th edition by W. Page Keeton/Dan B. Dobbs/Robert E. Keeton/David G.
Owen, ...

The Alcalde

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"The changes in the past 10 years have been substantial, especially concerning
liability to those who make and sell products," says Dean W. Page Keeton, BA '31
, LLB, '31, and holder of the torts chair bearing his name at The University of
Texas School of Law. "An increase in technology brought an increase in
accidents," says Keeton, who recently edited a general revision of the book. The
result is the newly entitled Prosser and Keeton on Torts, 5th edition. "It was a nice
honor," ...

Altlastengerechtigkeit Im Vergleich

Author: Daniel Radig
Publisher: Duncker & Humblot
ISBN: 9783428508242
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Jones, Stephen C: Courts Sceptical on Superfund Liability; Nat'l L.R., 7. Feb.,
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Substances, Super- fund Administrative Reform Documents; SC27 ALI- AB A 99 (
1997). Keeton, W. Page/Dobbs, Dan B./Keeton, Robert E./Owen, David G.:
Prosser and Keeton on the Law of Torts, 5th Edition, St. Paul/Minn. 1984. Keiner,
Suellen: Implications of proposed CERCLA reforms for recoveries of natural
resource damages; ...

Unterbeteiligungen An Krediten Im Common Law Und Im Civil Law

Publisher: Duncker & Humblot
ISBN: 9783428474516
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... Current Issues in International Financial Law, Singapore, 1985. Pöhler, Achim,
Das internationale Konsortialgeschäft der Banken — Grundlagen,
betriebswirtschaftliche Funktionen und Risikopolitik, Frankfurt, 1988. Pollock,
Phillip R., Notes Issued in Syndicated Loans — A New Test to Define Securities,
32 Business Lawyer (1977), Seite 537 ff. Preisig, Karl W., Roll-Over-Eurokredit,
Bern und Stuttgart, 1976. Prosser and Keeton on the Law of Torts, 5th Edition by
W. Page Keeton, ...