The Economics Of Regulation

Author: Alfred Edward Kahn
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Principles and Institutions Alfred Edward Kahn ... of effective regulation the other
way — into proponents of a rate or earnings base measured by "prudent
investment" — the number of dollars originally, prudently invested in the property
used and usable in public service, less accumulated depreciation.44 It was not
until 1944, in the Hope Natural Gas ... Outside of the novel area of natural gas
production, it has entertained no public-utility rate-level case of the traditional
kind since Hope.

Public Utility Regulation

Author: Kenneth Nowotny
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For a comprehensive discussion of pricing objectives for electricity, see Koger,
Robert Keith. “Decision Analysis Applied to Electric Utility Rate Design.” Ph.D.
thesis, North Carolina Stae University, 1984. 12. Malko, J. Robert, Darrell Smith,
and Robert G. Uhler. Costing for Ratemaking Topic Paper. Electric Utility Rate
Design Study, Report Number 85. Palo Alto: Electric Power Research Institute,
1981, chapter 4. 13. Bonbright, James C. Principles of Public Utility Rates. New
York: ...

Consolidated Water Rates

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provide the greatest benefit to society's least advantaged, is perhaps the best
example of a countervailing philosophy.27 Ratemaking Criteria Ratemaking and
rate design are guided by certain fundamental principles that are well
established and well ... Most ratemaking analysts rely substantially on James
Bonbright's eight criteria for a sound or desirable rate structure: 1. ... Based on
James C. Bonbright, Principles of Public Utility Rates (New York: Columbia
University Press, 1961).

Energy Pricing

Author: Roger L. Conkling
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Economics of Public Utilities, Rinehart & Co., Inc., New York, 1947, p. 544. Some
writers simply beg the definitional question. Marsha Gransee, a Public Utilities
Fortnightly writer, quoting James C. Bonbright, Principles of Public Utility Rates,
1961 (not the updated edition) notes Bonbright's opinion that the value of service
standard is “no easy question since the term has been used loosely, without
benefit of any formal definition.” She concludes, “The term seems to be used
quite loosely ...

Electricity Regulation

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Vol. 6:1. 1985. Bobbish, Donna, J. "Electric Utility Restructuring: Who's
Regulating the Revolution?" Electricity Journal. June 1990. Bobbish, Donna, J. "
From Gas to Electric at ferc: Will It be Deja Vu All Over Again?" Electricity Journal.
June 1992. Boiler, Diane, S. "CPR for Strangled Utility Proceedings." Public
Utilities Fortnightly. Nov. 1, 1992. Bonbright, James, C, Albert L. Danielson and
David R. Kamerschen. Principles of Public Utility Rates. Arlington, Va.: Public
Utilities Reports, Inc., ...

Taxation Of Public Utilities

Author: Richard E. Matheny
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Footnotes — § 2.04: 37 See Bonbright, Danielson, and Kamerschen, Principles
of Public Utility Rates, 91–105 (Pub Util Reports, Inc, 1988). 38 The
determination of revenue requirements directly effects the utility, while the
structure of rates, assuming no competition, is of primary interest to ratepayers.
39 See generally Garfield, P and Lovejoy, W, Public Utilities Economics, 84 (
1964); Phillips, C, “Regulation of Public Utilities,” Pub Util Reports 326 (1988).
326. See also Lubow and ...

Marginal Cost In The New Economy

Author: Roger L. Conkling
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James C. Bonbright: Principles of Public Utility Rates, 1961 Here are addressed
the views on marginal costs of one of the great utility economists, James C.
Bonbright of Columbia University, as presented in his text dated October 10, I960.
12 The sections referred to below are, in Bonbright's own words, a "critique" of
marginal costs as a pricing doctrine from the viewpoint of the myriad
considerations that should enter into utility rates. Short-Run versus Long-Run
Marginal Costs ...