Lookingbill And Marks Principles Of Dermatology E Book

Author: James G. Marks
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use creams on weeping eruptions, ointments on dry lichenified skin, and gels,
foams, or solutions on hairy areas. Another consideration in topical steroid
therapy is the frequency of application. The stratum corneum acts as a reservoir
and continues to release topical steroid into the skin after the initial application.
Applications once or twice a day are usually sufficient. Investigators have
observed that chronic dermatoses, especially psoriasis, may become less
responsive after ...

Principles Of Dermatology

Author: Donald P. Lookingbill
Publisher: Saunders
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These include adrenal suppression, iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome, and growth
retardation in children. These complications have been reported with long-term,
extensive use of potent topical steroids, particularly when these agents are used
under occlusion. The recent introduction of super-high-potency topical steroids
has increased the possibility of hypothalamic-pituitary-axis suppression. These
steroids should not be used for longer than 2 consecutive weeks, and the total
dosage ...

Essentials Of Family Medicine

Author: Philip D. Sloane
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Surgical biopsy: This procedure can be used as a diagnostic and treatment tool.
Having a reasonable differential diagnosis will help you choose an appropriate
biopsy type. • In most cases, the laboratory tests are used to confirm your clinical
diagnosis based on the history and physical examination. MANAGEMENT
PRINCIPLES Treatment in dermatology can be divided into two categories–
medical and surgical. Medical treatments include topical and systemic steroids,
antibiotics, ...

Unwanted Effects Of Cosmetics And Drugs Used In Dermatology

Author: Anton C. de Groot
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Kaidbey, K.H. and Kligman, A.M. (1976): Assay of topical corticosteroids. Arch.
Dermatol., 112,808. Leyden, J.J. and Marples, R.R. (1973): Ecologic principles
and antibiotic therapy in chronic dermatoses. Arch. Dermatol., 107, 208. Leyden,
J.J. and Kligman, A.M. (1977): The case for steroid—antibiotic combinations. Br. J
. Dermatol., 96, 179. Maibach, H.I. and Stoughton, R.B. (1973): Topical
corticosteroids In: Steroid Therapy pp. 174–190. Editor: D.L. Azarnoff, W.B.
Saunders, ...

Textbook Of Paediatric Emergency Medicine 2nd Ed

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Widespread long-term use of moderate potency steroids to the skin can cause
atrophy or striae, especially on the face, the nappy area of infants, and sites of
rapid growth such as the thighs of pubertal girls. Although expensive,
pimecrolimus 1% is a useful alternative in some situations. Oral steroids are
rarely indicated in atopic eczema. For chronic atopic eczema on the limbs, zinc
and tar combinations are alternatives to steroids. Topical calcineurin inhibitors (
tacrolimus and ...

Differential Diagnosis In Dermatology

Author: Richard Ashton
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21 Introduction to dermatological treatment General principles of treatment
Topical treatment The base Active ingredients: topical steroids Topical immune-
modulators, tar Dithranol/anthralin Vitamin D, analogues, retinoids Keratolytk
agents, antibiotics Antiviral agents, antifungal agents Topical local anaesthetics,
sunscreens Topical agents for wound care Debriding agents Reducing bacterial
counts Absorption of exudate Wound and ulcer dressings Systemic treatment
Antibiotics, ...

De Launey And Land Principles And Practice Of Dermatology

Author: W. E. De Launey
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Dilatation of superficial vessels may complicate prolonged corticosteroid therapy,
especially on the face and in the intertriginous zones. m Peri-oral dermatitis
follows steroid therapy on the face. The effect is reversible but withdrawal of the
application is initially followed by an exacerbation. This effect of topical steroids is
very unlikely to occur with hydrocortisone acetate. m Cutaneous atrophy.
Prolonged application causes thinning of treated skin, particularly with occlusive
therapy or in ...

Essential Pediatric Dermatology

Author: Keipert J
Publisher: CRC Press
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An alternative regimen is that after the initial response to the potent steroid,
maintenance therapy should be continued with the weakest preparation that will
maintain reasonable control. ... Other Principles Governing the Use of Topical
Steroids Tachyphylaxis is the phenomenon in which the beneficial effects of
topical steroids are lost with repeated application but the therapeutic effect is
restored after an interval without any application of steroids, preferably for one
week at least.

Pediatric Dermatology

Author: Lawrence A. Schachner
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0723436657
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Principles. of. treatment. in. pediatric. dermatology. Mandi L. Maronn, Alanna F.
Bree, Elaine C. Siegfried, Alex Zvulunov, Orith Waisbourd-Zinman, Dan Ben-
Amitai, Ayelet Adir-Shani, Antonio Martorell, Antonio Torrelo, Zoe D. Draelos and
... true, but the improved dermatologic armamentarium now includes a variety of
topical and systemic antibacterials, antifungals, antivirals, retinoids, vitamin D
analogs, corticosteroids and a host of non-steroidal biologic immune response