Pratt S Plaything

Author: Mia Kingsley
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Ich zählte sicherheitshalber ein weiteres Mal bis 1 000, bevor ich es wagte,
vorsichtig meine Hand unter Pratts Arm zu schieben und ihn anzuheben. Mit
einer Verrenkung, die beinahe artistische Züge hatte, kletterte ich aus dem Bett
und zog mein Kopfkissen nach unten, um Pratts Arm darauf abzulegen. Dabei
atmete ich so flach wie möglich, weil ich Angst hatte, ihn zu wecken. Der Boden
war kalt unter meinen Füßen und eine Gänsehaut überzog meinen Körper. Die
zerschnittene ...

British Film Catalogue

Author: Denis Gifford
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s (Novel) Gertrude Page Madge Titheradge .......... Enid Davenport C.M. Hallard .
... (Made in Hollywood) 06643 THE IRON STAIR (5972) (A) USA: THE BRANDED
SOUL Stoll d/sc F. Martin Thornton s (Novel) 'Rita' Reginald Fox .......... Geoffrey/
George Gale Madge ... 06644 FATE'S PLAYTHING (5500) (U) Anglo-Hollandia (
Butcher) p Maurits H. Binger d B.E. Doxat-Pratt s (Novel) C.F. Harding (Oranges
and Lemons) sc Reginald Lawson Constance Worth .......... Dolores Blackett
Bruce ...

The Complete Works Of Charles F Browne Better Known As Artemus Ward

Author: Artemus Ward
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the helpmate of man degraded into the position of his servant and his plaything,
can it be expected that the mind should give glory to the countenance, or Dante/s
“Dtmpeggiar del angelica riso” illume the face of her whose soul belongs to her ...
Mrs Belinda M. Pratt, for instance, in a published letter of hers to a “dear sister,”
says—- ', “ The polygamic law of God opens to all vigorous, healthy, and virtuous
women a door by which they may become honourable wives of virtuous men,
and ...

The Dublin University Magazine

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... a plaything of my love ; everything, except that he was not gay, I could not
match it with your sportive moods, '. I - - , ' 'Till ... And by a skill in blowing hot and
cold, bones are tendlng' '1 he In) stenous “51' And changcful dalliance, quicken
you with doubts, 1301' IS regarded by the farmers and farm- And keep you in the
dark till you should kindle. servants, as a conjuror. On the night I "at ... sucharts
was ever known to come flyln through Th" Pratt's“ them' the air in that way. And
bcs1des ...

Early Years Education And Care

Author: Susan Hay
Publisher: Routledge
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Community Playthings« very first product was created by Caroline Pratt in 1913at
Bank Street College in New York City; she designed the solid wooden blockso
thatits width was twice its height andhalf its length. Pratt was Froebel-trained, and
Froebel«s ideashave subsequently been incorporatedintoall our products. He
had much tosayabout intrinsicmotivation, about play,about harmony and about
connecting childrenwith nature. He believed thatevery child isa thoughtof
Godand that ...

Diamond Pocket Dictionary Of The French Language

Author: John Rowbotham
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... e, a. said of horses whose hams are too close Jarretière, ss, a garter; band Jars
, t-jar, sm. a large gander Jarron, su. ma. small jar Jas ou Jat, sm. ma. auchor-
stock Jaser, an: to chatter; to blab Jaserie, of prating, prattling Jaseur, se, s. a
prattler, ... a bungler Jouet, sin. plaything, toy; sport Joueur, se, s. samester;
player – de gobelets, a juggler - Joudu, e, a. s. chubby ; buxom person Joug, it
foowglism, yoke , slavery, servita is oujou, sm. a plaything, toy ; trade Jouir, va. to
enjoy, possess ...

Merchandise Manual For Toys And Playthings

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Electrical and Windup Trains, Typewriters, Adding Machines, Steam Shovels,
Trucks. Branch Sales Office: 200 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. THE AMERICAN
NATIONAL COMPANY, 1400 Ketcham Ave., Toledo, Ohio Skippy Racers,
Children,s Vehicles “The Line Beautiful.” Branch Sales Offices: 200 Fifth Avenue.,
New York, N. Y.; 747 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, Md.; 171 Portland St., Boston, Mass.;
American Furn. Mart, Chicago, Ill.; 718 Mission St., San Francisco, Calif.