Perspectives On Global Development 2013 Industrial Policies In A Changing World

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264194398
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They are putting in place industrial policies, aimed at upgrading their productive
structure and increasing their participation in global value chains. These policies
also respond to a growing awareness about the risk offalling into a “middle-
income trap” and experiencing economic stagnation and turbulence before
getting to the desired level of development. The third edition of Perspectives on
Global Development 2013 entitled Industrial Policies in a Changing World sheds
light on the ...

Western Aid At A Crossroads

Author: O. Eggen
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137380322
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Report to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Busan, November
2011 (Paris: OECD). OECD (2012) Development Co-operation Report 2012:
Lessons in Linking Sustainability and Development (Paris: OECD Publishing).
OECD (2013a) Perspectives on Global Development 2013Industrial Policies in
a Changing World (Paris: OECD Publishing). OECD (2013b) OECD.Stat. http://, date accessed 27 June 2013. Peck, J. and A. Tickell (2002) '
Neoliberalizing ...

Innovation Policy In Panama

Publisher: Development Centre Studies
ISBN: 9789264230385
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OECD (2013), Perspectives on Global Development 2013: Industrial Policies in a
Changing World, OECD Publishing, Paris, glob
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htm. OECD/ECLAC (2012), Latin American Economic Outlook 2013: SME
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Composite ...

The Oecd Observer

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On Global or – Development 2013: Industrial "I * Policies in a - Changing World
ge, gross." o Perspectives on Global Development (PGD) is OECD's annual
publication on emerging development issues. The 2013 edition focuses on
productive growth strategies. ISBN 978-92-64-17711-6, July 2013, 260 pages £
70 $98 £63 Y9 100 ** - African Economic African Economic *† Outlook2013. - |
Structural | Transformation * and Natural o Resources * This book monitors in
detail the ...

Critical Perspectives On Global Competition In Higher Education

Author: Portnoi
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119017505
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diversity of local and international actors—higher education institutions and
providers, students, research and development centers, and knowledge
industries—is critical to ensure that the education hub is competitive and
sustainable. ... Knight, J. (2013). The changing landscape of higher education
internationalization— For better or worse? Perspectives: Policy and Practice in
Higher Education, 17(2), 84– 90. Knight J. (2014a). (Ed.). International education
hubs: Student, talent, ...

Non Mainstream Dimensions Of Global Political Economy

Author: Byasdeb Dasgupta
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135050767
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However, the recent appointment of Justin Lin, as the Chief Economist of the
World Bank, has led to a major change in the Bank's analysis of the appropriate
industrial policy for emerging, developing and transitional countries. The main
aim of this chapter is to provide a ... In order to motivate the discussion, the first
part of the chapter will outline the changing perspectives on industrial policy put
forward by the World Bank over the last three decades. We will find that although
the bank's ...

World Trade Report 2014

Author: World Trade Organization
ISBN: 9789287039125
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Fuglie, K. (2012), "Productivity Growth in the Global Agricultural Economy and the
Role of Technology Capital", in K. Fuglie, S. L. Wang, and E. Ball (eds),
Productivity Growth in Agriculture an International Perspective, Wallingford, UK;
CABI Publishing. Fuglie, K. ... Gereffi, G. and Sturgeon, T. J. (2013), “Global Value
ChainOriented Industrial Policy: the Role of Emerging Economies", in Elms, D. K.
and Low, P. (eds), Global Value Chains in a Changing World, Geneva: WTO.
Gibbon, P ...

Developing Frontier Cities

Author: Harvey Lithwick
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401712352
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Global Perspectives — Regional Contexts Harvey Lithwick, Yehuda Gradus.
Milani ... O'Neill, H. (1997) Globalization, competitiveness and human security:
Challenges for development policy and institutional change. ... SAGE
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The Development Dictionary.

Agenda For Change

Author: Klaus Hüfner
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3663092259
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... industrial countries and the paucity of its financial resources, the specialized
agencies' lack of an overall development perspective, few vigorous attempts at
U.N. system-wide policy coordination and the decline of its intellectual influence
in the global development policy debate. ,Economic and social issues are
supposed to be coordinated by the Economic and Social Council. In practice,
they are not. ECOSOC's 54-member structure is too large and unwieldy, and the
most powerful ...