Our Savage Art

Author: William Logan
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231147333
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But this edge is one of deeply considered and concerned authority. A poet-critic engages closely with his masters, with his peers, with those whom he regards as falling short. This collection is an adventure of sensibility."-George Steiner

Our Savage God

Author: Robert Charles Zaehner
Publisher: Sheed & Ward
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The 'craftsman' mind will therefore be the technique of building itself or, if the
house is to be beautiful as well as merely useful, the art of architecture. In this
case too the 'form' of the house, that is, the idea of the house as it is present in the
architect's mind is, in a sense, the art of architecture, since it is the art or craft that
is the 'unmoved' principle of motion that gives actuality or reality to the actual
house when built.3 So too with man. The opposites or contrarieties
corresponding to ...

The True And The Beautiful In Nature Art Morals And Religion

Author: John Ruskin
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Well ; when you have moved your savage, and dressed your savage, fed him
with white bread, and shown him how to set a limb, — what next ? Follow out that
question. Suppose every obstacle overcome ; give your savage every advantage
of civilization to the full ; suppose that you have put the red Indian in tight shoes;
taught the Chinese how to make Wedgwood's ware, and to paint it with colors
that will rub off ; and persuaded all Hindoo women that it is more pious to torment
their ...

A Dictionary Of The Veterinary Art

Author: Thomas Boardman
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Frequent mention is made of our savage cattle by historians. One relates that
Robert Bruce was (in chasing these animals) preserved from the rage of a wild
bull by the intrepidity of one of his courtiers, from which he and his lineage
acquired the name of Turn-bull. FitzStephen, in his History of London preserved
in Leland's Itinerary, names these animals (uri sylvstres) among those that
harboured in the great forest that in his time lay adjacent to London. Another
enumerates, among the ...

Chamber S Journal Of Popular Literature Science And Arts

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Therefore, wiser in this respect, as I love to think, than the pastors of the daily ress
, I will leave in peace the social and artistic arbarians who swarm, as we are told,
in this our native land, and tell only my experiences of the real, unquestioned,
conscientious savages who have crossed my wayward path in the odd nooks of
this big world which I have girdled. How the memories come back to me!
Memories of laughter and of fear, of downright, honest, side-splitting mirth, of
deadly danger, ...

Savage Art

Author: Robert Polito
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780679733522
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Pulp crime fiction novelist Jim Thompson is dissected by Polito, revealing the tormented yet surprising man behind the work.

Once A Week An Illustrated Miscellany Of Literature Art Science Popular Information Vol 1 No 1 New 3rd

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The pause which my guide now made was longer that the first one, but to me it
was not so painful. The oppression was necessarily great, but my nerves were
strung more perfectly to endure it, mi my expectation was higher, more assured,
and calm. The Fan looked round to see where I was. The movement gave me
pleasure, because I was then certain that my progress was so completely
noiseless that even the quick ear of my savage friend had failed to detect the
crushing of a ...

The Museum Of Foreign Literature Science And Art

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unfortunate Richard Savage, written by Doctor Johnson, is universally esteemed
to be our great lexicographer's finest piece of biography; and some of the
Doctor's more ardent admirers even venture to assert it the most perfect model
we possess of biographical excellence. However, it is not the present writer's
intention to discuss or illustrate the merits of that interesting and instructive
performance. Indeed it is far ...

Twenty Years Among Our Savage Indians

Author: James Lee Humfreville
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Among them I have seen beads and even pearls which had been taken from
graves where they had lain for centuries, with holes in them that must have
required the most delicate art to execute. Some of their articles recently found
show the existence of villages and camp life. As the race migrated toward the
south they seem to have developed a higher stage of civilization, and to have
advanced in the mechanic arts. The implements and articles they have left
behind were better made, ...