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Comparatively, the language of the section on the Carib Indians is more
memorable: I am pounding the faces of gods back into the red clay they leapt
from with the mattock of heel after heel as if heel after heel were my thumbs that
once gouged out as sacred vessels for women the sockets of eyes, the deaf howl.
. . . (71) He uses vivid, violent verbs completed by objects which are vulnerable
body parts to show the carnage at Sauteurs. The lines are longer, the syntax
uninterrupted by ...

Coffee Breaks Short Stories And Poems

Author: Bett Taylor
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You sit there every night, feet raised by the hand operated mechanism on the
side of your lounge chair. ... You check the TV guide, then your watch to see
when the real make-believe will come on . . . not for another thirty minutes. ... for
him at the carnage. Best he sleeps through it she thinks. She wishes she could
sleep through it and it would all be a dream. Time passes. She knows he likes the
next show, so says his name loudly and he jolts awake and pretends he hadn't
dozed off at ...

The Greatest Christmas Novels Short Stories Poems In One Volume Illustrated

Author: Louisa May Alcott
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And then for half an hour, despite the rich quality of our paraphernalia, that little
boy and I indulged in a glorious game of real plebeian miggs, and it was a joy to
see how quickly his stiff little fingers relaxed and adapted themselves to the uses
of his eye, which was as accurate ... It needed only a little red ink on the carpet to
reproduce in miniature a scene of great carnage, but I shall never forget the
expression of mingled joy and regret on his countenance as those creatures went

A Darzit Voice Poems And Stories From A Dorset Man

Author: Beau Parke
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Our village side, Lytchett Red Triangle, had won Division 3 (East) three years
running, so a decision had been made to go from 'Minor' class to 'Junior' and
enter Dorset League Division 2 for the first time. A Reserve side ... The Great War
of Fourteen-Eighteen had surely made that point; Those millions of deaths, that
awesome carnage, those broken, mutilated, blood-grimed bodies buried in the all
-consuming mud of Flanders; Surely no Government could risk that again! My
schoolboy ...

Arthur Conan Doyle Ultimate Collection 21 Novels 188 Short Stories 88 Poems 7 Plays Including Works On Spirituality Historical Writings Personal Memoirs Illustrated

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The Sherlock Holmes Series, The Professor Challenger Books, The Brigadier
Gerard Stories, The White Company, The Great Shadow, Mystery of Cloomber,
Beyond The City, A History of the Great War... Arthur Conan Doyle ... “In refusing
to commit yourself you are but showing a proper scientific reserve,” said
Challenger, with massive condescension. “I am not myself ... I have already
expressed my anticipation that something of the sort might exist upon this plateau
.” “We have to bear ...

The Greatest Christmas Tales Poems In One Volume Illustrated

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230+ Stories, Poems & Carols: The Gift of the Magi, The Mistletoe Bough, A
Christmas Carol, A Letter from Santa Claus, The Old Woman Who Lived in a
Shoe, The Fir Tree, The Christmas Angel¦ Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, O.
Henry, Beatrix Potter, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, ... "I want some playing
now," he said gleefully, as I informed him that he had beaten me out of my boots
at one of my best games. "Show me what you were doing with those soldiers
when I came in.

Jack London Ultimate Collection 250 Works In One Volume Novels Short Stories Plays Poetry Memoirs Essays Articles Illustrated

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As for the primitive, I hark back to it because we are still very primitive. How many
thousands years of culture, think you, have rubbed and polished at our raw
edges? One, probably; at the best, not more than two. And that takes us back to
screaming savagery, when, gross of body and deed, we drank blood from the
skulls of our enemies, and hailed as highest paradise the orgies and carnage of
Valhalla. And before that time, think you, how many thousands of years of
savagery did we ...

John Buchan Ultimate Collection 28 Novels 40 Short Stories Including Poems War Writings Essays Biographies Memoirs Illustrated

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The British Prime Minister gave our losses up to 4th February as 104,000, and
since January was not a month of heavy fighting, we can probably take 100,000
as the figure at the end of December. Of these, we know on German ... are always
in arrear; and since there is some evidence that only serious wounds were
counted, we shall probably be right in putting the total, on Germany's own
showing, at 11⁄2 millions for purpose of comparison with other armies. Some
estimates put the ...

The Greatest Christmas Stories Poems In One Volume Illustrated

Author: Louisa May Alcott
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"I've got lots more of these stored away in my toycloset," he went on, "but I never
knew that you could do such things as this with them." "But what did you think
they were for?" I asked. "Why—just to—to keep," he said hesitatingly. "Wait a
minute," said I, wheeling a couple of cannon off to a distance of a yard from the
passing troops. "I'll show you something else you can do with them." I loaded
both cannon to the muzzle with dried pease, and showed him how to shoot. "Now
," said I, "fire!

Kate Douglas Wiggin Ultimate Collection 21 Novels 130 Short Stories Fairy Tales And Poems For Children Illustrated

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his temper yesterday, put into type that hand clasp of Mrs. Finnigan's that sent
such a thrill of promise to our hearts, show a subscriber Mrs. Guinee's quivering
lips when she thanked us for the change in Joe,—why, we shouldn't need money
very long.” “That is true. What a week we have had, Kate,—like a little piece of the
... Fortythree caps precisely alike save as to size! What scenes of carnage we
shall witness when we distribute them three times a day!” “We must remedy that
by ...