Author: Bruce Galvin Craig
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There were tender memories of the past that molded my feelings this time of year.
I so appreciated the things my sister had done for me in the past.The very first
memory I had in my entire life was one from Albia, lowa when l was but two years
old. ... “This is your last chance. I'm going to come down there shooting if you don'
t give up.” There was nothing but silence.We progressed down the stairs, step by
step. The embarrassing thing was that when we made it all the way down and
had ...

The Czar S Last Soldier

Author: Jacques Evans
Publisher: Jacques Evans
ISBN: 145230727X
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I told the troops our chances of getting reinforced and resupplied were slim and
this might be their last letter. As far as Iknow, everyone wrote a letter. "Shortly
after that it really hit the fan. We were under constant artillery bombardment and
periodic air attacks. The shells came in so fast and close together that nothing
above ground could survive the shelling. We were hunkered down in our holes.
The Jap gunners would pick an area and skip shells back and forth across it. On
one ...

Fair Chase And Other Tales

Author: Larry Roper
Publisher: Big Mac Publishers
ISBN: 1937355055
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Scrib set about gathering some dead branches of brush, since there were no
trees to provide a good source of firewood. Time seemed ... He shot off another. “
Blast, another dud!” My stomach tightened up, I began to sweat, and my
breathing rate increased. I thought to myself, He won't see us! Then Scrib shot the
last flare, and I prayed, “Lord, we need this one to work! ... He was following the
river back toward civilization, and we felt like it was our last chance for help on
that day. In my ...

A Country Pillow Book

Author: David Kavanagh
Publisher: Dram Books
ISBN: 0954856716
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Surrey. by rangers from the Surrey Wildlife l'wstv The silvenstuddecl blue was
once common across the UK but, like many butterflies, has declined dramatically
over the last 30 years. it is now very rare and has become confirm} to small.
fragmented healhland areas. "Silver-studded blues are a sedentary species and
only travel an average ol an metres in their litetime. Just 1km is their maximum,"
explained a Trust spokesman. "Barriers such as pine trees can stop them moving
from one ...

Boys Life

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We both knew this moose was our last chance. "I'll trail him alone myself
tomorrow," I said. "He may stiffen up ... "I saw it a few hours ago. The trail is now
turning back that way. I believe the moose will sneak along in the trees but when
he comes to that lake he will go right across the open rather than fight the heavy
snow going around it. ... Under usual circumstances a moose can be killed with
one correctly placed shot. Far down the valley I saw Connie hurrying toward the
shots as I sat ...

Maximum Ride

Author: James Patterson
ISBN: 9789751025456
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Hiç sona ermesini istemeyeceğiniz gerilimli bir yolculuk için kemerlerinizi bağlayın!

Bu Benim

Author: Jeff Kinney
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Greg records his sixth grade experiences in a middle school where he and his best friend, Rowley, undersized weaklings amid boys who need to shave twice daily, hope just to survive, but when Rowley grows more popular, Greg must take drastic ...

Ravine Vol 2

Author: Ron Marz
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 163215238X
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So he too came to the tree. Stein wasn't terribly interested in which weapon he
would pull. They were all heavy-looking swords and spears and axes. He looked
for the lightest ones he could see. Two light short swords were embedded right at
the top of the ... Last night, when he shared this tale around the campfire, he had
to repeat parts of it as more and more came to listen ... She shot him a dirty look
and whispered, "I would have no interest in seeing your puny rebellion