On This Spirit Walk

Author: Henrietts Mann
Publisher: Official Products of the Umph
ISBN: 9781426758416
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On This Spirit Walk is a resource for small group study within the local church. Setting this resource apart is the list of Native American United Methodist writers who contributed to this work.

American Indian Activism

Author: Troy R. Johnson
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252066535
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Alcatraz to the Longest Walk Troy R. Johnson, Joane Nagel, Duane Champagne
... It set the stage for the spiritual rebirth of the original peoples of this land, and it
was the beginning of the reclaiming of pride and dignity for all Indian nations in
the Western Hemisphere. Twenty-five years later, this movement has proven to
be the catalyst that released the voices of indigenous people. My spiritual journey
to Alcatraz began three years before the occupation, when I was a student athlete
at ...

One Nation Under God

Author: Reuben Snake
Publisher: Clear Light Pub
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This inspirational book celebrates the faith and courage of members of a traditional church that -- in 20th century America -- still struggling for religious freedom.

Congressional Record

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... of the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere,” which was presented to
me on July 27, 1978, by a representing committee of the Longest Walk, a native
American pilgrimage, here in Washington,D.C. I feel that the manifesto typifies
and voices the high spiritual level and commitment to human rights which was
embodied in the Longest Walk. The manifesto follows: AFFIRMATION or'

Native Voices

Author: Richard A. Grounds
Publisher: Univ Pr of Kansas
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... this Cherokee man rests alongside his beloved wife in their ancestral
homeland, covered over by water, a human monument to how much indigenous
people love their dead. Sequoyah v. Tennessee Valley Authority was the first
Indian sacred site case lost after the passage of AIRFA, which diminished the
hope of many in Indian country that their sacred landscape would be protected.
Fortunately, the inner spiritual terrain of the indigenous mindscape preserves
those sacred places.

Indigenous Educational Models For Contemporary Practice

Author: Maenette K.P. A Benham
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135662630
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Spirit: “We. are. walking. inasacredmanner.” The themes of spirituality, love,
respect for elders, and connection to our ancestors is pervasivethroughout the
dialogue presentedin this text. Kalena Silva remindedthe group that; “Our
spirituallife is part of our ... Kalena reminded us that because many
Nativegroupsin North America andacross the Pacifichad been exposed to
variationsof Christianityover time, some Natives were currently more orthodox
intheir Christian beliefs than others.

The Unheard Voices

Author: University of California, Los Angeles. American Indian Studies Center
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Coyote stories were used to establish the boundaries of good behavior, to point
out the ultimate foolishness of human institutions, and to serve as legendary
examples of human wrong-headedness. These stories were told wherever
coyotes appeared in the ecosystem; indeed the coyote is one of the few animals
that has flourished in the face of Euro- American destruction of the worlds and
worldviews of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas. As Native Americans
disengage from ...

Southern Exposure

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A lot of the life of indigenous people is centered around that spiritualism. ... The
indigenous people never ever quit struggling to maintain their spirituality and
their traditional spiritual ways. ... Walk. While I was there I had obtained in the
mail a copy of the local newspaper, The Carolina Indian Voice, reporting that
something had gotten passed in the legislature that had taken the Lumbees out
of existence. I had such a flash of an identity crisis that moment, sitting on that
train, going to the ...

Voices Of Color

Author: Phoebe M. Farris-Dufrene
Publisher: Humanities Press Intl
Size: 79.93 MB
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Lastly, I am deeply indebted to the Native American community of friends, artists,
scholars, family, and the spirit world. Through their paintings and lectures, Juane-
Quick-To-See Smith and Kay Walkingstick expand my awareness of Native
American art, identity, and feminism. Carl Briscoe, with his Red/Black warrior
spirit, helps me in the ongoing struggle for intellectual, cultural, and political
liberation. In particular, I am grateful for the mentorship of Jack Forbes, a fellow
Powhatan and ...

Mother Jones

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Howard Lyons, Spirit Walk Spirit Walk is a magnificent blend of indigenous native
songs and chants mixed with an ambient blend of * ... world beat sounds. Lyons'
rich voice and lively guitar, along with traditional drums and percussion, make
this one worthy of adding to your collection. Now at Amazon.com, ... As a special
treat, there are two unreleased tracks: "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
performed by Joan Baez, and The Chambers Brothers' "People Get Ready."
Vanguard ...