Author: Frank Herbert
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The Science And Politics Of Global Climate Change

Author: Andrew E. Dessler
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Reviewers occasionally fail to notice an obvious mistake, and there are some
types of error that reviewers usually cannot catch. They cannot tell if the author
misread observations of an instrument, or wrote a number down wrong, or if
chemical samples used in an experiment were contaminated. Moreover, peer
review often cannot identify clever fraud, such as the rare cases where the
scientific work being reported was not really done at all. But peer review is only
the first of many ...

Kay P Sembol

Author: Dan Brown
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A follow-up to "The Da Vinci Code" features Robert Langdon in a suspense tale that takes place over a twelve-hour period.

Essays Scientific Political And Speculative Containing Seven Essays Not Before Published And Various Other Additions Complete

Author: Herbert Spencer
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
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introspection enabling them in all cases to say what consciousness testifies;
whereas a great proportion of men are incapable of correctly interpreting
consciousness in any but its simplest modes, and even the remainder are liable
to mistake for dicta of consciousness what prove on closer examination not to be
its dicta. Take the case of an arithmetical blunder. A boy adds up a column of
figures, and brings out a wrong total. Again he does it and again errs. His master
asks him to go ...