Norms Without The Great Powers

Author: Adam Bower
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198789874
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This work explores the nature of power in world politics, and the particular role that law plays in defining the meaning and deployment of power in the international system.

Ordering The International

Author: William Brown
Publisher: Pluto Press
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Selective application of international law sustains the suspicion that it is a veil for
self-interested state practice. The consistent application of law is important
because it socializes people into accepting the law as a norm - that is, a rule
defining proper practice. '[It] intensifies social expectations and thereby reinforces
compliance' (Bassioumi, 1999, p.805). So, besides the need to enforce global
rights their power also depends on the degree to which people respect
international law and ...

Force And Legitimacy In World Politics

Author: James David Armstrong
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illiberal and dangerous towards it.32 Indeed, such moral asymmetry has been
advanced by some prominent international law scholars in the United States." In
the process, liberalism may also legitimate a project of imperial expansion.34
Viewed as a site of legitimation, we can more readily appreciate how liberalism (
and other state ideologies) provides the terms for social deliberation about the
proper role of the state and what therefore constitutes proper and progressive

International Relations

Author: Joshua S. Goldstein
ISBN: 9780321188809
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In domestic society within states, governments can enforce contracts, deter
participants from breaking rules, and use their monopoly on legally sanctioned
violence to enforce a system of law. Both democracies ... The great majority of
state interactions closely adhere to norms of behaviour — shared expectations
about what behaviour is considered proper.26 Norms change over time, slowly,
but the most basic norms of the international system have changed little in recent

International Law And Organization

Author: Thomas R. Van Dervort
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
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deed, the U.N. system has undergone a metamorphic change that in many ways
reflects the vast social, economic, and technological changes in the world
community of nations. The norms established by the charter have ... The advent
of the Cold War shortly after the end of World War II led to a much diminished set
of expectations concerning the system envisioned by the charter framers, which
required the cooperation of the major powers. Extensive use of the Security
Council veto ...

The Revolution In World Politics

Author: Morton A. Kaplan
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Thus, despite the existence of the revolutionary nations, international law is
peculiarly relevant to contemporary politics because never before has it been so
generally felt that legal means must be found to prevent the outbreak of major
war between ... social change in oppressive societies must come about by
lawless coercion; the oppressive elite will otherwise tend to refuse the internal
demands for social change, even when these demands have the support of the
world community.

The Annals Of The American Academy Of Political And Social Science

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$7.00. For more than a decade, political scientists have constructed models and
generalizations in order to better explain the behavior of nations, and to create
the possibilities of less costly and less dangerous foreign policies in a nuclear
age. They have not only failed to discover the rules, but their attempts to produce
any modification in the established policies of the major powers have also proven
unsuccessful. This volume defines the pitfalls of international politics as
traditionally ...

Dissertation Abstracts International

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The humanities and social sciences. movements. Generally speaking, as a ...
individual organization and the state. POLITICAL SCIENCE, INTERNATIONAL
LAW AND RELATIONS South Africa's neoliberal turn: The localisation, adaption,
and evolution of international ideas. ... Divergent expectations about the
opportunity costs of intervention prior to the middle of the twentieth century led
major powers to seek a range of access denial strategies. Major powers were
less constrained ...

International Encyclopedia Of The Social Sciences

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The superpowers have seldom overlooked any opportunity to use the United
Nations to score propaganda points against each other. The United Nations is
unsuited in its present form, and probably no suitable form could be devised, for
settling serious conflicts between the major powers. [See International
organization.] The juridical equality inherent in the concept of the existing
multiple-sovereignty system is, however, very imperfectly reflected in the real
world of international politics.