Norms Without The Great Powers

Author: Adam Bower
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198789874
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This book offers a timely addition to the dynamic and growing literature on the practice and consequences of international governance and should appeal to academics, civil society experts, and foreign policy practitioners working in fields ...

Ordering The International

Author: William Brown
Publisher: Pluto Press
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history, change and transformation William Brown, Simon Bromley, Suma
Athreye ... According to this view, the power of global rights depends on the
creation of an independent international judiciary that has ... The consistent
application of law is important because it socializes people into accepting the law
as a norm - that is, a rule defining proper practice. '[It] intensifies social
expectations and thereby reinforces compliance' (Bassioumi, 1999, p.805). ... It
hides the reality of politics.

Force And Legitimacy In World Politics

Author: James David Armstrong
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The point is that such understandings are not fixed but are contingent on and
evolve from the interplay of expectations and ... foes of liberal states, will change
over time and vary across the world.35 Conclusion The 2003 Iraq War brought to
the fore, ... within international law - in this case between, on the one hand, the
non-intervention and non-use of force norms, and on ... 147 84; Gerry Simpson,
Great Powers and Outlaw States: Unequal Sovereigns in the International Legal
Order ...

Dissertation Abstracts International

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The humanities and social sciences ... POLITICAL SCIENCE, INTERNATIONAL
LAW AND RELATIONS South Africa's neoliberal turn: The localisation, ... I
measure the degree of China's socialization in t he three episodes by examining
norm- induced changes in foreign ... Divergent expectations about the
opportunity costs of intervention prior to the middle of the twentieth century led
major powers to ...

International Law And Organization

Author: Thomas R. Van Dervort
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
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deed, the U.N. system has undergone a metamorphic change that in many ways
reflects the vast social, economic, and technological changes in the world ... The
advent of the Cold War shortly after the end of World War II led to a much
diminished set of expectations concerning the system envisioned by the charter
framers, which required the cooperation of the major powers. ... In contrast to the
end of World War I, no peace treaty was concluded with Germany after World War

The Revolution In World Politics

Author: Morton A. Kaplan
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There exists an urgent need to use suitable legal techniques to contain struggles
for world power within safe boundaries. ... of the revolutionary nations,
international law is peculiarly relevant to contemporary politics because never
before has it been so generally felt that legal means must be found to prevent the
outbreak of major war between political rivals. ... Two comments follow from this:
First, internal social change in oppressive societies must come about by lawless
coercion; the ...

International Encyclopedia Of The Social Sciences

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Intended to be world-wide in membership, by 1967 the United Nations contained
over 120 members and had become ... in its present form, and probably no
suitable form could be devised, for settling serious conflicts between the major
powers. ... of the existing multiple-sovereignty system is, however, very
imperfectly reflected in the real world of international politics. ... Finally, one may
think of it as an institution in our Western state system : given the norm and the
expectation that no ...

The Annals Of The American Academy Of Political And Social Science

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Book Department PAGE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS . ... only failed to discover
the rules, but their attempts to produce any modification in the established
policies of the major powers have also proven unsuccessful. This volume defines
the pitfalls of international politics as traditionally practiced. ... International law
justifies the action of any nation who aims to perpetuate the status quo. No nation
with power and responsibility has ever established completely useful norms of

Technology Against Terrorism

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780788103896
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The Terrorist Threat—1991 PART I: AN UPDATE Introduction Radical changes in
world politics since the late 1980s have ... the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
have moved toward democracy, and an orderly transfer of power to democratic ...
An expectation has materialized that such favorable developments will usher in a
“new world order,” with positive ... hostility toward the moral and legal norms of
the domestic and international order and glorification of violent deeds for the
sake ...

Encyclopedia Of Violence Peace Conflict A F

Author: Lester R. Kurtz
ISBN: 9780123695048
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It is all too easy to represent balance-of-power relationships and ideological
competition as quite distinct and even ... Competing ideas often provide those
intangible elements of political will and motivation that make all the difference. ...
not because of the deterrent effect of military alignments but because of a shared
adherence to international law. But he ... The great philosophical questions in
international relations have practical significance. ... Should the global economy
be run on ...