Norms And Inequality In International Society

Author: Ann E. Towns
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Coercive power is thus very much a part of the narrative of the emergence of
present-day international society, resolving some of the problems of the world
polity approach in accounting for how this society allegedly came to be Western.
However, once established, coercive power no longer forms the core of its
maintenance. Instead, international society is thought to rest on the legitimacy of
its fundamental norms and social institutions, including international law,
diplomacy, and the ...

Force And Legitimacy In World Politics

Author: James David Armstrong
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illiberal and dangerous towards it.32 Indeed, such moral asymmetry has been
advanced by some prominent international law scholars in the United States." In
the process, liberalism may also legitimate a project of imperial expansion.34
Viewed as a site of legitimation, we can more readily appreciate how liberalism (
and other state ideologies) provides the terms for social deliberation about the
proper role of the state and what therefore constitutes proper and progressive

Ordering The International

Author: William Brown
Publisher: Pluto Press
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'[It] intensifies social expectations and thereby reinforces compliance' (Bassioumi,
1999, p.805). So, besides the need to enforce global rights their power also
depends on the degree to which people respect international law and rights as
norms defining proper international practice. There are limited instances of
international judicial or quasi-judicial authorities. But if the power of global rights
depends to a large extent on an independent judicial institution and its power to
enforce ...

International Relations

Author: Joshua S. Goldstein
ISBN: 9780321188809
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In domestic society within states, governments can enforce contracts, deter
participants from breaking rules, and use their monopoly on legally sanctioned
violence to enforce a system of law. Both democracies ... The great majority of
state interactions closely adhere to norms of behaviour — shared expectations
about what behaviour is considered proper.26 Norms change over time, slowly,
but the most basic norms of the international system have changed little in recent

International Law And Organization

Author: Thomas R. Van Dervort
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
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deed, the U.N. system has undergone a metamorphic change that in many ways
reflects the vast social, economic, and technological changes in the world
community of nations. The norms established by the charter have ... The advent
of the Cold War shortly after the end of World War II led to a much diminished set
of expectations concerning the system envisioned by the charter framers, which
required the cooperation of the major powers. Extensive use of the Security
Council veto ...

The Annals Of The American Academy Of Political And Social Science

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$7.00. For more than a decade, political scientists have constructed models and
generalizations in order to better explain the behavior of nations, and to create
the possibilities of less costly and less dangerous foreign policies in a nuclear
age. They have not only failed to discover the rules, but their attempts to produce
any modification in the established policies of the major powers have also proven
unsuccessful. This volume defines the pitfalls of international politics as
traditionally ...

International Politics In A Changing World

Author: Glenn P. Hastedt
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
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A great divide is taking place in world politics, the full dimensions of which are not
captured by the old Cold War distinctions between North and South or East and
West. These two sets of symbols directed our attention to the political ideologies
of leaders and to the international politics between regions. The new regionalism
envisioned here divides the world into a series of relatively self-contained areas
whose internal political, social, and economic attributes are quite different.

Technology Against Terrorism

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780788103896
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The Terrorist Threat—1991 PART I: AN UPDATE Introduction Radical changes in
world politics since the late 1980s have produced an understandable euphoria in
public opinion. ... and expensive to counter.2 The Groups Although springing
from diverse political and social roots and sustained by wide-ranging ideolo—
gies, terrorist groups share a common disposition, namely, hostility toward the
moral and legal norms of the domestic and international order and glorification of
violent ...

Continuity And Change In World Politics

Author: Barry Hughes
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For instance, Great Britain and the United States have at times reduced systemic
rivalry over market access by opening their extensive markets to smaller powers.
Perhaps as important ... Although in common parlance regimes refer to domestic
governments (and often to repressive ones), international regimes are the "
principles, norms, rules, and decision-making procedures around which actors'
expectations converge" in a given issue area (Krasner 1983, 2). Regimes may or
may ...