Big Data Little Data No Data

Author: Christine L. Borgman
Publisher: MIT Press
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When data are undiscovered or undiscoverable, scholars may have no data.
Research data are much more—and less—than commodities to be exploited.
Data management plans, data release requirements, and other well-intentioned
policies of funding agencies, journals, and research institutions rarely
accommodate the diversity of data or practices across domains. Few policies
attempt to define data other than by listing examples of what they might be. Even
fewer policies reflect ...

Essential Fish Habitat Designation And Minimization Of Adverse Impacts Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan

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Juveniles Larvae 41 HUD HUD Mata Longspine thornyhead HUD 00 Few Data
HUD HUD 44 Olive rockfish HUD Too Few Data Too Few Data 45 Survey+ HUD
u u 45 Paulie hake U HUD U U Survey HUD HUD ' No Data HUD Too Few Data
HUD U Survey+ Too Few Data Too Few Data Too Few Data 50 Petrale sole
Survey+ HUD Too Few Data Too Few Data 51 Pink rockfish HUD Too Few Data
No Data No Data 52 Qwllback rockfish HUD Too Few Data Too Few Data No
Data 53 ...

The Progress Of Nations 2000

Publisher: UNICEF
ISBN: 9280635956
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CENTRAL ASIA Afghanistan AMERICAS t Regional average 52 37 Cambodia
Guatemala 46 56 Honduras 40 Uzbekistan 31 Bangladesh Kyrgyzstan
Azerbaijan 25 22 Nepal India 55 Haiti 54 Bolivia 32 26 52 Peru 26 Kazakhstan
16 Pakistan 50 Nicaragua 25 Armenia No data Lao PDR 47 El Salvador 23
Georgia No data Myanmar 45 Mexico 18 Tajikistan No data t Regional average
44 Paraguay 17 Turkmenistan No data Viet Nam 44 Colombia Indonesia 15 42
Venezuela 13 China ...

Fishery Management Plan For Atlantic Tunas Swordfish And Sharks

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NJ summer primary nursery (pupping early July) 23.8 7.01 26.5 2.4 Merson and
Pratt young ofthe your (YOY) Delaware Bay (DE 8 NJ waters) summer primary
nursery (June-Oct with 18-29.9 no data 18.3-30.4 0.9-16.6 McCandless et al
majority of pu pping from late June to early July) Lower Chesapeake Bay, VA and
the tidal creeks and lagoons summer primary nursery 17-28 no data no data no
data Grubbs and Musick along Virginia's Eastern Shore In coastal waters from
Cape ...

Chloro Organic Used As Disinfectants

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789291207848
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Table 5.9: Summary of toxicological and ecotoxicological data for sodium
dichloroisocyanurate, chloramine t, and p-chloro-m-cresol Fish LC 5096, 0.37 mg
1" 31 mg 1'1 4.05 mg 1" Fish LC 50“, No data 0.15 mg 1'1 No data Fish LC 50“,
No data No data 1.2 mg 1" Daphnia EC No data 4.5 mg 1'1 No data 5048,,
Daphnia EC No data No data 5.6 mg 1" 502,, Daphnia LC 50 No data No data
0.17 mg 1" Algae EC 5096 No data 80 mg 1'l No data Algae EC 50-,2 No data No
data 4.2 mg 1" ...

North Padre Island Storm Damage Reduction And Environmental Restoration Project Nueces County

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I_J — I Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 NAAQS MONITORED
COUNTY, TEXAS 2"“ 24-hr Value for PM10 (119/m3) 56 45 74 67 88 71 48 150
Annual Mean Value for PM10 (pg/ma) 31.1 25.1 30.5 34.9 35.2 35.7 27.6 50 2nd
Max 1-hr Value for 03 (ppm) 0120 0.103 0.094 0.102 0.103 0.099 0.090 0.12
TABLE 3.9-3 4'" Highest 8-hr Value for 03 (ppm) no data no data 0.077 0.082
0.085 0.083 ...

Atlantic Herring Clupea Harengus Harengus Fishery Management Plan Fwp

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Impacts of Past, Present, and Reasonably Foreseeable Future Non-Fishing
Actions on VECs Identified for Amendment 1 P' P" RFFA Marine Mining Offshore
mining as well the mining of gravel from beaches Unknown — no data Unknown
- no data Unknown — no data Unknown — no data Unknown — no data
Amendment 1 DSEIS 677 August 4, 2005 DSEIS RI, NY, NJ and DE offshore and
onshore negatively. Impacts on Protected Impacts on Physical impacts on Fishery
impacts on ...

Kidnapped By Destiny

Author: Diane Kjos
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1463476272
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What would it take for her father to see that Joan only married him for his money after her mother died?

Ironside Grazing Management Program

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1/ Quality 2/ Site Name Signif. 1/ Quality 2/ Site Number or Function Allotment
Rating Evaluation Site Hgmber _g qr_§gnctjon __ Ajlggment _ Rating Evaluation
0-BK-BK-17 Spring Site 52l1;5215 S-3 No data O-BK-BK-172 Rock Alignment
3002 (Bear S-3 9/C (for 35 BA'45 Gulch) Baker-Sparta Stage Route) O-BK-BK-58
Pictograph 2129 S-3 No data 35 BA 121 O-BK-BK-176 Homestead 2015 S-3 No
data O-BK-BK-64 Cave Creek Mining 1003(West) S-3 No data 0-BK-BK-183
Irrigation ...

Iodine And Inorganic Iodides

Author: J. Risher
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9241530723
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Molecular mass (g/mol) Colour l2 HI Actomar; diiodine; Hydroiodic eranol; iodine-
127; acid molecular iodine 7553-56-2 253.809 Bluish-black Physical state Solid;
scales or plates Melting point 1 13.60 °C Boiling point Odour Solubility in water (
25 °C) Log Kow Vapour pressure 185.24 °C Characteristic 330 mg/l 2.49 40.7 Pa
at 25 °C 10034-85-2 127.91 Colourless Gas -50.8 °C -35.1 °C No data 2340 g/l (
10 -C) No data 101.3 kPa at -75.9 °C; 791.9 kPa at 25 °C Nal Sodium
monoiodide ...