Nixon S Court

Author: Kevin J. McMahon
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226561216
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Kevin J. McMahon reveals a Nixon whose public rhetoric was more conservative than his administration’s actions and whose policy towards the Court was more subtle than previously recognized.

American Review Of Politics

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Nixon's Court: His Challenge to Judicial Liberalism and Its Political
Consequences. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011.343 pp. (S29.00,
cloth). Since Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong's The Brethren (1979) gave us
a glimpse behind the veil cloaking the Supreme Court's inner workings, we've
had a fascination with the Warren Burger Court and Richard Nixon's role in
creating it. Their insightful journalistic account was followed by more scholarly
work, usually situated in a ...

Medeniyetler At Mas

ISBN: 9789757726357
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İÇİNDEKİLER SUNUŞ/9 Murat YILMAZ Giriş 113 Samuel P. HUNTINGTON Medeniyetler Çatışması mı.7 / 22 Fouad AJAMI Davet: "Fakat Dediler ki, Kulak Vermeyeceğiz" 150 Robert L. BARTLEY Batı Kendisine Güvenmelidir / 60 Kishore ...

American Politics Crisis And Challenge

Author: Louis S. Loeb
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To replace retiring Chief Justice Warren, Nixon named Warren E. Burger, who
had sat for more than ten years as a judge on the important United States Court
of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. ... Burger's appointment as Chief
Justice was therefore interpreted as a partial fulfillment of one of Nixon's
campaign themes of at least stemming the tide against overly liberal decisions in
this area. ... As a consequence, civil rights groups and the AFL-CIO opposed his

California Journal

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cares enough to be accurate about the matter, it is true that the California court
under Chief Justice Bird has continued to read provisions in the California
constitution as restricting law enforcement in ways consistent with decisions of
the Warren court but contrary to recent "retreats" of the Burger court. • Political
labels — The media reinforce the public image of judges as politicians. There is
constant talk of the "Nixon" court, of Brown appointees, of liberal versus
conservative judges.

The Nation

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The Court's retreat from reason and justice, truly defined, will afflict hundreds of
thousands of young women and their unwanted children, all of them at the least
advantaged levels of this society. ... the title “Carter's Global Gospel,” and it is
perhaps worth some exegesis because this political columnist fairly well
represents the liberal establishment of Washington, or at least that part of it that
took a “balanced” and generally positive view of the works of Kissinger under
Nixon and Ford.

American Original

Author: Joan Biskupic
Publisher: Sarah Crichton Books
ISBN: 9781429990011
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This new book shows us the man in power: his world, his journey, and the far-reaching consequences of the transformed legal landscape.

Justice Of The Peace

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In substance, they deal with the very framework of American society. With the
system of unashamed political appointment it is possible to trace the movement
from a liberal Supreme Court to one which by the end of this book is described by
the authors as being in control of the centre. A few more years of Nixon type
appointments and the right would have taken over completely. In this country
there is a strong and healthy tradition of Judges looking to the social
consequences of their ...

Editorials On File

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Justice Rehnquist had testified that he had not personally challenged or
harassed Htspanics or blacks in the early 1960s when he was head of a
Republican team active in challenging Democratic voters. FoUr witnesses ...
secrecy over that Information. What Justice Rehnquist has done on the Supreme
Court Is a matter of public record, disturbing enough for Its demonstrations of his
views on civil rights and civil liberties. What he has done in his political life
involves contradictions that ...


Author: J. Anthony Lukas
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The Underside of the Nixon Years J. Anthony Lukas. “liberal” faction—Justices
William O. Douglas, William J. Brennan, Jr., and Thurgood Marshall. Justice
Burger's opinion had the ring of a heavily “negotiated” settlement. Admirers of the
Supreme Court frequently suggest that its decisions are reached through some
ethereal distillation of legal scholarship and pure reason. In fact, the justices are
intensely aware of the political consequences of their actions. They know that in
cases of ...