Musket Ball And Small Shot Identification

Author: Daniel M. Sivilich
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Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification: A Guide traces the history of musket balls and small shot, and explores their uses as lethal projectiles and in nonlethal alterations.

Shipwrecks Of The Dominican Republic And A Guide To Shipwreck Identification Through Recovered Artifacts

Author: Black Duck
ISBN: 0982947704
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Chain shot or bar shot Two sub-caliber round shot (a good deal smaller than the
bore of the barrel) linked by a length of chain or a solid bar, and used to slash
through the rigging and sails of an enemy ship so that it could no longer
maneuver. It was inaccurate and only used at close range. Two-headed bullets (
angels) were similar but made of two halves of a ball rather than two balls.
Canister shot An anti-personnel projectile which included many small iron round
shot or lead musket ...

The Bicentennial Guide To The American Revolution The War In The North

Author: Sol Stember
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You can further identify the building by the police station diagonally opposite to it.
This is the Portsmouth Friends ... At first I saw a round shot or two drop near me
and pass bounding on. I met poor Colonel Toussard, who ... He was led off by a
small party. Soon after, I saw Captain Walker of H. Jackson's regiment, who had
received a musket ball through his body, mounted behind a person on horseback
. He bid me a melancholy farewell and died before night. Next grapeshot began
to ...

Bulletin Of The Archaeological Society Of New Jersey

Author: Archaeological Society of New Jersey
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Ceramics of many types were found, some represented by a single small
fragment, some complete enough for restoration, and a very few complete pieces.
Dishes, mugs, bowls, and ... The military was represented by sword parts, a five
inch bomb, cannon balls of all sizes, bar and grape shot, musket balls, and
birdshot. Shoes and shoe ... Of these, the string-rim, because of the consistency
of shapes found in the time periods, is the most useful for purposes of
identification and dating.

Annals Of The Carnegie Museum

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The following fort-period items were recovered: 1 bale attachment, 7 bale wires, 9
bayonets, 1 bead, 2 bolts, 8 bone awls, 9 bone handles, 1 bone whistle, 9 braces,
51 brackets, 3 brass flap holds, 1 brass scrap, 1 breech plug, 2 bricks, 1 bridle
mouth piece, 13 harness buckles, 68 uniform buckles, 1 bullet mold reamer, 137
buttons, 1 canteen lug, 2 chains, 1 clasp, 2 clasp knives, 2 clay balls, 4 coins, 1
copper hoop, 71 copper scraps, 8 copper wires, 9 cuff links, 1 file, 1 filigree, 1 fork
, ...

Archaeological Investigation Of Fort Ligonier 1960 1965

Author: Jacob L. Grimm
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... 2 hub bands, 3 iron cylinders, 7 iron pins, 5 iron rings, 1 iron set, 2 jewelry
pieces, 2 jews harps, 9 knife blades, 5 lead pencils, 21 lead scraps, 3 lead sows,
4 lead strips, 1 lead washer, 3 mortar shells, 58 musket balls, 1 musket barrel,
1495 ... 6 pickers, 1 ramrod guide, 1 ramrod tip, 1 straight razor, 2 screws, 11
sheath clips, 1 slug, 2 L-head spikes, 85 large-head spikes, 14 small-head spikes
, 3 pewter spoon handles, 2 staples, 1 stock plate, 62 straight pins, 5 swan shot, 3
tinkling ...

Underwater Archaeology

Author: Amanda Bowens
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9781405175920
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the NAS guide to principles and practice Amanda Bowens, Nautical Archaeology
Society ... Each sequence of shots should be numbered and dated, with the
name of the photographer, the type of camera, its number (if more than one is
used), whether the shot was black and white or colour, and any other technical
aspects, such as ... In certain circumstances, such as a group of identical objects (
e.g. musket balls found together), a single group or collection number may be

Publications In Anthropology

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ters of England referred to it as the “Carolina musket.” Many traders and ... The
barrel is part octagon, nearly always 24 gauge (about .58 caliber), and
smoothbored for using either shot or a 30 gauge patched ball. Ramrod guides
are of ribbed brass. The guns are light and range from forty-six to sixty-four
inches in length. Further and most positive identification can be made by the
presence of a small die-stamp of a sitting fox on the lock, barrel, or butt stock.
There are without doubt a ...

The Northwest Gun

Author: Charles E. Hanson
Publisher: Lincoln, Neb. : Nebraska State Historical Society
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ters of England referred to it as the "Carolina musket."3 Many traders and ... The
barrel is part octagon, nearly always 24 gauge (about .58 caliber), and smooth-
bored for using either shot or a 30 gauge patched ball. Ramrod guides are ...
Further and most positive identification can be made by the presence of a small 3
So called in Section 9 of the "Gun Barrel Proof Act of 1815" and in the "Rules of
Proof" in force in 1855 and in the "Rules of Proof" in force in 1855-1877. This
information ...

Civil War Guns

Author: William Bennett Edwards
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the complete story of Federal and Confederate small arms: design, manufacture,
identification, procurement, issue, employment, effectiveness, and postwar
disposal William Bennett Edwards. than a lifetime of pulling teeth. Maynard's title
of doctor ... Maynard's conception allowed the soldier to charge the musket lock
itself with a supply of spare priming, avoiding both the extra operations and the
hazards of individually capping for each shot. Individual prime pellets were stuck
on strong ...