Concepts Of Matter In Science Education

Author: Georgios Tsaparlis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400759142
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Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 3, 175–184. Coll, R. K., & Treagust,
D. F. (2001). Learners' mental models of chemical bonding. Research in Science
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modern chemistry. Chemistry in Britain, 10, 16–18. Dirac, P. (1929). Quantum
mechanics of ...

Internationalisation And Globalisation In Mathematics And Science Education

Author: Bill Atweh
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Liang (2002) recorded this event: ... we got some chemistry textbooks of
secondary schools from overseas (particularly the United States) and felt that the
level of theories in these textbooks was raised to a higher level. ... When
designing our own textbooks, we made much reference to the textbook Modern
Chemistry, which was widely used in the United States. (p. 4) Influenced by
science curricula as ... 1 This textbook was published in 1958 in its first version.
494 Wei and Thomas.

Russian Journal Of Physical Chemistry

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On April 20, 2006, Yurii Andreevich Pentin, doctor of chemical sciences, and
professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry of
Moscow State University (MSU) celebrated his 80th birthday and his 65-year
seniority. ... of molecular structure, hindered rotations, and conformational
isomery and tautomery performed by Pentin and his pupils have contributed
enormously to the development of conformational analysis, an important area of
modern theoretical ...

The Quest For Aqua Vitae

Author: Seth C. Rasmussen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business
ISBN: 3319063022
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E. J. Brill, Leiden, pp 108–112. Inde AJ (1964) The Development of Modern
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Relevant Chemistry Education

Author: Ingo Eilks
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9463001751
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... model, can help the students to better understand the mechanism behind
information transfer. Student feedback collected during the test cases provides
initial evidence that the participants had become increasingly reflective and
critical when examining the topic (Burmeister & Eilks, 2012; Eilks, 2002). Exactly
these features have been described as prerequisites for modern, relevant
chemistry teaching (Elmose & Roth, 2005; Hofstein et al., 2011, Sjöström, 2013;
Stuckey et al., 2013).

Prophecy Alchemy And The End Of Time

Author: Leah DeVun
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 023114539X
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Paracelsian Moments: Science, Medicine, and Astrology in Early Modern Europe.
Kirksville, Mo.: Truman State University Press, 2002. Schwartz, Orit, and Robert E
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Culture in the Holy Roman Empire. Princ- eton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, ...

Conference Proceeding New Perspectives In Scienze Education

Author: Pixel
Publisher: Edizioni
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Ch.5” in I. Eilks and A. Hofstein (Eds) Teaching Chemistry – A Studybook,.
Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 127-152. [3] Childs, P.E.; Markic, S.; Ryan, M. (
2015) “The role of language in the teaching and learning of chemistry”, in Garcia-
Martinez, J.; Serrano-Torregroasa, E. (Eds), Chemistry Education: Best Practices,
Opportunities and Trend, Weinheim, Wiley, p. 421-446. [4] Ryan, M.; Childs, P.E. (
2013) Irish science teachers' views on linguistic diversity in the classroom.
Proceedings ...

Handbook Of Research On Applied Learning Theory And Design In Modern Education

Author: Railean, Elena
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466696354
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Using constructivism to inform chemistry pedagogy. Chemistry Education:
Research ... Cognition and Instruction, 10(2&3), 105–225. doi:10.1080/
07370008.1985.9649008 diSessa, A.A. (2002). Why “conceptual ecology” is a
good ... Driver, R. (1983). The Pupil as Scientist? Milton Keynes, UK: Open
University Press. Driver, R., & Easley, J. (1978). Pupils and paradigms: A review
of literature related to concept development in adolescent science students.
Studies in Science Education, ...

The Martians Of Science Five Physicists Who Changed The Twentieth Century

Author: Istvan Hargittai Professor of Chemistry and Head of the George A Olah Ph.D. School of Chemistry and Engineering Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198039670
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Five Physicists Who Changed the Twentieth Century Istvan Hargittai Professor of
Chemistry and Head of the George A Olah Ph.D. School of Chemistry and
Engineering Budapest University of Technology and Economics ... Szombathely,
2002. Kovács, L., Neumann János és magyar tanárai (in Hungarian, “John von
Neumann and his Hungarian teachers”). Studia Physica Savariensia, Vol. X.
Szombathely, 2003. Kovács, L., László Rátz and John von Neumann: A Gifted
Teacher and ...