Mapp V Ohio

Author: Carolyn Nestor Long
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A concise and compelling account of the closely-decided Supreme Court ruling that balanced the duties of state and local crime fighters against the rights of individuals from being tried with illegally seized evidence.

Current Publications In Legal And Related Fields

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Mapp v. Ohio: guarding against unreasonable searches and seizures. Lawrence,
KS, University Press of Kansas, 2006. (Landmark law cases and American
society) ISBN 0700614400. $35.00. CLOTH. ISBN 0700614419. $15.95. PAPER.

Program Of The Annual Meeting American Historical Association

Author: American Historical Association
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KANSAS Landmark Law Cases and American Society Peter Charles Hotter and
N.E.H. Hull, series editors University Press of Kansas Phone (785) 864-4155 •
Fax (785) 864-4586 • ... Ohio Guarding against
Unreasonable Searches and Seizures Carolyn N. Long 248 pages, Cloth $35.00,
Paper $15.95 The Insular Cases and the Emergence of American Empire M'
Culloch v.

Encyclopedia Of U S Political History

Author: Andrew Robertson
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This significant change in leadership would dramatically alter the Supreme
Court's involvement in American politics, ... Court Case Record Of the seminal
decisions of the Warren Court, none was more important to American society,
both ... In its landmark ruling on voting equality and electoral redistricting, in
Baker v. ... Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961), and Miranda v. ... 384 U.S. 436 (1966),
extended individual's protections against unreasonable searches and seizures
and against coerced ...

The Atlantic

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Certainly an ordered society would not wish to convict a defendant solely
because he forfeited his case. ... when it may be crucial to him against the public
interest in efficient and effective crime-detecting and law- enforcement machinery
. ... protecting the right of all Americans to be secure in their homes from
unreasonable searches and seizures, was patterned ... Mapp v. Ohio
unquestionably was a landmark decision. Not only was it widely publicized and
discussed, but it climaxed ...

Congressional Record

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As stated by Harold D. Lasswell of Yale Law School, "If the earlier promise was
that knowledge would make men free, the ... If we are going to be concerned
about the rights of federal employees, and indeed ultimately of all Americans,
one might ... citizens should be “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures . ... process” 9° protection of
the Constitution, the Court was able to reach the privacy issue in cases such as
Breithaupt v.

American Government

Author: William Lyons
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
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Courts of law are constantly trying to balance the interest of society in crime
control with the rights of individuals accused or convicted of crimes. ... Freedom
from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures The Fourth Amendment protects
people from unreasonable ... In its landmark decision in Mapp v. Ohio (1961), the
Warren Court also extended the exclusionary rule, which prohibits the use of
illegally obtained ... Additionally, the Fifth Amendment protects persons against
compulsory ...


Author: Timothy Garton Ash
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Darf Satire den Propheten Mohammed verhöhnen? 2011 hat Timothy Garton Ash eine Debatte angestoßen, seitdem diskutieren Teilnehmer aus der ganzen Welt die Frage, wie wir in Zukunft vernünftig unsere Standpunkte austauschen, wie wir das ...