Magic Hours

Author: Tom Bissell
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780525433941
Size: 76.64 MB
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Originally published in magazines such as The Believer, The New Yorker, and Harper's, these essays represent ten years of Bissell's best writing on every aspect of creation--be it Iraq War documentaries or video-game character voices--and ...

Focus On 100 Most Popular American Video Game Actresses

Author: Wikipedia contributors
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Hale's year ...

Jimmy Buffett

Author: Ryan White
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501132563
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McGuane became Captain Berserko, a character Jim Harrison described as
taking on “Tolstoyan grandeur” over the years. In Tom Bissell's Magic Hours:
Essays on Creators and Creation, Harrison recalled dropping a straw into a large
aspirin bottle full of cocaine. When he got home to Michigan he couldn't
remember his cat's name. In his own The Raw and the Cooked: Adventures of a
Roving Gourmand, Harrison wrote: “Of course, there was a period in the early
seventies when one ...

Queering Masculinities In Language And Culture

Author: Paul Baker
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 134995327X
Size: 61.28 MB
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Naked At Lunch

Author: Mark Haskell Smith
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802191789
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Publishers Weekly (starred review) "Mark Haskell SITlith turns out to be an ideally
Curious point man into the bizarre and complicated world of modern-day nudism.
If there's a funnier, more interesting book about being naked, I'd very much like to
read it." Tom Bissell | author of Magic Hours: Essays on Creators and Creation "
Mark Haskell Smith is a fine reporter, a trenchant cultural observer, and a
spectacular Writer. He's the best kind of participatory journalist: one who stands
proudly ...

A Salvation Wrought In Fear Trembling A Collection Of Philosophical Essays

Author: Valerie Stephens
ISBN: 1304735591
Size: 32.32 MB
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It is almost a sort of wishing of ourselves into nonexistence, as if the phantasy of
our own demise can somehow magically substitute for the inevitable actuality of
our own mortality. ... the fog lifts, and, in a kind of perverse joy & unburdening
revelation, we find that we have become the Soul Of Eckhart, laughing at its
Creator, as its Creator God, smiles fondly back unto His Creation, knowing that
the punch line could never be read in The Answers, but in the absurdist tragedy
being played ...

Chinese Literature Essays Articles Reviews

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Poetic composition seems to actually become suffering during the countless
hours that the poet shuts himself up with it. ... What replaces the exploded myth of
poet is a new vision of the poet, a poet who is endowed with the power of
creation and transformation, and a match for the Creator—zaowu 15% or zaowu
zhu i§%§E. Among various versions of the theories conceming the Creator in
ancient Chinese thought, Han Yu's £11 (768-824) is the most animated: as the
incamation and ...

An Essay On The Improvement Of Society The Philosophy Of A Future State The Philosophy Of Religion The Mental Illumination And Moral Improvement Of Mankind An Essay On The Sin And Evils Of Covetousness

Author: Thomas Dick
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The body is furnished with external senses, which are both the sources of
pleasure and the inlets of knowledge, and the Creator has furnished the universe
with objects fitted for their exercise and gratification. ... the character of a rational
being; they are more permanent than more sensitive enjoymeuts; they can be
enjoyed when worldl comforts are withdrawn, and when sensual grati cations can
afford no delight ; they afi'ord solace in the hours of retirement from the bustle of
business, ...


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In primitive cultures before the image is made instinct with magic potency, the
creator of the image must possess that force or emotion within himself. Yeats
finds that the magic power is of the ... The dance is of destruction, maintenance,
and creation alike: Birth-hour and death-hour meet, Or, as great sages say, Men
dance on deathless feet. There are symbols which are only ... 'Modem Poetry',
Essays and Introductions (London: Macmillan, 1961), p. 503; A Vision (London:
Macmillan, ...