Louisiana Law Of Sale And Lease A Precis

Author: Alain Levasseur
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Focusing on Louisiana civil law as it applies to Sale and Lease, this convenient resource provides a basic understanding of the subject matter.

Louisiana Law Of Conventional Obligations A Pr Cis

Author: Alain Levasseur
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18 On Lawfulness of the Cause, see infra § 5.1.2.C. 19 See further, infra,
Lawfulness of the Cause § 5.1.2.C. 20 On Good Faith and Art. 1759 in general,
see Précis, Louisiana Law of Obligations in General. See also footnote 22 below.
21 LSA-C.C. Art. 1759. See Précis, Louisiana Law of Obligations in General, §
1.4.2. 22 LSA-C.C. Art. 2315-A. can be used as a foundation for Art. 1967-2. 23
On Promise of Sale, Promise to Sell, see Précis, Louisiana Law of Sale and
Lease, § 1.1.1.

Essays In Honor Of Sa L Litvinoff

Author: Olivier Moréteau
Publisher: Claitors Pub Division
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As mentioned earlier, Professor Saul Litvinoff is recognized as the expert in the
Louisiana law of obligation and of sales, having written several books and
articles, including Sale and Lease in the Louisiana Jurisprudence.7 Professor
Saul Litvinoff was instrumental in the work of the Civil Code revision leading to
the new law of sales. He was the Reporter at the Louisiana State Law Institute
Revision of the law of sales.” Redhibition is also well treated in another useful
recent précis by ...

Louisiana Law Of Security Devices A Precis

Author: Michael H. Rubin
Publisher: LexisNexis
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lease, or mortgage executed by the bond for deed seller, and any lien, privilege,
or judgment relating to or purporting to affect immovable property that has not
been filed previously for registry or recorded in the mortgage records shall be
subject to the rights created by the bond for ... The agreement shall be recorded
in the mortgage records of the parish where the property is situated before any
part of the property is offered for sale under bond for deed contracts.” Further,
R.S. 9:2947 ...

Searching The Law The States

Author: Francis R. Doyle
Publisher: Transnational Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9780941320474
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Yiannopoulos, A. N. Louisiana Civil Code. [Annual]. (West, 1987). Denton, Roger
M. ... (Louisiana Civil Law Translations). Commercial Law Litvinoff, Saul. Sale
and Lease in the Louisiana Jurisprudence. 2d rev. ed., 3d ed. (LSU Paul M.
Hebert Law Center, Publications Institute, 1986). Constitutional Law West's
Louisiana Statutes Annotated: Constitution. (West, 1974). Consumer ...
Levasseur, Alain A. Precis in Conventional Obligations. (Michie, 1980). Revision
of Book III, Titles III and ...

Bowker S Law Books And Serials In Print

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Louisiana Law of Quasi-Conlracts or Unjust Enrichment: A Precis. LC 92-28451.
1992. pap. 35.00 (0-409-25521-1) Butterworth U.S., Legal Pubs., Inc., U.S.
Headquarters. Litvinoff, Saul. The Law of Obligations in the Louisiana
Jurisprudence: A Coursebook. 2nd ed. LC 85-81961. 718p. 1985. lib. bdg. 37.00
(0-940448-1 7-3) Louisiana State Univ., Law Schl., Pubns. Institute. — Sale &
Lease in the Louisiana Jurisprudence: A Coursebook. 2nd ed. LC 86-62791.
730p. 1986. lib. bdg.

Le Nuove Ambizioni Del Sapere Del Giurista Antropologia Giuridica E Traduttologia Giuridica

Author: Rodolfo Sacco
Publisher: Accademia Naz. dei Lincei
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En revanche, le juriste de common law passe la frontière linguistique mais doit
aussi franchir la frontière systémique, sans être nécessairement accompagné. ...
En traduisant par «marchandises» et «marchandises spécifiques», je suis fidèle
à l'esprit de la common (31) Voir par exemple, A. Levasseur, Louisiana Law of
Obligations in General, A Précis, Lexis Nexis, 2006; A. Levasseur, D. Gruning,
Louisiana Law of Sale and Lease, A Précis, Lexis Nexis, 2007. law et j'invite le
civiliste ...

Louisiana Security Devices

Author: Jason J. Kilborn
ISBN: 9781594602191
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A Précis Jason J. Kilborn. (b) Article 9 Secured Creditors v. Buyers/Lessees of
Collateral Recall from § 5 that security interests generally follow collateral into the
hands of third parties to whom the debtor has transferred the collateral. §9-315(a
)(l). Of course, the secured ... Even a perfected security interests might be
subordinated to the rights of buyers and lessees to the extent that the security
interest secures value given after the sale or lease. The rule here is virtually
identical to the ...

West S Louisiana Statutes Annotated

Author: West Publishing Company
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57 La.L.Rev. 1375 (1997). Potestative conditions, 178 Employment contracts. 13
La.L.Rev. 513, 515 (1953). Exclusive listing agreements. 100 (1951). Voidability
of contract of sale. L.Rev. 1167 (1975). Promissory estoppel: Common law wine
in civil law bottles. Mohamed Yehia Mattar, 4 Tul.Civ.L.F. 71 (1988). Refresher
course in doctrine of cause in contract law of Louisiana. J. Denson Smith, 12 La.L
.Rev. 2 (1951). Same-sex union announcements: Precis on a not so Picayune