Louisiana Law Of Sale And Lease A Precis

Author: Alain Levasseur
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Focusing on Louisiana civil law as it applies to Sale and Lease, this convenient resource provides a basic understanding of the subject matter.

Louisiana Law Of Conventional Obligations A Pr Cis

Author: Alain Levasseur
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18 On Lawfulness of the Cause, see infra § 5.1.2.C. 19 See further, infra,
Lawfulness of the Cause § 5.1.2.C. 20 On Good Faith and Art. 1759 in general,
see Précis, Louisiana Law of Obligations in General. See also footnote 22 below.
21 LSA-C.C. Art. 1759. See Précis, Louisiana Law of Obligations in General, §
1.4.2. 22 LSA-C.C. Art. 2315-A. can be used as a foundation for Art. 1967-2. 23
On Promise of Sale, Promise to Sell, see Précis, Louisiana Law of Sale and
Lease, § 1.1.1.

Essays In Honor Of Sa L Litvinoff

Author: Olivier Moréteau
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As mentioned earlier, Professor Saul Litvinoff is recognized as the expert in the
Louisiana law of obligation and of sales, having written several books and
articles, including Sale and Lease in the Louisiana Jurisprudence.7 Professor
Saul Litvinoff was instrumental in the work of the Civil Code revision leading to
the new law of sales. He was the Reporter at the Louisiana State Law Institute
Revision of the law of sales.” Redhibition is also well treated in another useful
recent précis by ...

Louisiana Law Of Security Devices A Precis

Author: Michael H. Rubin
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lease, or mortgage executed by the bond for deed seller, and any lien, privilege,
or judgment relating to or purporting to affect immovable property that has not
been filed previously for registry or recorded in the mortgage records shall be
subject to the rights created by the bond for ... The agreement shall be recorded
in the mortgage records of the parish where the property is situated before any
part of the property is offered for sale under bond for deed contracts.” Further,
R.S. 9:2947 ...

Annual Institute On Mineral Law

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EVIDENTIARY MATTERS In Louisiana, instruments that are classified as "ancient
documents" are admitted into evidence as an exception to the hearsay rule under
La. R.S. 13:3728. An ancient document is defined to mean any instrument of
writing, ... These written acts include any deed, conveyance, sale, lease, transfer,
assignment, power of attorney or other written act, whether it is in notarial form or
by private act. Certified copies of these written acts may be admitted in place of
the ...

Louisiana Security Devices

Author: Jason J. Kilborn
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A Précis Jason J. Kilborn. (b) Article 9 Secured Creditors v. Buyers/Lessees of
Collateral Recall from § 5 that security interests generally follow collateral into the
hands of third parties to whom the debtor has transferred the collateral. §9-315(a
)(l). Of course, the secured ... Even a perfected security interests might be
subordinated to the rights of buyers and lessees to the extent that the security
interest secures value given after the sale or lease. The rule here is virtually
identical to the ...

West S Louisiana Statutes Annotated

Author: Louisiana
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The timeshare declaration shall be filed for registry in the conveyance records in
the parish or parishes in which the timeshare property is located, and with the
Louisiana Real Estate Commission, prior to the sale of any timeshare interest. "C.
A timeshare declaration shall ... "(2) A scale drawing showing the precise
boundaries of all timeshare units, all common elements, and a designation by
letter, number, name, or combination thereof of all such timeshare units. "(3) A
schedule of use ...

Oil And Gas Law

Author: Eugene O. Kuntz
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On Petition for Rehearing, however, the Court of Appeals withdrew that portion of
its opinion regarding Frey's entitlement to a royalty interest on the proceeds of the
take-or-pay settlement and certified to us the following question: Question
Certified "Whether under Louisiana law and the facts concerning the Lease
executed by Amoco and Frey, the Lease's clause that provides Frey a 'royalty on
gas sold by the Lessee of one-fifth (Vs) of the amount realized at the well from
such sales' ...

The Revised Civil Code Of The State Of Louisiana

Author: Louisiana
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No such law in Louisiana as conditional sale, where vendor remains owner of
thing sold until price is paid. 121 L. 152, Barber Asphalt Paving Co. vs. St. Louis
Cypress Co. Contra, as to sale, lease or hire of railroads and street railway
equipment and rolling stock, and granting a lien and privilege in such cases, and
providing for the recording thereof. Act 111 of 1894. See, also Act ... Sale is not
perfect until vendor's accepts the precise proposition of vendee. 10 A. 120,
Barrow vs. Ker.