Lone Rider

Author: Elspeth Beard
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 178243805X
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Told with honesty and wit, this is the extraordinary and moving story of a unique and life-changing adventure.

ISBN: 9789743154096
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Walneck S Classic Cycle Trader June 2006

Author: Causey Enterprises, LLC
Publisher: Causey Enterprises, LLC
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Stories of unusual rides to unheard of destinations tweak a rider's imagination
like a new set of fuel injectors. Many brave ... Riding, the world would learn, was
for thoughtful, introspective men and women who long to gain knowledge of
themselves by learning about those with whom we share this Earth. Pirsig and ...
The Rugged Road is a true tale of two proper British ladies who became the very
first persons — , ever — to ride a motorcycle north to south across the Dark

Rider S Complete Guide To Motorcycle Touring

Author: Dick Blom
ISBN: 9780934798020
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For this chapter on women riders, I enlisted the help of Annie Briggs, a British
motorcycling journalist who was introduced to motorcycle touring as a passenger.
She toured on her own as ... Any woman who decides to go motorcycle touring
on her own may as well accept the fact that she will have to explain why she has
been driven to this extraordinary behavior. The truth is, whereas it's ... Perhaps
women are moving just a little too fast in the motorcycling world. After all, hardly
any time ...

War And The Cultural Construction Of Identities In Britain

Author: Barbara Korte
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042012592
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Jenni Calder World War and Women - Advance and Retreat 1 . Naomi Mitchison
and the Great War Naomi Haldane was nearly 17 ... Dick was in the Queen's
Bays, a cavalry regiment. His younger brother became a motorcycle dispatch
rider and was killed. Many years later ... of being left "a real, sorrowing woman [...]
left to face the rest of a long life alone".2 Naomi, who had had little formal
education after the age of 12, started classes in first aid and nursing. By the
summer of 1915, ...

Motorcycle Illustrated

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Around the World in Cycledom What Are the Motorcycle and Bicycle Riders,
Manufacturers and Dealers, of the Wide World Doing and Saying? What Are
Their Preferences and ... The first cost of automobiles, and the expense of
operation, puts them out of reach of all but the few, under the desperate
conditions following the war, the German social revolution, the mismanagement
of the present German republic, and the slump in the value of the mark. No one
knows where it ma et 0.

Encyclopedia Of British Sport

Author: Richard William Cox
Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated
ISBN: 9781851093441
Size: 24.87 MB
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In the post- Second World War period, however, Britain's motorcycle industry was
eventually eclipsed by the Italian Gilera motorbikes and then by the Japanese
motorcycle industry. British riders, on the other hand, were still in great demand.
... The mountain bike has become the machine par excellence of tourists and
long-distance riders and offers stability and smooth handling on a variety of
surfaces as a resulr of a frame design featuring thicker tubes, a longer wheelbase
, distinctive ...

As You Do

Author: Richard Hammond
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297858149
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The memory of his bike had stayed with me. Its sinister form stalked ... Every year
he led the procession and thousands of bikers arrived from all over the world to
follow the legend on a parade around his hometown. I turned up late on the ...
The riders varied from long-haired cowboys lounging on stretched-out choppers
to chubby middle-aged couples wearing matching jackets and bumbags, riding
pastel-coloured tourers with white-walled tyres, tiny American flags fluttering on
the top ...

American Motorcyclist And Bicyclist

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Germany Economy Test Next Spring a big fuel-consumption test is to be made in
Germany. Present plans are ... A Colorado Tour Abroad Worth C. Knowlcs, who
contributes articles to this magazine, had a three-page story with pictures in The
Motor Cycle," the leading British motorcycle magazine. The tour ... Second World
Tour Ends About a week after the Olliver-Malins sidecar expedition completed its
world girdling feat, another round the world motorcyclist checked home in