Locker Room Notes

Author: Bill Orender
ISBN: 9780692858592
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Notes taken by Bill Orender as Art Williams trained his key company leaders on how to win, how to build an organization, recruiting and a positive attitude

Gender And Sport

Author: Sheila Scraton
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415259538
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Permission was granted and assurances were made that anonymity would be
maintained for athletes and coaches. 1 observed the team as a nonparticipant
sport sociologist, both at practices and during competition, for well over a month
before the first talk fragments were collected, The talk fragments were gathered
over a 2-month period and the locker room was visited frequently to gather field
notes. Note gathering in the locker room was terminated upon saturation;
however, the ...

Wisconsin Where They Row

Author: Bradley F. Taylor
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 9780299205300
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The next day a guard was posted at the locker room, but it was embarrassing
enough going in there once, and we had no intention of doing it again. A week
later, construction began on a women's locker room." 28. Mimier notes of March
13, 2003. 29. Ibid. 30. Dick Rockne, "Let's Hear It for Wisconsin Rah! Rah!"
Seattle Times, June 18, 1978. 31. Jay Mimier, in an interview April 8, 2003, said
neither rower was able to participate in the November 1-5, 1978, Worlds in Lake
Karapiro, New ...

Bringing The Heat

Author: Mark Bowden
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 9781555846053
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His primary motivations — Christian empire, family dynasty, personal pride —
would demand he go elsewhere when this season was done, but the last of them,
the Team, that would be gone forever. So this is it. Now or never, do or die. They
beat the Washington Redskins, and they make the play-offs. Reggie is going to
play this game like a man, quite literally, on a mission from God. OUTWARDLY, at
least, all is calm in the Eagles' locker room in advance of the big Redskins game.

Notes From The Back Of The Clipboard

Author: Michael Brackett
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1606932535
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The first people were heading into the men's locker room and starting to get
undressed. The rest of us crowded in behind them so that we wouldn't be last. All
of a sudden a backup occurred. The first people in had stopped and were trying
to back out the door with clothes in hand. Those of us behind were trying to push
our way into the locker room and get undressed. Something was clearly wrong.
Then a few muffled screams came from the men's room. Women's screams!
Apparently a ...

Hockey Haiku

Author: John Poch
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429907916
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Scluney takes us behind the scenes, into the locker room, even into the inner
workings of an ice rink, an arena. We feel what the players and ... We know from
the meticulous locker room notes of Scluney's contemporary— historian/
sportswriter Leonard Brassplutz—that Scluney's skates and underwear were both
intentionally three sizes smaller in order to restrain both his speed and his
libidinous nether regions in an attempt to channel all power to his hands.
Eccentric? Yes, of course.

Tales From The Tar Heel Locker Room

Author: Ken Rappoport
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1596700068
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Tales from the Tar Heel Locker Room: Second Edition is a compilation of the best notes, quotes and anecdotes from North Carolina lore.

The Confession

Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0385534132
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This consisted of notes taken throughout the interrogation by Detective Jim
Morrissey. During one three-hour stretch, while Morrissey took a nap on a cot in
the locker room, the notes were taken by a Detective Nick Needham. The notes
were typed into a neat fourteen-page report, which Detectives Kerber, Morrissey,
and Needham swore to be the truth, and nothing but. Not a single word in the
report suggests the use of threats, lies, promises, trickery, intimidation, physical
abuse, ...

Skater S Edge Sourcebook

Author: Alice Berman
ISBN: 9780964302716
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Services: Pro Shop, Skate Rental, Skate Sharpening, Snack Bar, Ballet Room,
Weight Room, Lockers, Dressing Rooms, Restaurant. Notes: Hockey summer
school. Next to aquatic and gymnastic center. In-line skating in summer on NHL-
size rink. Multipurpose room, library, game room. Hagerstown Ice & Sports
Complex 580 Security Blvd. Hagerstown MD 21742 (301) 766-9122 Mgr: Mike
Griffith Skating Dir: Ann Gallarano Ice surface(s): 1, 200x85, Enclosed. Open:
Year Round.

Notes From A Necrophobe

Author: T.C. Armstrong
Publisher: Permuted Press
ISBN: 161868549X
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It's not because we've been assigned to clean the downstairs locker room's toilets
and showers, we've had to do that before. It's because we've been assigned to
clean the toilets and showers with Stacy. Stacy's one of the drifters who appears
to admire every little thing the soldiers do. When it comes to the General in
particular, she idolizes him, speaking of him with the same respect she would
have reserved for her father. That isn't so bad, she has her reasons to like him
and when it ...