Living In The Light Of Death

Author: Frank Scalambrino
Publisher: Magister Ludi Press
ISBN: 9780998870403
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By developing an Eastern existential understanding of death from the perspective of Zen Buddhism, Bushidō (the Way of the Samurai), and Japanese haiku poets, this book articulates an ethics of sincerity between the contemplative-meditation ...

The A Z Of Death And Dying Social Medical And Cultural Aspects

Author: Michael John Brennan
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440803447
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However, we should also recognize that there is also a long tradition of Eastern
philosophy, for example, Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism. In addition, we
need to be aware that the work of the ancients has been developed over time, in
both East and West. ... For example, Martin Heidegger wrote about “being-
towards-death,” by which he meant that death defines life to a certain extent,
insofar as the fact that we will all die one day makes us finite beings (see

The Ethics And Religious Philosophy Of Etty Hillesum

Author: Klaas A.D. Smelik
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900434134X
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Instead, he focused on themes and motifs that also affected Hillesum's quest—
such as “birth” (Dutch: geboorte), “life” (Dutch: leven), “death” (Dutch: dood), “soul
” (Dutch:ziel), “Eastern thought” and “the relationship between God and the world.
” In the light of Rosenzweig, ... on the existential relationship between certain
aspects of Jewish philosophy and Jewish life in her writings, contrasting
contemporary intellectual developments with her Jewishness. If we analyze
critically the trends ...

The Targums In The Light Of Traditions Of The Second Temple Period

Author: Thierry Legrand
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004271570
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In attempts to come to terms with this narrative, the existential ques- tion is
directly addressed in one poem in the prayerbook for the festival of Tab- ernacles
: 'Moses died; who then shall not die? ... Such a sustained interest developed in
his life and work that the accumu- lated traditions about Moses provide a rich
hunting ground for the analysis of his reception history.1 By the same token, this
wealth of material allows us to reflect on our methodologies of reading these

Encyclopedia Of Death And Dying

Author: Glennys Howarth
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136913602
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Western reports of near-death experiences often mention light which is
experienced as a loving presence and sometimes has its origin within a religious
figure in their particular tradition. ... This strand represents an alternative and, in
philosophical terms, ultimately more influential development of Heidegger's
thought from that of Sartrean existentialism (see Sartre, JeanPaul), and finds its
most significant expression in the work of four thinkers: Georges Bataille,
Emmanuel Levinas, ...

Children Adolescents And Death

Author: Robert G. Stevenson
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351969544
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the realities of children's lives. Existentialist thought can play a part in helping us
to do this. The traditional debate about influences on children's behavior and
development has tended to focus on the dichotomy between nature (biology) and
nurture (upbringing). Some people have extended this by arguing that it is a
matter of the interaction of nature and nurture, but in reality even this is too
simplistic a view. Biological issues are important; biology is the vehicle through
which we live ...

East Of Existentialism

Author: Ray Billington
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia
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Therefore those few who were capable of rising to the heights of pure cerebral
activity could, in their practice of philosophy, anticipate the separation of soul
from body and, dwelling in the world of Forms, savour death's privileges: release
from cloudy emotion and bodily distractions, the untrammelled freedom of the
mind to find and follow Truth. His pupil, Aristotle, took an opposing view, and the
Western tradition since has been marked by their difference. For Plato, value
implied ...

Structural Depths Of Indian Thought

Author: P. T. Raju
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780887061394
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What may and should interest a student of comparative philosophy is the
question: If different conclusions, for metaphysies and also for a philosophy of life
, are drawn from the same analysis, what significance can the differences have
for a true metaphysies and a true philosophy of life? What light can they throw on
one another? Similarly, if different analyses can be given of the same concept,
what is the significance they can have for metaphysies and philosophy of life?
Comparisons ...

Passion Death And Spirituality

Author: Kathleen M. Higgins
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400746504
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The Philosophy of Robert C. Solomon Kathleen Higgins, David Sherman.
Another very crucial concern here is to address not merely the conceptual issues
about sadness, but the practical need for the management of sadness in the light
of current Western therapeutic traditions, and even more important, Western
therapeutic traditions which have integrated mindfulness ... disorder during
contemporary times: these emotions are sadness, melancholy (as existential
angst) and boredom.

Values And Value Theories In The Light Of Sri Aurobindo

Author: V. Madhusudan Reddy
Publisher: Hyderabad, India : Institute of Human Study
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Also it is a protest against the oppressiveness of the idea of an exclusive
objective order in ihe field of Western philosophy. It is in a sense turning inward.
This is true, as we have ... His choice of uncommon words is reminiscent of the
ancient eastern tradition of universal Symbolism. There is no gain saying 'he fact
that ... As against this it made man preoccupy himself only with living or the
anguish of death and only rarely with the hope of a beyond. Sartre's existential
man is ' a haunted, ...