And There I Was Volume I

Author: DH Koester
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 143277946X
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... following its contours as it commanded We hesitantly and cautiously began to
follow it There was no one else around -- they were all swarming like ants down
below over the ruins of Machu Pijchu, and by the looks of the overgrown trail, ...
pulled by some unseen force, anxious to see what was around the next curve of
the mountain I wondered how many people had fallen to their deaths here, how
many skeletons lay at the bottom of the abyss Surely, there were many other ...

These Days Of Large Things

Author: Michael Tavel Clarke
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472099627
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"They crawl about in the abyss intent upon their own small concerns. ... Atlantic
liner, and which glimmers for a while in the sun for the first of my stay amidst its
pinnacles; but which vanishes, but for fragmentary glimpses, as I become one of
the grey creatures that crawl about like ants, at the bottom of its gloomy caverns.
... The artist, like the corporate executive, is a person of exceptional vision,
responsible for instructing his contemporaries, who rarely if ever attain
comparable heights.

The Lost Boat

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... bottom of the abyss drifted up to them as if to raise the spirits of the dead.
Climbing along the very edge of the precipice, the cart and the mules, the bodies
and souls, all seemed to be hanging onto fragile reins that were ready to snap. '
Papa The woman called out in a helpless moan. No answer. Her words were like
gossamer floating from her lips. An eagle flew overhead. In the blue sky its keen
eyes caught sight of the group struggling on the cliff like ants with loads on their

The Last Day Of A Condemned Tr By G W M Reynolds

Author: Victor Marie Hugo
Size: 69.24 MB
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From the windows I beheld, as it were with a bird's-eye view, the great square in
which the Gothic cathedral stands, and the people swarming, like ants in size and
multitude, upon the pavement beneath me. ... upon the planks — I grasped some
of the beams tightly in my arms — unable to speak — unable to breathe — with
that dreadful din in my ears, — and, beneath my eyes, that precipice — that vast
abyss, at the bottom of which were walking so many quiet and amiable beings.

Travels Through The Alps Of Savoy Ant Other Parts Of The Pennine Chain With Observations On The Phenomena Of Glaciers

Author: James David Forbes
Size: 21.61 MB
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It is then that he surveys with astonishment the strange law of the ice-world, that
stones always falling seem never to be absorbed—that, like the fable of Sisyphus
reversed, the lumbering mass, ever falling, never arrives at the bottom, but seems
... ridge of ice, having a gulf on either hand, is so nicely poised, “obsequious to
the gentlest touch,” that the fall of a pebble, or the pressure of a passing foot, will
shove it into one or other abyss, and, the chances are, may carry him along with it

Cura S Supreme English English Tamil Dictionary

Publisher: Sura Books
ISBN: 9788172542702
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The abundance of heart and the abundance of wealth do not always go together,
syn: copiousness, plenteousness. ant: scarcity. a-bui)-dant'e'bAnd8nt'(ad;j:3'icfJri
,-aaTi'. ... U(r^, u9«u Quiflu;; the primeval chaos before creation, abyss-al/a'bLsl/
fudjj:8 tflsroari) / of or like an abyss, pertaining to the lower parts of the ocean (
stratum of bottom waters), a-bysm'a'bizam/('n,l:a'i5)ou:aii / bottomless pit, hell, u®
<9ifl ^r«ii. a/c also A/C: accountya'aAC-tinl a-ca-cia/'a'keijo'YnJ:a'«Q««jsi)ia ...

One Day In The Life Of A Fool

Author: Jeremy Gates
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595397166
Size: 37.44 MB
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“Jeremy would you like to talk about the ant infestation that you told me not more
that a week and a half ago!” Mandy was right of ... When I finished, I walked back
into the hallway that lead to my room and as I started walking I noticed a steady
trail of ants coming out of one of the air intake grills at the bottom of the wall. I
stopped ... I continued following the trail of ants with my eyes up the leg of Steve's
desk and watched as they disappeared into the abyss of dirty dishes. I must add
that ...

English Synonymes

Author: George Crabb
Size: 14.28 MB
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... she hears the coming storm. Thomson. Anatomists speak of apertures in the
skull or in the heart, and the naturalist describes the apertures in the nests of
bees, ants, beavers, and the like ; ' In ... Gulf, in Greek xo'xwoj from xoiXo; hollow,
is applied literally in the sense of a deep concave receptacle for water, as the gulf
of Venice ; abyss, in Greek a^uo-<ro;, compounded of a privative and fivavos a
bottom, signifies literally a bottomless pit. One is overwhelmed in a gulf; it carries
with it ...

The Living Age

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At the bottom of this appalling gorge is no smiling valley or wooded glade;
nothing but a great river surging angrily along a rocky bed and chafing with
eternal thunder against its prison walls. But once has the passage of that terrible
defile from end to end been accomplished. The story is contained in a
parliamentary paper, but it reads like some weird romance." The spectator from
above sees nothing but what might be a silken skein twisted along the bottom of
the abyss; his ear, ...