Creative Problem Solver S Handbook For Negotiators And Mediators A Portable Primer For Practitioners

Author: John W. Cooley
ISBN: 9781590314999
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Eric Galton, Representing Clients in Mediation (Texas Lawyer Press, 1994)
Donald G. Gifford, Legal Negotiation: Theory and Applications (West Publishing
Co., 1989). Dwight Golann, Mediating Legal Disputes: Effective Strategies for
Lawyers and Mediators (Little, Brown, 1996). Stephen B. Goldberg, Frank ...
University Press, 1998). G. Nicholas Herman, Jean M. Cary, and Joseph E.
Kennedy, Legal Counseling and Negotiating: A Practical Approach (Matthew
Bender & Co., 2001) ...

Oregon State Bar Bulletin

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tice, I have found that a combination of the introductory written materials and an
initial mediation consultation during which no actual negotiations take place work
well to inform my clients. In my Mediation Retainer Agreement, I have mediating
parties contractually agree to the confidentiality of the mediation by agreeing to
not subpoena me or any mediation materials into any court proceeding and by
characterizing the mediation as “settlement negotiations” under the Oregon
Evidence ...

Interviewing And Investigation For Paralegals

Author: Ann M. Dobmeyer
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 9781567066401
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A Practical Approach Ann M. Dobmeyer. 2. The Angry Client Legal interviewing
will bring you into contact with clients who are angry. They might be angry over a
loss they've suffered, a loss of a loved one, ... In their book, Interviewing,
Counseling, and Negotiating, Bastress and Harbaugh identify five main theories
of helping clients: Psychoanalysis Person-centered theory Behaviorism Rational-
emotive therapy Transactional analysis 1. Psychoanalysis Developed by
Sigmund Freud, ...


Author: Freddie Strasser
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826475039
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This book is about conflict resolution through mediation, from a psychological perspective.

Appellate Mediation

Author: Brendon Ishikawa
ISBN: 9781634253482
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This book on appellate mediation serves as a guide for every appellate judge, lawyer, mediator, professor or student engaged in the practice or study of appellate law.

Mediating Legal Disputes

Author: Dwight Golann
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Size: 61.20 MB
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sider changing approach entirely and facilitating the parties' positional
techniques. Although the idea of supporting win-lose negotiations may seem
contradictory, there is no necessary clash between the two approaches. For one
thing, many negotiators will continue to think and act in positional terms despite
your best efforts to channel them into other methods; when this occurs, your
practical choice is between facilitating the tactics that the parties insist on using or
giving up. Second ...

Mediating And Negotiating Marital Conflicts

Author: Desmond Ellis
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9780761905028
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Galanter, M. (1981). Justice in many rooms: Courts, private ordering and
indigenous law. Journal of Legal Pluralism, 1, 19-28. Gardner, D. (1981). Study of
court conciliation services. In Couples in crisis II (pp. 43-47). Kingston, Ontario:
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Divorce mediation: A practical guide for therapists and counselors. New York:

The Barrister S World And The Nature Of Law

Author: John Morison
Publisher: Open Univ Pr
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Generally, our view is that it is better and more informative to consider the entire
gamut of materials which the barrister works with to be 'legal information', rather
than to break this down into the two traditionally suggested component parts of '
fact' and 'rule' and ignore the rest. THE BRIEF AS INFORMATION EXCHANGE
Blake's (1989) A Practical Approach to Legal Advice and Drafting (3rd edn) tells
its readers, who are in the main trainee solicitors and barristers, that 'The brief is
very ...