Law At Little Big Horn

Author: Charles E. Wright
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This is not just another Custer book. Its contents will surprise even the most accomplished Little Big Horn scholar.

United States Relations With South Africa

Author: Y. G.-M. Lulat
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820479064
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As a result of these two treaties, a reservation system is created for the Plains
Nations to restrict open access to their traditional homelands in order to make
way for European settlers, thereby setting in motion yet another cycle of warfare
between ... that grants citizenship rights to all formerly enslaved U.S. African
Americans, establishes the concept of equality of protection of all citizenry under
the law, and proscribes the denial of life, liberty, and property without due
process of law.

Confluence Of Cultures Native Americans And The Expedition Of Lewis And Clark

Author: University of Montana--Missoula
Publisher: University of Montana
ISBN: 9780972712248
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This, of course, did not happen all at once - it was a gradual process that
probably was not completed until sometime between the Battle of the Little Big
Horn in 1876 and the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890. ... insights into this
complexity, see Henry Sumner Maine, "The Conception of Sovereignty, and Its
Importance in International Law" (1855) 1 Papers Read before tbe Juridical
Society 26; Charles Edward Merriam, History of the Theory of Sovereignty since
Rousseau (New York ...


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NATIONAL AFFAIRS 1 /Z International right of due process had been violated
because he was not allowed to see the FBI reports \vhich had led to his dismissal
, or to cross-examine his accusers. ... George A. Custer sent before dying in his “
Last Stand” against Sitting Bull at the junction of the Big Horn and Little Big Horn
Rivers, Montana, in I876 (“Big village, come quick, bring packs"), and studied
pencil marks on Custer's map of the battle area—a map later recaptured from a
Sioux ...

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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952 A Short History of Ontario. 197 Shortridge High School. 1864-1981: In
Retrospect. 663 The Shoshoni Frontier and the Bear River Massacre. 1167
Showing the Flag: The Mounted Police and Canadian Sovereignty in the North,
1894-1925. 1343 Shreveport: A Photographic ... 1034 Sisterhood Denied: Race,
Gender, and Class in a New South Community. 931 Slavery and Freedom on the
... 2029 Son of the Morning Star: Custer and the Little Big Horn. 382 A Son of
Thunder: Patrick ...

Leslie S

Author: John Albert Sleicher
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The Detroit Free Press pertinently asks: If Grant really cannot get rid of his
Secretary of the Interior, why can't he improve him by the transfusion process that
helped Frank lllair so much! A few ounces ..... Speaking of the Big Horn Country,
General Custer said: “ A few persons had contrived In the past, when the Indians
were not troublesome, to enter I portion of it, and they retumed with wonderful
stories of the riches hidden there, and flue specimens of gold were shown as
proof. General ...

The National Live Stock Journal

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tude. and producing such a variety of soil. it may well be inquired whether Short-
horns are adapted and can be raised in all the States or not i Are the)" suited to
our great Western plains 2 Can they be raised in the senthcru cattle State of
Texas? These are important ... Correct knowledge on this subject would greatly
change these views, and introduce Short-horns to a large extent into our Western
dairies, at least where dairying and stockraising might be combined. - man's
control with ...

Time Life

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39-40; Alaskan. civilization and history. FR 34-35. Alaskan. crafts. FR 34. 38. 73.
Alaskan. impact ... 39. 40. 41 . 42; dam builders. MT 70; Delaware. HL 53. PL 37.
SC 59; denied civil rights. PL 44. 47; dependence on buffalo. PL 1 1 . 32. 33. 36-
37. 62; disinheritance. MT 77; displacement. BR31.0V 12-13; education. PL 52-
53; education by Mormons. MT 1 45. elimination of lndian culture. SO 34. ...
Mandan. PL 33. 34. 35. 37.39; massacre at Little Big Horn. PL 42. 62;
Menominee. HL 31 .