Law At Little Big Horn

Author: Charles E. Wright
ISBN: 9780896729124
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This is not just another Custer book. Its contents will surprise even the most accomplished Little Big Horn scholar.

United States Relations With South Africa

Author: Y. G.-M. Lulat
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820479064
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1867-1877: Commencing with the passage of the Reconstruction Act in March (
over the presidential veto of the racist Andrew Johnson), the period of U.S. history
known as "Reconstruction" in which there is a genuine commitment on the part of
... Constitution that grants citizenship rights to all formerly enslaved U.S. African
Americans, establishes the concept of equality of protection of all citizenry under
the law, and proscribes the denial of life, liberty, and property without due
process ...

The New York Annotated Digest

Author: Victor Eugene Ruehl
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A Complete Codification of the Law of New York, Embodied in the New York
Decisions, and a Complete Judicial Interpretation and History of Every Court of
Appeals Decision [1847-1916] Victor Eugene Ruehl. § 30585. COMIVIEBOIAL
PAPER—Acceptance—In general—Manner of acceptance—In ... 57. N. Y. 473.
NEW. YORK,. ETG.,. R. 00. v. VAN. HORN. (1874)8. § 30586. CONSTITUTIONAL
LAWDue process of law—Deprivation of property—In general. The legislature
can never ...

The Criminal Law Reporter

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standing under the act to challenge a restitution order because he failed to show
an Article Ill injury and the act does not provide a private remedy for victims
denied restitution, U.S. v. Grundhoefer. 916 F.2d 788, 48 CrL 1101 (CA 2 1990).
... /Text] We find that the legislative history and the Act's plain language do not
indicate that Congress, either explicitly or implicitly, intended to provide a private
cause of action to victims. Consequently, Bank has no standing under either
Article Ill of ...

The Congressional Globe

Author: United States. Congress
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The Postmaster. General upon the settlement of the claim by the Solicitor credited
the relators with a part of the amount found due, but refused to credit them with
the remainder. A mandamus was applied for and issued by the circuit court of the
... Nothing in the world but this, as is well known to every lawyer in America, even
to every student of the law yersed not beyond the horn-books of his profession,
that where the law vested the Presi. dent with discretionary power his judgment in


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NATIONAL AFFAIRS 1 /Z International right of due process had been violated
because he was not allowed to see the FBI reports \vhich had led to his dismissal
, or to cross-examine his accusers. ... George A. Custer sent before dying in his “
Last Stand” against Sitting Bull at the junction of the Big Horn and Little Big Horn
Rivers, Montana, in I876 (“Big village, come quick, bring packs"), and studied
pencil marks on Custer's map of the battle area—a map later recaptured from a
Sioux ...

Great Debates In American History

Author: Marion Mills Miller
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From the Debates in the British Parliament on the Colonial Stamp Act (1764-1765
) to the Debates in Congress at the Close of the Taft Administration (1912-1913).
... We have read with virtuous indignation in history ages ago of an Englishman
whose favorite buck the king had killed and who sufiered death as a traitor for
wishing, in a fit of vexation, that the buck, horns and all, were emboweled in the
body of the ... It dispenses with no "due process of law,” except only that particular

United States Attorneys Bulletin

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The district court noted that if those additional points had been counted, and the
criminal history categories went that high, defendant would fall into criminal
history category VIII. With a criminal history ... To the extent that the government's
reasons for withholding action conflicted with guideline section 5K1.1, due
process concerns were raised. Hence the ... (900) The claimants used a
helicopter to harass bighorn sheep in violation of the Airborne Hunting Act, 16
U.S.C. section 742;-1.