Last Name Unknown

Author: Danielle Real
Publisher: Danielle Real
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Kade Last Name Unknown, who I had actually come to trust (we're just goingto
completely ignore the sexual attractionpart) seemedto know my wouldbekiller.
Didthat meanthey were inon it together? Was I being played? Washeintendingto
kill metoo? But why would he want to kill me after he killed my assailant all inan
effort to help me escape? I guess people havedone crazier things. AllI
knowisthatthe guy I had come todepend on ina relatively shorttimeframe had
adark side darker ...

Robert Last Name Unknown

Author: Robert Corrales
ISBN: 9780533165162
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From his early years in a German orphanage to his immigration to America, an inventor and entrepreneur struggles to balance ambition and family while searching for his true identity.

Kitchen Confidential

Author: Anthony Bourdain
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 9781596917248
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by a beep, the little green light indicating that the hostess at the front desk had a
call for Inne. “Yeah?' I said, covering one ear so I could understand what she was
saying over the radio and the clatter of pots and the noise of the dishwasher. “
Call for the chef, she said. “Line two.” I pressed the red flashing light, signaled for
Steven at the grill to turn down the radio. “Feed the bitch!” said the voice on the
phone ...

A Genealogy Of The Wives Of The American Presidents And Their First Two Generations Of Descent

Author: Craig Hart
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786419563
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1620, England; d. May 14, 1705, Topsfield, Mass., m. Priscilla Gould, b. 1620,
England; d. Topsfield, Mass.” Timothy Forde," b. 1611, England; d. August 28,
1684, m. Eliza (Last Name Unknown), b. 1615, England; d. July 25, 1681? John
Griffin," b. England, m. Lydia Shatswell," b. England" John Andrews," b. 1618,
England; d. April 20, 1708, m. Jane Jordan, b. 1618, England” Daniel Ring," b.
1630, m. Mary Kinsman” John Butler," m. Mary Lynde.” Thomas Daggett," b. 1630
; d. 1691, m.

Oswald And The Cia

Author: John Newman
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1626369348
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69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 1. Wedding photo of Marina (last name unknown). At far left is
head of Marina's mother, Anita May Setyaeva (Setyaev), nee Zuggef, and her son
, Kostia Henkin; unknown woman, Marina (last name unknown) and Vashi (last
name unknown), who is Marina's husband, unknown man, woman, man and
woman. 2. Head photo of Anita May Setyaeva. 3. Full-length photo of Anita May
Setyaeva in Moscow. 4. Full-length photo of Antia May Setyaeva at Moscow

A Cole Family In America 1633 2003

Author: David Charles Cole
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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In their history ofthe Thomas Cooper family, Agnes and John Cooper assert she
was probably Ruth Chandler, daughter to Edmond and Elizabeth (family name
unknown) Chandler (Chaundeler) of Duxbury. (18, p. 64) Edmond's family has
Mayflower connections to John Alden. (60) Daniel had owned land and lived in
Duxbury three years before he married and would likely have known the
Chandler family. The Coopers also note the marriage ofMary (Paine) Rogers to
Israel Cole and ...

Bright Balkan Morning

Author: Charles Keil
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN: 0819564885
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Left to right, back raw: Cbristos Hindzos, Tbanassts Kroustalis, Gioigos Dolaplis,
Tlmnassis Mandarlis, Giorgos Dmmalis, Ioannis Milkai, Angelas Rodaiakis,
Thomas Mandarlis, and Tavrilas (last name unknown); middle row, sitting:
Gngarias Coras, Stephanos Siopis, Stciytos Mtikas, Hindzos, Ilias (last
name unknown), Dimttrws Mandarlis, and llias Stamboulis; front row, kneeling: I '
otitis Halntsis, Giorgos Tankis, Xtkolaos Hmdzos Zurnadzis, Giorgos Kroustalis.
Petrol Halatsis ...

Enchanted Immortals Series Box Set Books 1 4 Plus Novella

Author: C.J. Pinard
Publisher: C.J. Pinard
ISBN: 1310720622
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They stood close by and waited for Zoe to speak. “We are here today for the trial
of Seth, last name unknown, and Malachi, last name unknown, of the Portland
Shapeshifters' Clan. The charges are kidnapping a sylph and attempted extortion
.” Malina was sitting next to Serina in the front row and squeezed her hand in
support. “Is there anything you would like to say before we make our decision as
to your fate?” Zoe asked, eyeing the shapeshifters. The normally quiet Malachi
spoke up.


Author: Peter Lerangis
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453248285
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... Robert (last name unknown) — able seamen Tim O'Malley — able seaman/
second cook Hank Brillman— electrician Wyman Kennedy — carpenter Horst
Flummerfelt— machinist Rick Stimson — cook Philip Westfall — helpmeet at
large Nigel (last name unknown) — stowaway Chionni, Demosthenes, Dimitriou,
Eleni, Fotis, Iosif, Herd, Kalliope, Kristina, Maria, Martha, Megalamatia, Michalaki,
Nikola, Panagiotis, Pericles, Plutarchos, Socrates, Sounion, Stavros, Yiorgos,
Zeus — dogs ...

Off The Record U S Responsibility For Enforced Disappearances In The War On Terror

Publisher: Human Rights Watch
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Abdul Basit Before or during June 2004, Basit, a national of probably either Saudi
Arabia or Yemen, was apprehended and transferred to a secret U.S. detention
facility where according to Marwan Jabour he spoke with other prisoners held in
the facility and gave his name as “Abdul Basit.” No information about Basit's fate
has been released by the U.S. government, and his whereabouts remain
unknown. Adnan [Last Name Unknown] Before or during June 2004, Adnan. 7