Land Law And Islam

Author: Hilary Lim
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1848137206
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In this pioneering work Siraj Sait and Hilary Lim address Islamic property and land rights, drawing on a range of socio-historical, classical and contemporary resources.

Essays In African Land Law

Publisher: PULP
ISBN: 1920538003
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... H 'Accidental Islamic feminism: Dialogical approaches to Muslim women's
inheritance rights' in Lim, H & Bottomley, A (eds) Feminist Perspectives on Land
Law (2007) 133 Sait, S & Lim, H Land, law and Islam: Property and human rights
in the Muslim world (2006) Sait, S & Lim, H 'Islamic inheritance laws and systems'
(2010) Sait, S The relevance of Islamic land law for policy and project design (
2008) Schapera, I (1943) Native land tenure in the Bechuanaland Protectorate
London: ...

The International Law Of Property

Author: John G. Sprankling
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191502529
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119 Siraj Sait & Hilary Lim, Land, Law and Islam: Property and Human Rights in
the Muslim World (Zed Books 2006) 62. 120 Joseph Schacht, An Introduction to
Islamic Law (Clarendon Press 1964) 141. 121 Schacht, Islamic Law 138. 122
Hersch Lauterpacht, Private Law Sources and Analogies of International Law (
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46 EHRR 45. 124JA Pye (Oxford) Ltd paras 68, 70. 125 Institutes of Justinian 2.1.
12, ...

Guide To International Legal Research

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[ii] Property–Current Sources Land, Law, and Islam: Property and Human Rights
in the Muslim World. By Siraj Sait and Hilary Lim. London, U.K., New York, N.Y.:
Zed Books, 2006. [n] Rule of Law [i] Rule of Law–Historical Sources [A] General
Middle East The Rule of Law in the Arab Middle East. By Richard H. Nolte. (
Reprint from The Muslim World.) Hartford, Conn.: Hartford Seminary Foundation,
Vol. XLVII, 1958. [B] Egypt The Rule of Law in the Arab World: Courts in Egypt
and the ...

Land As A Human Right

Author: Abdon Rwegasira
Publisher: African Books Collective
ISBN: 9987081525
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This volume is not limited to events in Tanzania, but includes jurisprudence of land law of other countries in order to tap some interpretative devices of our own by way of analogies.

Secure Land Tenure

Author: International Federation of Surveyors. Commission 7, Cadastre & Land Management (
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The Land and Tenure Section of UN-HABITAT therefore commissioned two
experts Mr. M. Siraj Sait and Dr. Hilary Lim from University of East London, United
Kingdom to carry out a year long in depth study of the Islamic and other
dimensions of land and property rights in the Muslim world. The summary of the
research is available at
publications.asp and published as Siraj Sait and Hilary Lim, Human Rights in
Islam: Law, Property and ...

Land Property And Housing In Somalia

Author: Gregory Norton
Publisher: United Nations Publications
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"Land Registration, Tenure Security, Credit Use, and Investment in the Shebelle
Region of Somalia", in John W. Bruce and Shem Migot-Adholla (editors) (1994),
Searching/or Land Tenure Security in Africa. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt
Publishing Company. Sait, Siraj and Hilary Lim (2006). Land, Law and Islam:
Property and Human Rights in the Muslim World. London: Zed Books. Samatar,
Abdi Ismail (1987). "Merchant Capital, International Livestock Trade and Pastoral

Not About Us Without Us

Author: Malcolm Langford
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1 S. Sait and H. Lim, Land, Law and Islam: Property and Human Rights in the
Muslim World (London: Zed Books and UN-HABITAT, 2006), p. Traditionally, the
involvement of men in land processes was viewed as sufficient - it was assumed
that women and children would equally enjoy the benefits as dependents. Now, it
has been increasingly recognised that women's priorities and concerns in land
are separate issues from those of men, and that land reform and other land
processes ...

American Book Publishing Record

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346.04091767 Land, law, and Islam: property and human rights in the Muslim
world / Siraj Sail and Hilary Lim. London; Zed Books, 2006. p. cm. Conlents:
Islamic theories of property and landIslamic law relating to property and land
Islamic land tenure — Islam, human rights. and land — Muslim women's right
to propertyIslamic inheritance laws and systems — Waqf (endowments) and
Islamic philanthropy — Islamic finance and microcredit. Includes bibliographical
references ...