Kidnapping And Abduction

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was defined as the illegal capturing of a person with the intention of transporting
him or her for slavery, and there was little differentiation between abduction and
kidnapping. In the nineteenth century, the requirement for intercountry transport
was eliminated. Nowadays, abduction is legally defined as the process of
capturing someone by force or fraud. Kidnapping also involves illegally detaining
another ...

Textbook Of Forensic Medicine Toxicology Principles Practice

Author: Krishan Vij
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Table 13.3 Kidnapping and Abduction Distinguished Kidnapping Abduction
Kidnapping from lawful guardianship defined in Section 361 is committed (i) in
respect of minors, if male under 16 and if female under 18 years of age and (ii) in
respect of a person of unsound mind (of any age). Kidnapping is the removal of a
person from lawful guardianship. Kidnapping is simply taking away of a minor or
a person of unsound mind. The means used are not relevant. Consent of the
person ...

Child Abduction And Kidnapping

Author: Susan O'Brien
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Susan O'Brien. Bank Robbery Celebrities and Crime Child Abduction and
Kidnapping Cons and Frauds Crime Scene Investigation Cybercrime Drug Crime
Gangs and Gang Crime Homicide Organized Crime Serial Killers Terrorism
Unsolved Crimes White-Collar Crime investigations Child AbduCtion And
KidnApping. SuSan O'Brien Consulting Editor: John L. French, Crime Scene.


Author: Paula S. Fass
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Paula S. Fass explores how our awareness of violence toward the young has evolved from a time when Americans were shocked to discover that their children could be held for ransom, until today, when sexual predators seem to threaten our ...

Kidnapped To South America

Author: Randy Anglen
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The story does not have a happy ending. Anglen writes this book so his son will know what happened -what his daddy did to try to get his son. This is a story of intense grief, fear, frustration and injustice.

Development Of Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes In India

Author: Jagan Karade
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(Prevention of Atrocities) Act – 21.07%, Hurt – 16.84%, Rape – 09.66%,
Protection of Civil Rights Act – 05.32%, Murder – 04.31%, Kidnapping/Abduction
– 02.67%, Robbery – 01.6%, Arson – 01.08%, Dacoity – 0.198%. On an average
cases in case of atrocities on Scheduled Castes, Murder – 19, Dacoity – 04,
Robbery – 10, Arson – 13, Kidnapping and abduction – 12, Rape – 41, Protection
of Civil Rights Act – 363, SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act – 328, Other
offences – 409 are ...

Cyber Security

Author: Kristin Haltinner
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children skipping school as the most likely factor to have no influence over their
decisions (66 %), followed by children getting distracted (53 %), kidnapping or
abduction by a family member (48%), children getting lost en route (32%),
bullying (30%), other crime (26%), kidnapping or abduction by a stranger (10%),
distance to school (7%), and traffic or car accidents (5%). Finally, parents
reported their children getting distracted as the factor that was most likely not a
concern (22 %) ...

Dalit Women Speak Out

Author: Aloysius Irudayam S.J.
Publisher: Zubaan
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Kidnapping,. Abduction,. and. Forced. Incarceration. Dalits have no freedom,
neither to speak out, nor to contest elections. Dalit women are treated as unfit for
any political position and are sup pressed by dominant caste men; any
independent initiative is discouraged and prevented. The upper castes always
want to dominate village life, and if the Dalits try to grow, they will always be
stopped. [Bharati, AP] wo forms of violence that are often interrelated are
kidnapping or abduction, ...

Textbook On The Indian Penal Code

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(e) If the abducted person is a child under the age of ten years and the intention
is to take dishonestly any movable property from its person, section 369, I.P.C.
applies. When no force or deceit is practised on the person abducted, there can
be no offence of abduction. For instance, if a minor girl voluntarily goes out of her
guardian's protection and meets a person, who treats her well with no
compulsion or fraud, such person will not be guilty of abduction.1 Nor can any
offence be ...