Katherine Carlyle

Author: Rupert Thomson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472150635
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In the late 80s, Katherine Carlyle is created using IVF.

What Western Do I Read Next

Author: Wayne Barton
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(New York: Avon, 1992) Story type: Series; Saga Series: Kincaids Major
character(s): Byrd Kincaid, Frontiersman; Katherine Carlyle, Fugitive Time period(
s): 1820s (1820) Locale(s): Mud Flat, Kentucky Summary: Fleeing the vengeful
Calhouns after she has killed one of their number, red-haired Katherine Carlyle
embarks on a keelboat. When a storm wrecks the boat, Katherine and a few
women survivors are left to make their way alone in the wilderness. Taking
charge, Katherine ...

Raging Rivers

Author: Taylor Brady
Publisher: Five Star (ME)
ISBN: 9780786217748
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but the wolf? Because of that murderess, Maude had almost lost Oliver too, and
now she simply squatted there on the riv- erbank, picking through debris like
nothing had happened. Untouched, unreeling, and alive. The hatred she felt for
Katherine Carlyle was a pure thing, and it brought scalding tears of fury to her
eyes. The tears made her feel weak and she couldn't afford to give in to them.
She turned her back on Katherine Carlyle and walked away. Katherine had
gathered up some ...

The Kincaids

Author: Taylor Brady
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN: 9780380763337
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For one thing, it had kept her a widow longer than was decent, when there were
plenty of men who needed a good wife. For another ... it was Boothe Carlyle. It
was not that they could ever — until recently, that was — pin a specific complaint
against Carlyle. In the first place, he was Katherine Carlyle Kincaid's brother and
Byrd Kincaid's brother- in-law, and no one in his right mind wanted to get on the
Kincaids' bad side. Secondly, over the past fifteen years or so, Boothe Carlyle
had ...

Heart Of Texas Records

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Smith Lotus Betz Nana Towton Sybil Bryant Lois Jones Ernest Redding 1921
Ruby Carlyle W. M. Jones Odis Rowton Cordelia Mahoney Eunice McAda 1924
Lois McAda Nora Carlyle Myrtle Bryant Katherine Carlyle Ada Watkins Meeting
held by Bro. Kele Gladice Tabor Malcon Jones George Redding Pearl Burror
Dale Clobert Harris Carlyle Bessie Watkins Mrs. Malcon Jones Eulis Mabes
Chaebelle Colbert Wesley Carlyle Henry Anderson 1929 Bro. Gee Sister Gee
Wanda M.

Descendants Of Johannes Gingerich And Catherine Schlabaugh

Author: David Gerig
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... of Arthur, Ill. Address, Arcola, Ill., R. R. 1. Their children, 6 generation: 1. Omer
L. — March 3, 1941, Areola, Ill. 2. Mary Katherine — Jan. 21, 1944, Arcola, Ill. 3.
Lloyd L. — June 14, 1947, Areola, Ill. 4. Verna Marie — Aug. 26, 1951, Arcola, Ill.
527 Jacob J, Beachey (516) married Catherine Carlyle born Aug. 5, 1922 April 6,
1946 born June 11, 1925 Jacob, a son of Joel C. and Lizzie S. (Gingerich)
Beachey, was born in Ill. Catherine, a daughter of Clarence and Maude (Hotz)

West End Murders

Author: Roy Innes
Publisher: Newest Press
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"Please come down to my office," Carlyle said, and then to the receptionist, "No
calls, Katherine." Carlyle's office was generous for an aide, Coswell thought, or
maybe everyone in the us Public Service had big offices. The furnishings were
modern in the minimalist style. The only colour in the room came from a vase of
flowers on a stand by the window and the California State flag hanging behind
the desk. Pleasantries over, and all seated, Carlyle's tone changed. "Bruce
Leighton's ...

Books For You

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In the early 1820s, Katherine Carlyle flees Kentucky on a flatboat in the first book
of the Kincaids series. She leaves her past behind and sets out down the raging
Ohio River toward an unknown future in the new western territories. Disaster
strikes, and Katherine finds herself the leader of a group of women and children
headed through the wilderness toward frontiersman Byrd Kincaid. He and
Katherine fall in love and become the founders of a dynasty of adventurers who
roam "the ...

Cassette Books

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Raging Rivers: The Kincaids, Book 1 RC 36136 by Taylor Brady read by Carole
Jordan Stewart 2 cassettes After murdering the town bully, Katherine Carlyle sets
off to find her pioneering brother. The trip soon turns nightmarish —the flatboat is
swamped by a storm, the men in the party are killed by lightning, and the
remaining women and children are hounded by both Shawnee and pirates.
Strong-willed Katherine, with the assistance of mountain man Byrd Kincaid, is
determined to ...

John Boyd Of Berkeley County West Virginia

Author: Gordon W. Paul
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... b 8 Dec 1959 11 MARY BOYD FAULKNER was born 28 Feb 1937 in
Martinsburg, Berkeley County, WV, the first child of Whiting and his second wife
Virginia Mason (Moler) Faulkner. She was married to Robert Lynn Kearse on 23
Apr 1 960 and they recently moved to a new home a few miles from Martinsburg.
lssue of Robert Lynn and Mary Boyd (Faulkner) Kearse: 23 Robert Lynn, Jr., b 25
Sep 1961 24 Katherine Carlyle, b 1 9 Oct 1 963, m Christopher Joseph Rogus 25
Elizabeth ...