Just Cause

Author: Robert M. Schwartz
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Offers a step by step guide with advice, tips and winning techniques for use by Grievance representatives to prepare cases and make compelling arguments.

Pocket Guide To Just Cause

Author: Bonnie G. Bogue
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discipline and discharge arbitration Bonnie G. Bogue, Katherine J. Thomson,
California Public Employee Relations Program ... Unions customarily make a
case-by-case decision based on the likelihood of prevailing, the costs, and the
effects of a win or a loss. ... Whether an arbitrator is likely to sustain a grievance
can be evaluated by looking at documents and reviewing probable testimony to
determine whether the employer is likely to be able to prove the elements of just

A Guide To Sources Of Information On The National Labor Relations Board

Author: Gordon T. Law
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780815303824
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In Marsha's case, she has to sue both the employer and the union. Her case
against the union will allege a breach of the duty of fair representation; her theory
is that the union dropped her grievance in bad faith. Her case against the
employer will allege a breach of contract; her theory is that the collective
agreement permits the employer to discipline a worker only for just cause, which
was absent because she was not insubordinate. Marsha needs to defeat both the
union and the ...

Strategies For Employee Assistance Programs

Author: William J. Sonnenstuhl
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780875461670
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we do not know of any such case and have not located one, it may be only a
matter of time before one occurs. The trend toward liberally interpreting workers'
compensation suggests that a worker making such a claim might win. Arbitration
According to Roberts ... A basic issue in arbitration cases is just cause, a term
commonly used in collective bargaining agreements to protect workers from
disciplinary action that is unjust, arbitrary, or capricious. Collective bargaining
agreements ...

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
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California Public Employee Relations

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According to Justice Yegan, the arbitration agreement in this case allowed both
parties the same array of discovery procedures available in civil cases and did
not create an imbalance in remedies potentially available to either side. ... Failure
to Promote Was Extension of Demotion Finding that a denial of promotion can
constitute disciplinary action, arbitrator Franklin Silver ruled that the City of
Oakland did not have just cause to prevent an Oakland firefighter who had been
demoted for ...

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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Studies Journal 1996 21(3): 3-18. Uses a sample of 269 private sector arbitration
cases published during 1980-95 to classify the determinants given by arbitrators
for reversing managerial action in discipline cases. Compares results ... THE
Industrial and ...

101 Sample Write Ups For Documenting Employee Performance Problems

Author: Paul FALCONE
Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 081443858X
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A Guide to Progressive Discipline & Termination Paul FALCONE. Therefore,
without a crystal ball, a company won't know for sure if it will be able to win a
summary judgment (AKA immediate dismissal of the case) at the hearing stage
based on the employment-at-will affirmative defense. Put another way, you can't
know what kind of spin a plaintiff attorney will place on a case six months to a
year from now, and a judge may or may not grant an immediate dismissal of the

The Labor Relations Process

Author: William H. Holley
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305576209
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266–283. Michael Marmo, “Acceptability as a Factor in Grievance Arbitration,”
Labor Law Journal, 50, Summer 1999, pp. 97–102. Bonnie G. Bogue and
Katherine J. Thomson, Pocket Guide to Just Cause: Discipline and Discharge
Arbitration, Berkeley, CA: California Public Employee relations Program, Institute
for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California, 2010, pp. 48–
49. Matthew M. Franckiewicz, “How to Win Your Arbitration Case Before the
Hearing Even Starts ...