Transnational Terrorism And State Accountability

Author: Vincent-Joël Proulx
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
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... International Law in Historical Perspective: Part 6: Juridical Facts as Sources of
International Rights and Obligations (Leiden, Sijthoff, ... See Armed Activities on
the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo v Uganda), Judgment

The Juridical Nature Of Unilateral Acts Of States In International Law

Author: Eva Kassoti
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the intention of the author State to become bound as the essentials of the legal
nature of unilateral acts. ... 38–40; V. Rodríguez Cedeño, First Report on
Unilateral Acts of States, un Doc. A/CN.4/486, p. 319, at pp. 335–6, paras. 133–
151. 16 P. Heilborn, Das System Des Volkerrechts, Entwickelt aus den
Volkerrechtlichen Begriffen, (Berlin: ... International Law in a Historical
Perspective, Vol. vi: Juridical Facts as Sources of International Rights and
Obligations, (Leiden: Sijtoff, 1971), p.

Interfirm Networks

Author: Anna Grandori
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... International Law in Historical Perspective, part VI, Juridical Facts as Sources
of International Rights and Obligations, ... paper presented at the 12th
Colloquium of the European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS), Istanbul, 6
8 July.

State Succession To International Responsibility

Author: Patrick Dumberry
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own right” when protecting one of its nationals by exercising diplomatic protection
, it needs to ensure that such person is ... V case8 and the position of some
members of the Institut de Droit P.C.I.J., Series A, no. 2. ... 6 Affaire des biens
britanniques au Maroc Espagnol (Great-Britain v. ... International Law in
Historical Perspective, Part VI (Juridical Facts as Sources of International Rights
and Obligations), ...

The Financial Obligation In International Law

Author: Rutsel Silvestre J Martha
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191055964
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International Responsibility of States' (1957) ICLQ 6: 273. ... SM Schwebel, '
Human Rights in the World Court', in SM Schwebel, Justice in International Law (
Grotius Publications, 1994), ... 12 C Chinkin, Third Parties in International Law (
Oxford University Press, 1993), 121. ... Vol 1 (Pedone, 1991), 119–27 at 125; in
the same sense see JHW Verzijl, International Law in Historical Persepective Vol.
VI (Juridical Facts as Sources of International Obligations) (AW Sijthoff, 1973),

Pais Bulletin

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P.O.B. 66, Groningen, Netherlands Published by A. W. Sijthoff jointly with the
Netherlands International Law Review and under the auspices of the Inter-unl-
versity institute ... Recuell dee cours, 1972, v. ... J. H. W. International law in
historical perspective: pt. 6. Juridical facts as sources of International rights and

Finnish Yearbook Of International Law

Author: Jarna Petman
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Cooke, D. Oughton, The Common Law of Obligations (3rd ed., Oxford University
Press, 2000) at 66–67. ... Mills V. Wyman, 20 Mass. ... in a Historical and
International Context”, 13 Chicago-Kent Journal of International & Comparative
Law (2013) 83–120 at 96. ... Note that the sixth volume is entitled “Juridical Facts
as Sources of International Rights and Obligations. ... While Lauterpacht admitted
the limitations of adopting a contractual perspective towards all unilateral acts, he
did not ...

International Books In Print

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D & Bemadt, R P — 211p - sb - ce Foundation [341 1 International Law and
Development see Canadian Council on ... Steven V - 1999' - xviil/272p -
01190.00 - 90-420-0495-9 - ne Rodopi [100] International Law and the Practice
of Law in Canada ... vii/315p - hb - 011173.00 - 90-286-0089-2 - ne Kluwer [341]
International Law in Historical Perspective / ed by Heere. ... 1972 - viii/518p -
DH202.00 - 90-286-0022-1 Vol 6: Juridical Facts as Sources of International
Rights and Obligations ...