July Corn

Author: Richard Hergott
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He enlists the support of a friend and a foe that turns against the plot to uncover what lies beneath the green fields of grain. July Corn is a cutting edge story for the new millennium.

Relation Of Weather And Its Distribution To Corn Yields

Author: Floyd Edward Davis
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For western Iowa May temperatures have very little effect on yield, but
temperatures in June, July, and August are usually too high. The multiple
regression coefficient of 0.762 is highly significant, indicating that for some part of
Iowa at least, there is a relation between weather and corn yields. A lower mean
maximum temperature for the season with slightly higher temperatures in May,
declining as the season progresses but with a slight rise toward the end would
seem to be indicated ...

Report From The Select Committee On The Sale Of Corn

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With the Minutes of Evidence, Appendix and Index : Ordered to be Printed 25.
July 1834. Anderson, Adam, LL.D. (Analysis of his Evidence)—continued. every
county, or his substitute, to the comptroller in London, 3667——Improvements
introduced in the practice of taking the fiars, 3672 System of selling corn by
weight alone would not be acceptable to Scottish farmers, or corn dealers, 3678
Greater part of the grain in Perthshire sold by imperial measure, 3680, 3681
Transactions in ...

Trading Commodities And Financial Futures

Author: George Kleinman
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For example, you may decide to buy July corn and sell July wheat. Both are
grains, both can be used for animal feed, and both are export commodities. They
will tend to move in the same direction. However, if the fundamentals are
opposed, the two could move in opposite directions. Let's assume that it is March
and that you believe the supplies of corn are tight but that wheat supplies will
grow larger as the market moves closer to the harvest in the early summer. July
corn is at $3.10 ...

Farmers Bulletin

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... by soil tempertures a few degrees below 50° F. In the United States few
varieties can be grown satisfactorily where the midsummer mean temperature is
below 65° F. In Canada, however, some extremely small and quick- growing
varieties have been developed that can be grown a little farther north than
Edmonton, Alberta, where the June-July-August mean temperature is below 60°.
Most of the sweet corn for processing is grown in areas having mean
temperatures of 65° to 70° F.

The Distribution Of Shortrun Commodity Price Movements

Author: Jitendar S. Mann
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Smidt (32) applied alternative trading rules to daily high, low, and closing prices
for May soybean futures for 1952-61. The buying and selling .criterion used in the
trading rules was the magnitude of the average price increase (or decrease) over
a specified number of days. The trading rules produced significant profits,
indicating serial dependence in price movements. Stevenson and Bear (34)
applied several tests to changes in closing prices of July corn and July soybeans.

Corn And Currency

Author: Sir James Graham
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Notes Notes Wheat Government on the Bank Paper as comin Circulation. in
Circulation. per Quarter. 26th of August pared with the year of each year. ...
preceding. 1819. £. £. S. £. per cent. * - From Jan. to June 25,593,233 15% as
compared op o July to Dec. 24,697,407 } 17,366,875 72 25,546,230 } with Isis. o
1820. - From Jan. to June | 23,928,315 / July to Dec. 33,693,301 11,767,391 65
20,826,447 32.5 1821. From Jan. to June 23,522,693 July to Dec. ;} 8,414,281 54
16,641,620 28 ...

Parliamentary Papers

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Ann'm Re“ NEW LEASES. - £ s. d. if s. d. £ 5. d First 2 years a Pepper- Cos . . . t of
erecting and completing the Premises, 993:1!“ from 5'11 AP“! cox-“'12:: afgerwgds
r “sum” 6 112 17 6 and insuring the same in a sum equal to ' per 'mmum pe tw'o
thirds of their value. First 2 years a Pepper99 years, from 5th Jan. com, and
afieryvards 4 0 0 1822 - - - l 92 5 0 per annum 9' 5 ° ' ' ' D°' ' per annum First 1;}
year a Pepper99 years, from 5th July corn, and afierwards S 10 0 lo 0 Do 1822 - -
- 90 ...

Corn And Capitalism

Author: Arturo Warman
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
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Let us return to Doctor Cárdenas and other virtues of corn: ''Second, for its
abundance, which is to say anywhere from one hundred to 200 measures of
grain per measure of seed sown, and this without too much work, but easily and
leisurely, not waiting almost from one year to the next, like one waits for wheat in
Spain, which is sown in October and picked in June or July, something corn does
not do, for within three months and at most four, and in some regions within fifty
days, it is ...