Invention By Design

Author: Henry Petroski
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674463684
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Presents case studies of inventions by engineers, explaining how they resolve technical difficulties, and how they make their inventions socially acceptable and economically feasible

Alphabetical Index Of Patentees And Applicants For Patents Of Invention By B Woodcroft

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INVENTION. Number Name of Patentee. of Patent. Date. Subject-matter of Patent
. Garnier, Jean Claude 692 13th March 1862 Improvements in apparatuses for
measuring and regulating the flow and pressure of gas, parts of which are
applicable to hydraulic receivers and to steam generators. (Patentedby Richard
... Garthwaite, Robert - 702 14th March 1862 An improved mode or design for
providing extra superior or better accommodation in double tenement houses.
Garton, Charles ...

Requirements Engineering

Author: Elizabeth Hull
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1447137302
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New York, McGraw-Hill. Page-Jones M (1980) The practical guide to structured
systems. Yourdon Press. Perrow C (1984) Normal Accidents. Basic Books.
Petroski H (1982) To Engineer is Human – the Role of Failure in Successful
Design. St Martin's Press. Petroski H (1996) Invention by design: How engineers
get from thought to thing. Harvard University Press. Poots C, Takahashi Ketal (
1994) Inquiry-based Requirements Analysis, IEEE Software 2O7 EELIOGRAPH".
Requirements ...

Doing Engineering

Author: Joyce Tang
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780847694655
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According to the National Council of Engineering Examiners (1973), engineers
are directly involved in every stage of consultation, planning, design, and
evaluation connected to utilities, structures, buildings, machines, equipment,
processes, and defense-related or commercial products. The list of engineering
... Great engineers ... are driven by the desire to improve the human condition,
whatever the tools they use (cited in Petroski's (1996) Invention by Design). The
World according ...

Construct A Glove

Author: Lee Pulis
Publisher: NSTA Press
ISBN: 087355177X
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Invention by Design: How Engineers Get From Thought to Thing. Cambridge, MA:
Harvard University Press. Raizen, S. A., Sellwood, P., Todd, R. D., and M. Vickers
. 1995. Technology Education in the Classroom: Understanding the Designed
World. San Francisco: The National Center for Improving Science Education,
Jossey-Bass Publisher. Renner, J. W., Abraham, M. R., and H. H. Birnie. 1983.
Sequencing Language and Activities in Teaching High School Physics: A Report
to the ...

American Machinist

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Invention by design is a prosaic but eminently practical method of making an
invention. To some people it does not seem to be invention at all, for the reason
that it is accomplished deliberately, in cold blood so to speak, and does not carry
with it the idea of genius and inspiration. It has resulted, however, in producing
most if not all of the automatic machines which have done so much to advance
the position of the United States among manufacturing nations. To design such a
machine ...

Sustainable By Design

Author: Stuart Walker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136555870
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invention. The British academic C. S. Lewis once wrote that it is 'scarcity that
enables a society to exist'.8 With abundance, we do not need to concern
ourselves too much with the notion of society – with the manners and mores of
living alongside others. To a large extent, we can behave as fairly autonomous
individuals. When everyone owns a TV we do not need to form an orderly queue
outside the cinema, or agree to keep quiet during the film. Similarly, we do not
have to cooperate ...

Engineering Quality By Design

Author: Thomas B. Barker
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824782467
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These methods had their roots in the field of agriculture and were developed in
England by Sir Ronald Fisher at the Rothampstead Agricultural station outside of
London. Before such methods were available, trial and error was the main
method of gaining information about a new process or product. Even today, over
a half century since their invention, experimental design methods are not used as
widely as current quality problems might dictate, since very few engineers have
learned ...

Expedition Agroparks

Author: Peter J.A.M. Smeets
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9086867197
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6.2.5 Work process Deltapark is an invention, a multidisciplinary collection of new
technologies from different scientific Wageningen-UR institutes, integrated in one
design, that has never been developed into a value proposition. The KENGi
facilitator Innovation network played a decisive role in the initiation of this
invention, by acting as paying assigner for the various design agencies (Figure
18). But seen from the relationship between the KENGi partners and most of all
between the ...

Fragile By Design

Author: Charles W. Calomiris
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400849926
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chased in a foreign port. Imagine how much easier trade was made, therefore, by
the invention of the bill of exchange, an IOU drawn on a bank to pay the bearer
an amount of specie upon presentation. Imagine, further, how much easier things
got once banks began to act as clearinghouses for bills of exchange: the bills of
all associated banks could simply be reconciled with one another; opposing
debts could be offset against one another, so that very little gold or silver had to
change ...