Invented By Law

Author: Christopher Beauchamp
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674744543
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Christopher Beauchamp debunks the myth of Alexander Graham Bell as the telephone’s sole inventor, exposing that story’s origins in the arguments advanced by Bell’s lawyers during fiercely contested battles for patent monopoly.

In Equity American Bell Telephone Company Et Al Complainants V American Cushman Telephone Company Et Al Defendants

Author: American Bell Telephone Company
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The defendants' commercial instrument furnishes conclusive proof that before
they could get a practically operative magneto telephone they had to make the
permanent magnet long at the same time that they made the electro-magnets
short; and thus they changed the type of construction, and adopted one of the
improvements invented by Alexander Graham Bell, and patented in and by the
fifth and eighth claims of his second patent No. 186,787. Charles R. Cross, 2d
dep., int. 84, pp.

Alexander Graham Bell And The Telephone

Author: Samuel Willard Crompton
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438104324
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Introduces the life and accomplishments of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor most widely known for developing the telephone.

Intellectual Property Law For Engineers And Scientists

Author: Howard B. Rockman
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
ISBN: 9780471449980
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ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL United States Patent No. 174,465 (March 7, 1876).
Bruce, R. V, Bell: Alexander Graham Bell and the Conquest of Solitude, Little,
Brown and Company, Boston, 1973, pp. 157-187, 258-280. United States v. The
American Bell Telephone Company, 128 U.S. 315 (Supreme Court 1888). IEEE
Virtual Muesum, IEEE History Center, Alexander Graham Bell, 1847-1922, 2003, (2003). The World Book

The Economist

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... referring to the chips used in gambling. Indeed, they may not. The likely
outcome is that Wisconsin's Indians will not get their gambling revenues and their
spear-fishing too. Mr Thompson, after all, holds all the best cards. The law on
patents Save the little guy CAMBRIDGE. MASSACHUSETTS
SCHOOLCHILDREN still gape when they learn of the marvels created by
Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and those other Americans who made
people salute "Yankee ingenuity".

Electrical Review

Author: George Worthington
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Philip Rois, Royal E. House, David Hughes, “ And your orator shows to your
Honors that by mesne assignments in writing, in due form made and executed by
the said Bell, and duly recorded in the Patent Office of the United States, the said
Alexander Graham Bell transferred the said letters patent to the American Bell
Telephone Company, No. 174,465, dated March 7, 1876, and also the said
letters patent, No. 186,787, dated Jan. 30, 1877, and each of them, and has
become divested ...

Electrical Engineer

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"The Berliner patent is void, because the process and apparatus therein claimed
were described by Alexander Graham Bell in his patent, No. 174,465, of March 7,
1876, and were a part of Bell's invention disclosed in that patent. ... The testimony
of the American Bell Telephone Company in the previous "telephone cases"
showed that this liquid transmitter of Bell's was, contrary to the popular opinion,
very different from the Gray liquid transmitter, and was in fact, a true microphone,
with ...

Inventions That Changed Modern Life

Author: Lois Markham
Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree
ISBN: 9780811449304
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Bell built a microphone with a membrane that would vary an electric current and
a receiver that would reassemble the variations into recognizable speech. On
March 10, 1876, Bell and his ... Ironically, another American inventor, Elisha Gray
, applied for a telephone patent just two hours after Bell did. However, the U.S.
Supreme Court ... Alexander Graham Bell's father-in-law, Gardiner G. Hubbard,
organized the first Bell Telephone Company. Within a few decades it had merged
with ...

The Bulletin

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BOOKS He changed the world By ROSS CAMPBELL Bell: Alexander Graham
Bell and the conquest of solitude, by Robert V. Bruce. Gollancz, $15.75. THE
WORLD was eager for the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell got a patent for the
invention in 1876 on his 29th birthday. An incident four years later illustrated the
spread of his fame. He was on a train in North Carolina when the conductor said
to him: "Are you the inventor of the telephone, sir?" . Bell replied "Yes." The
conductor ...

The Electrical World

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Now all is changed, and whenever a fire is discovered within a few seconds its
location can be signaled to the central station and back again to the proper
engine house, calling the fire apparatus at once into play. The electrical system is
of the .... It will undoubtedly stir up litigation, but will suffer under the disadvantage
of adverse public sentiment and conditions widely different from those that
enabled Alexander Graham Bell to hold his fundamental claims. There are
various lines of ...