Introduction To Islamic Law

Author: Jonathan G. Burns
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Then, the book thoroughly addresses the secondary duties of Islamic law, which govern daily transactions between individuals, including the law of contracts, property, banking and finance, and familial relations as well as criminal law and ...

The Rule Of Law Freedom Of Expression And Islamic Law

Author: Hossein Esmaeili
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Therefore, many modern legal principles, including international legal principles
relating to human rights, democracy and the rule of law, are universal and may
not be attributed only to the West. Equating religion and law makes the legal
principles of Islam sacred55 and hence, immune from the evaluation and
criticism which is common in modern secular legal systems through parliaments,
the media and academic scholarship. Under traditional Sharia, Allah makes law,
and God is the ...

General Principles Of Law And International Due Process

Author: Charles T. Kotuby, Jr.
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Anglo-American common law have been incorporated into the law of a number of
States through colonialism, whereas the French and Germanic civil law systems
have been influential in Latin America and, to a lesser extent, in parts of Africa,
Asia, and the Middle East. The Egyptian Civil Code of 1948, for example, was a
result of the legislative process of reconciling the principles of Sharia law and the
provisions of European Civil Codes, in particular the French Civil Code.125
Albeit ...

Islamic State Practices International Law And The Threat From Terrorism

Author: Javaid Rehman
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1 The Sources of Sharia and the Ethos of an 'Islamic' Identity INTRODUCTION I
SLAM MEANS 'SUBMISSION' or 'surrender' to the Almighty and the one who
surrenders is called a Muslim.1 Islamic law is often referred to as the Sharia. ...
religious laws, but covers a wide range of secular laws and ordinances.3 These
include areas as diverse as international commercial law, criminal law,
constitutional and administrative law, humanitarian and human rights law.4 The
aspects of Sharia ...

Islamic Law And The Law Of Armed Conflict

Author: Niaz A Shah
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References. Afghanistan (2004) The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of
Afghanistan. Available online at ... Brownlie, I. (2008) Principles of Public
International Law, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cassese, A. (2008)
International Criminal ... Law, London: Ta-Ha Publishers. Dörmann, K., with
contributions by Louise Doswald-Beck and Robert Kolb (2006) Elements of War
Crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press.

Legal Maxims In Islamic Criminal Law Theory And Applications

Author: Luqman Zakariyah
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CHAPTER 1 Introduction An Overview of Islamic Law Concept of Islamic Law The
concept of Islamic Law has not been precisely defined, as some authors use the
term to reference the Sharīʿa while others use it to refer to fiqh (jurisprudence).1
Scholars have explored various approaches in classical and modern literature to
explain the concept of Sharīʿa and its principles. A number of approaches meant
to juxtapose the Sharīʿa and its values with other concepts tend to suggest a ...

Shari A Islamic Law Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

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personal status law, criminal law, commercial law, company law, tax law, labor
and social law, land law, press law, procedural law, commercial arbitration, and
public and private international law, as well as civil, criminal, administrative, and
... The book then explores how the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt has
developed its own approach to interpreting Sharia, one that permits the court to
argue that Sharia principles are consistent with international human rights norms.

Principles Of Islamic International Criminal Law

Author: Farhad Malekian
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This chapter deals with some of the basic principles of Islamic international law
and analyses them with the principles of public international law which have long
been recognised in international relations of states.1 The nature of both systems
of international law is discussed side by side to present both laws simultaneously
and also to emphasize that even though their sources have different bases and ...

The Routledge International Handbook Of Education Religion And Values

Author: James Arthur
Publisher: Routledge
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Freamon, B.K. (2008) 'The emergence of a new Qur'anic hermeneutic: the role
and impact of universities in West and East', in Bearman, P.J., Heinrichs, W.,
Vogel, F.E. and Weiss, B.G. (eds) The law applied: contextualizing the Islamic
Shari'a; a volume in honour of ... Ibrahim, S.H. and Mehemeed, N.b.I. (2003) '
Basic principles of criminal procedure under Islamic Shari'ah', in Abdel Haleem,
M. Sherif, A.O. and Daniels, K. (eds) Criminal justice in Islam: judicial procedure
in the Shari'ah.

The Cia World Factbook 2017

Author: Central Intelligence Agency
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The introduction of the Napoleonic Civil Code during the reign of Napoleon I in
the first decade of the 19th century brought major reforms to the French legal
system, many of which remain part of France's current legal structure, though all
have been extensively amended or redrafted to address a modern nation. French
law distinguishes between “public law” and “private law.” Public law relates to
government, the French Constitution, public administration, and criminal law.
Private law ...