Intellectual Property

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Now that everything seems available at our fingertips via the Internet, the issues surrounding intellectual property and content protection have become even more relevant.

Intellectual Property Law Concentrate

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This guide has been rigorously reviewed and is endorsed by students and lecturers for level of coverage, accuracy, and exam advice.

Landmark Cases In Intellectual Property Law

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... political atmosphere fraught with fragmented visions of patent law.11
Furthermore, the importance of the case was quickly recognised from a
pedagogical point of view. Every student of UK patent law began to study it, often
in great detail, because it quickly made its way into standard intellectual property
textbooks.12 Consequently, in exams it was—and still is—not uncommon for
students to be asked to discuss the legacy of Lord Hoffmann's statement on '
Biogen insufficiency' in the ...

Knowledge Diplomacy

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USTR staff demonstrated the capacity for quick-study, on-the-job learning, and
the organization recruited new staff to contribute to its intellectual property
competency. Trade-Related Intellectual Property Diplomacy within GATT
International law pertaining to patents, trade secrets, copyrights, industrial
designs, and trademarks has been more than a century in the making, owing to a
series of treaties promulgated late in the nineteenth century and amended during
the twentieth century ...

Intellectual Property Law And Policy

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It conducted independent research and study. The report is the group's; it is not
the government's. Although the Copyright Office was represented in this NDIIPP
program in the Library of Congress that was convening the group and supporting
the group and cooperating, there is nothing in this report that is ours. So it is
totally an independent report. III. SECTION 108 STUDY GROUP REPORT I'll
quickly say that the report is massive. It has many recommendations. It is divided
into three ...

Emerging Markets And The World Patent Order

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China has learned lessons the hard way, but has been a quick study. ... 39
Michael Jacobs and Xinzhu Zhang, “China's Approach to Compulsory Licensing
of Intellectual Property Under Its Anti-Monopoly Law”, Competition Policy
International, vol. 6, no. 2, 2010, p.201. 40 Jeffrey Duncan, Michelle Sherwood,
and Yuanlin Shen, “A Comparison Between the Judicial and Administrative
Routes to Enforce Intellectual Property Rights in China”, The John Marshall Law
School Review of ...

Intellectual Property In The Global Marketplace

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The global growth of the Internet presents new challenges to efforts to safeguard
the rights of intellectual property producers. While the issuance of patents may be
facilitated by the new global electronic networks, trademark protections need to
be extended to the Internet, and there are serious issues involving the protection
of copyrighted printed and visual materials, says Bruce Lehman, an assistant
secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the head of its Patent and ...

Intellectual Property Law And Interactive Media

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Under patent law, an inventor must convince the US government, via a detailed
application procedure, that the invention is "new, useful, and non-obvious" to
someone who is skilled in the same art or area of study. American law also
features a number of ways to enforce the rights of intellectual property owners.
Intellectual property disputes are largely resolved through litigation or — if the
parties have otherwise agreed — arbitration. We will study these processes and
come to know ...

China Intellectual Property Law Guide

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Wu Qiong Wu Qiong is a lawyer with Beijing based law firm ZY & Partners, one of
the leading intellectual property law firms in China. Joining the firm in 1999 upon
graduation as Valedictorian from the Law School of the University of International
Business and Economics in Beijing (TUBE), Ms. Wu quickly emerged as a
promising litigation lawyer in the area of intellectual property enforcement.
Recent publications include A Study on Evidence Rules in Process Patent
Infringement ...

The Economic Structure Of Intellectual Property Law

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For when the owner of the wallet discovers its loss he will check in the places he
has visited that day, and the search will quickly lead him back to the supermarket.
The supermarket case illustrates the legal distinction between lost and mislaid
items, “lost” meaning that the owner doesn't realize the property is missing. Not
realizing that, he is unlikely to search for it, and so the law awards lawful
possession of lost property to the finder rather than, as in the case of mislaid
property, to the ...