Industrial Catalysis And Separations

Author: K. V. Raghavan
Publisher: CRC Press
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Around 2000, the topic of green verses sustainable chemistry became a very
prominent subject for the research community to explore new innovations. While
green chemistry focused on the use of chemicals and processes that have little or
no pollution potential, the sustainable chemistry laid stress on maintenance and
continuity of ecological soundness of chemical processes. The Process
Intensification (PI) is one of the most important and rapidly growing concepts
impacting both ...

Management Principles Of Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

Author: Genserik L. L. Reniers
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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The difference between "technological” and “nontechnological” deserves to be
better explained at this point. Technology implies conversion techniques,
separation technologies, microtechnology, catalysis, membrane technology,
process intensification, and so on. Technology is the obvious path of innovation
that leads toward what is called "greener chemistry." In current industrial practice,
to achieve sustainable industrial chemical processes and products, companies, 4
: Sustainable ...

Energy Technology Transitions For Industry

Publisher: Organization for Economic
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Strategies for the Next Industrial Revolution. CO2 intensity. ... New developments
in catalysts, membranes and other separation processes, process intensification
and bio-based chemicals could bring about very substantial energy savings.
Globally ... Policy support for bio-based chemicals and plastics needs to extend
over relatively long periods in order to be successful, with supply security, local
employment, innovation and other features to produce positive side effects.
Designing ...

Porous Polymers

Author: Michael S. Silverstein
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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processes via phase separation have already been optimized at a large cost, so
that one cannot easily deviate very significantly from these without significant
economic penalty. However, the existing processes are quite flexible andstill offer
considerable roomfor innovative adaptation. Important avenues ... Membrane
contactors andthe combinationof membranes with catalysis are beingstudied
intensively and, insomecases,arealready inuse on the industrial scale.
Considering the ...

3rd International Conference On Process Intensification For The Chemical Industry Smaller Cheaper And Safer Production

Author: A. Green
Publisher: Mechanical Engineering Pubns Ltd
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Besides the multidisciplinarity also different actors from different institutions, like
industry, R&D institutes, universities and governmental bodies may contribute to
a successful progress of innovation. 3. ENHANCEMENT OF FINE CHEMICAL
PRODUCTIONS 3.1 Incentives for process innovation in fine chemistry In fine
chemistry a large variety of products is manufactured (pharmaceuticals, flavors
and fragrances, additives, agro-chemicals, photo-chemicals, coatings, catalysts, ...

Chemical Engineering Progress

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Reactions and Separations 22. 23 24 25 Lerou, J. J., el at., "Microfabricaled
Minichemical Systems: Technical Feasibility,'" DECHEMA Monographs , 132.
Frankfurt am Main, pp. 51-69 (1996). Kirner, T., el til.. "Static Micromixers for
Modular Chip Reactor ... "Catalytic Combustion: Current Status and Implications
for Energy Efficiency in the Process Industries," Heat Recovery Systems & CHP,
13 (5). pp. ... Costello, R.C., "Process Intensification: Think Small," Innovation in
Phurma. Techn..

Inorganic Membrane Reactors

Author: Xiaoyao Tan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118672844
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Membrane reactors combine membrane functions such as product separation,
reactant distribution, and catalyst support with chemical reactions in a single unit,
leading to enhanced conversion and/or improved selectivity/yield. ... solutions in
chemical process intensification, membrane reactor technology has attracted
substantial worldwide research and process development efforts in the last 30
years, and the subject is still currently undergoing rapid development and

Chemical Industry India Opportunities Unlimited

Author: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
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Concepts of " Precision Process Technologies" and " Process Intensification"
have been accepted for increased productivity, selectivity and safety. Hundred
per cent selectivity means no by-products. This implies radical changes in the
very concept of chemical manufacture. Our research laboratories will have to
scout for specially designed, organometallic catalysts offering high selectivity and
easy recovery of the precious metal and also catalyst supports with prescribed
properties ...

Re Engineering The Chemical Processing Plant

Author: Andrzej Stankiewicz
Publisher: CRC Press
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Process Intensification Andrzej Stankiewicz, Jacob A. Moulijn. 8.2. ... New
Process Chemistry Roadmap Section: Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) This
roadmap focuses on innovative new process chemistry to support the Process
Science and Engineering Technology and Chemical Synthesis technical areas
within the New ... Feedstock characteristics, catalytic mechanisms, and
downstream processing (e.g., separations) all come into play in developing new
process chemistries.