How To Make A Silencer For A 45

Author: Anonymous
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 9780873648318
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Because it does not produce a sonic "crack," the .45 is an ideal pistol for a silencer. Here is a nuts-and-bolts guide to making your own silencer for the Colt 1911 Government Model .45 and its clones.

Workbench Silencers

Author: George M. Hollenbach
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 1610046773
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Here is a slew of new and interesting improvised silencer designs featuring innovative couplings plus variations on aluminum cans, oil filters, PVC pipe, plumbing devices, water sprinkler pieces and other unique materials.

Destined To Live

Author: Kristin Gilpatrick
Publisher: Badger Books Inc.
ISBN: 9781878569790
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"When I got to Germany, they saw I was a machinist and said 'send that man over
to that hanger where all the German machinists are and tell him to take charge.' "
So I went over and there was this guy sitting at a bench with a German Lugar. I
asked him what he was making. He was making silencers for guns, so I asked if
he could make a silencer for a .45mm. That night I told the C.O. about it. He gave
me his 45 and had me get one made for it. I had it back the next day about 3 p.m.

Die F Nfte Welle

Author: Rick Yancey
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641120152
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Eigentlich weiß sie, dass sie ihm nicht vertrauen sollte. Doch sie geht das Risiko ein und findet schon bald heraus, welche Grausamkeit die fünfte Welle für sie bereithält .

Kiss The Girls And Make Them Cry

Author: Brittani Williams
Publisher: Urban Books
ISBN: 1622866363
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box was a 9 mm with attached silencer, .380s, .40, .45, .357s, .38s, and boxes of
ammo. While Troy was negotiating a price for the large shipment of guns, Roscoe
gave Damon a sneaky wink. “So what do you want for the whole box?” Roscoe
asked. “That's seventy-five handguns and boxes of bullets,” Troy said. “How
much, man?” Roscoe asked again. “Give me $200 for each gun. Now, that's a
deal. That's only $15,000. You'll double that on the streets.” “What's up with those
silencers ...

Wie Navy Seals Dem Tod Entrinnen

Author: Clint Emerson
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 3959712480
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Clint Emerson hat in seinem Bestseller die 100 wichtigsten Techniken zusammengestellt, die bei allen nur denkbaren Bedrohungsszenarien sicherstellen, dass man ungeschoren davonkommt, z.B.: ·Wie Sie einen Amoklauf überleben ·Wie Sie einen ...

Mission Erf Llt

Author: Mark Owen
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641103444
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Was genau der US-Präsident und seine Berater sahen, ist ein streng gehütetes Geheimnis. Einzig und allein die Männer, die den Auftrag ausführten, wissen, was in Pakistan wirklich geschah. Mark Owen ist einer von ihnen.

100 Deadly Skills

Author: Clint Emerson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147679605X
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Make. a. Water. Bottle. Silencer. Gunfire's two biggest giveaways are sparks and
sound: an extremely loud bang as the gunpowder inside the bullet's cartridge is
ignited, along with the resulting flash. But paired with subsonic bullets from a .22-
caliber or .45-caliber pistol, an improvised silencer can eliminate both. Though
some states restrict or outright ban the purchase of silencers and suppressors, a
viable alternative can be made from a plastic water bottle, a square of fine wire
mesh, ...


Author: Federico Garavelli
ISBN: 130018261X
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He went to the shower, turned it on, and quickly got to work grooming himself for
his first day on the job. There were only 45 minutes until he was supposed to
meet Frank and Larry in front of Lisa's building, and he hadn't even packed yet.
Fortunately, he packed with the speed of a frightened refugee and had no qualms
about wearing dirty underwear. As he scrubbed, Lisa addressed him from the
bathroom door. “I'm using your cell phone to tell Tina I can't make it to lunch today

Hood Stories

Author: Black Male
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450216862
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I told him not to carry that shit on him, Big Buck told 3D if Eddie make it out of this,
not to come back to his house. 3D said aiight and hung up, He told Koran and
Crazy Joe what happened. Joe said I knew it was gonna happen one day, He's
gone now because if you get caught with an unregistered gun, That's five years.
3D said back to business, Let me show y'all these guns. He opened the bag, He
had .25's, .38's, One .380 with an silencer on it, .9 Millimeter's, two .45's, And the
two ...