You Re A Keeper

Author: Virgil Stokes
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We arrived at the hospital to find a real crowd surrounding Grandpa. He had just
come from a biopsy for which they had sedated him, and he was ... They didn't
see why a man like Grandpa could possibly need to talk to a preacher. They
informed us that he couldn't be awakened. I asked if I could pray for him, which
they agreed to allow. As I stood over the bed, careful not to touch him, I began to
softly pray. Immediately the old gentleman's eyes popped wide open. He looked
at me and ...

Prayers For The People

Author: James Archibald Jones
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Not that I believe in turning public prayer into a kind of sermonette or in using
prayer to inform God that he listens to people pray. You probably listen to yourself
preach, as I listen to myself. While it is important to know what we are going to
preach ... It is a 300-bed hospital and she can't get attention from the nurses, and
she doesn't get much attention from her doctor, and we just want to be sure that
you are aware that she is here." What an insult to the Great Shepherd who calls
his own ...

A Time For Listening And Caring

Author: Christina M. Puchalski
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195146820
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"Excuseme, doctor, but would you please turn off the equipment in Bed 10? ...
Wilson, a respected minister in a large urban congregation, had been in the
hospital a number of times, and when another member of his congregation had
called to say that Shanelle was notexpected to live out the day, he went
immediately tolend ... Wilson and the Pediatric Chaplain, the Pediatric Intensivist
compassionately informed everyone that despite all his best efforts, Shanelle had
regretfully died.

Richard John Neuhaus

Author: Randy Boyagoda
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0307953971
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But neither Ella nor any of the children could avoid the doctor's conclusive
assessment: Clem was confined to his hospital bed, and in early February his
doctor informed Mim that he didn't have more than a couple of weeks, and it
would be right for the children to say good-bye ... “Just listen to me,” Richard
declared, dismissing Mim's report so ... Was Richard still upset that Clem had
commanded him to submit all sermons in advance if he ever wanted to preach at
Clem's church again?

Buddhist Sermons

Author: Ernest Hunt
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I have been visiting the hospital for tubercular patients for many years holding
bed-side services. One patient, in ... He informed me that the young lady might
pass away at any time but gave her a week at the outside. ... If we study the
Teaching, come to the temple, place ourselves in an atmosphere where
vibrations of love and devotion are present, place ourselves, so to speak at the
feet of the Lord Buddha, listen to the sermon, we shall soon come to know Him
and have faith in Him.

The Trained Nurse And Hospital Review

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When I asked for a bowl, or tub, or pan. to wash the baby in, I was given a wash-
bowl very greasy inside, but so thick with grease and dirt outside that it looked
like a badly smoked camp-kettle, and twelve-year-old Victoria informed me that "
the water ... After listening to his conversation that afternoon, I could think of few
worse punishments than that of having to listen to him preach. ... A nurse just
leaving the hospital would probably receive some very severe shocks in doing
this work.

Jerusalem Curiosities

Author: Abraham Ezra Millgram
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
ISBN: 9780827603585
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Much pleased with the attention of his hearers, and trusting that they had
received some spiritual benefit, the preacher prepared to depart, when the whole
congregation crowded around him demanding bakhshish, "for," said they, "we
have come hither and listened to you. ... I stopped, washed and bound up his
wounds as well as I could, and then placing him on my horse, walked slowly by
his side, accompanied by his brother, to the Latin Hospital in the town, and
placed him in bed.


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Forty minutes might cover it for an ordinary guest, but Zack figured Sarah would
take close to sixty for the preacher. He estimated that, with luck, he could live an
hour and ten minutes more without- rum. But over on the woodbox, old Jeff
Coongate looked as if he couldn't hold out, that death by thirst would claim him
before Sarah got Jonas out of the vet- erans' hospital. Sarah had progressed as
far as Jonas's second operation, and the preacher was listening in an attitude of
deep ...

The Church Missionary Review

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Dr. Pennell says :— In the wards of the mission-hospital may be seen
representatives of all the frontier tribes chatting fraternally together, who as likely
as not would be lying in ambush for one another if they were a few miles off
across the frontier. ... Dr. Penncll, while on an itineration, was informed by some
Pathnns he might save himself the trouble of going in a certain direction, as an
influential mullah had warned the people there not to accept treatment or listen to
the preaching.