Contract Law

Author: Roger Brownsword
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199287611
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In this unique volume, Roger Brownsword provides a thoughtful overview of the principal themes of the law of contract.

The Hart Fuller Debate In The Twenty First Century

Author: Peter Cane
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 184731757X
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Other Harvard scholars whose Storrs lectures retain a place in the canon of
twentieth century legal scholarship include Roscoe Pound (Introduction to the
Philosophy of Law) and Benjamin Cardozo (Nature of the Judicial Process); see
Sutherland, n 36 above, at 305. ... The enduring legacy of Fuller's contracts
scholarship is also discussed in Karl Klare, 'Contracts Jurisprudence and the
FirstYear Casebook' (1979) 54 New York University Law Review 876, 877 fn 3
and 881–6. 49 The ...

Women And The Law Stories

Author: Elizabeth Schneider
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 1628106921
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American Law. She has edited or co-edited many books including Government
by Contract; Just Schools: Pursuing Equality in Societies of Difference; Breaking
Cycles of Hatred: Memory, Law and Repair; Imagine Co–Existence: Restoring
Humanity After Ethnic Conflict; Law Stories; Family Matters; Civil Procedure:
Doctrine, Practice and Context; Women and the Law; Narrative Violence and the
Law; and The Essays of Robert M. Cover. Her latest book is In Brown's Wake:
Legacies of ...

Human Rights Education For The Twenty First Century

Author: George J. Andreopoulos
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812216073
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The content of the law is normally taught through the case method; students read
and discuss real case decisions by appellate courts. This Socratic -casebook
method permeates all three years of law school instruction, but is particularly
dominant during the first year, where standard texts and course offerings are
remarkably uniform in all U.S. law schools. More than 90 percent of all law
schools require first-year students to take courses in contracts, torts, propertv,
criminal law ...

Reason In Law

Author: Lief H. Carter
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022632821X
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We conclude by returning to the underlying process by which AngloAmerican
common law first developed, a process akin to the way the rules of soccer also
emerged during roughly the same period in England. There is ... of deciding
which nation's contract law should govern. Indeed, such ... In the twenty-first
century the practices of international trade dispute settlement are just now being
incorporated into handbooks and casebooks to guide future practitioners.40 39.
Many state ...

The Impact Of Globalization On The United States 3 Volumes

Author: Michelle Bertho
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313083193
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Indeed, a leading constitutional law casebook devotes a mere nineteen out of
sixteen hundred pages to the constitutional law of foreign affairs; Geoffrey R.
Stone et al., Constitutional Law, 2nd ed. (Boston : Little ... Some of the ideas and
issues raised here will be developed in a forthcoming book by the authors under
contract with Yale University Press tentatively entitled Globalization, American
Sovereignty, and the U.S. Constitution: A Constitution for the 21st Century. 3. The
most ...

Understanding China S Legal System

Author: C. Stephen Hsu
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814736531
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Graham Brown, "Teaching Common Law in China," paper presented at the
International Law School Deans' Conference on Legal Education for the 21st
Century, held May 1999 in Beijing. 198. Tsinghua's law school was formally
reestablished in August 1995. "Ts- inghua University Law School," 1998
brochure, 3. From 1928 until 1935 Tsinghua University included a law school; it
was closed by the Nationalist government's Ministry of Education but then revived
for a few years ...

The Aals Directory Of Law Teachers

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Subjects: Boards of Directors, (S); Corporate Finance: Corporations. Ownership
and Control: Rethinking Corporate Governance for the Twenty-First Century,
1995, Employees and Corporate Governance (with M. Roe), 1999; The New
Relationship: Human Captial in the American Corporation (with T. Kochan), 2000
; Unseen Wealth: Report of the Brookings Task Force on Intangibles (with S.
Wallman), 2001. Member: Am. Econ. Ass'n, Am. Law & Econ. Assn. Corp.
Performance Coun.

The 21st Century Constitution

Author: Barry Krusch
Publisher: Barry Krusch
ISBN: 0962098108
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When laws are codified in statutes, you simply go to the statute book, where you
read that “contractual clauses limiting the liability of landlords for their negligent
acts are prohibited.” With the common law, on the other hand, to find out what the
law is you must read cases. When you go to the casebooks, you often find two
conflicting “lines” of cases; one line which holds that such clauses are prohibited,
and another which allows their use.342 If you are about to sign a contract with a ...