Gilbert Law Summaries On Civil Procedure 17th

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Presence of Defendant's Property in Forum [§61] Quasi in rem and in rem
jurisdiction have been curtailed since Harris v. Balk, supra, §14. Nevertheless,
the presence of the defendant's property in the jurisdiction often may suffice to
make jurisdiction constitutional, but ordinarily only because it establishes a
relevant contact between the defendant and the forum. a. Location of property (1)
(2) Tangible property [§62] Tangible property (e.g., real estate, chattels) is located
in a state if it is ...

Gilbert Law Summaries On Taxation Of Individuals 21st

Author: Steven Bank
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[See I.R.C. §167(g)—giving detailed rules and requiring that taxpayer estimate
revenue from all markets for 10 years] (2) Property having unlimited useful life [§
458] Assets other than intangibles that do not wear out (e.g., works of art and land
) cannot be depreciated. Thus, when a building is purchased, it is necessary to
allocate the cost between the building and the land on which it is built, since only
the building is depreciable. (a) But note The courts have allowed musicians to ...

Gilbert Law Summaries

Author: Jesse Dukeminier
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Sally Forth devises lakefront property to her daughter Marian Haste and Marian's
husband Art Fuldodger, as tenants by the entirety. Thereafter Art accumulates
substantial debts. Can Art's creditors reach the lakefront property to satisfy the
debts? 35. Nina Diamonds and Jack O'Hartz purchase several hundred acres of
farmland as tenants in common. Nina remains in the city and conducts her law
practice while Jack moves onto the land, cultivates it, and produces a crop which
he sells.

Gilbert Law Summaries

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Property. b. Is Nina entitled to one-half the fair rental value of the farm? c. Would
your answer to b. be different if Jack had rented the land to Ace, who farmed it
and paid $100 rent to Jack? d. Suppose Jack discovers a uranium deposit under
the farm, whereupon he excavates the ore and sells it. Is he liable to ... The
jurisdiction has common law dower. a. Does Tricia ... Suppose Dannielle decides
to terminate Eliza's lease and on April 17th notifies Eliza to quit the premises on
May 17th.

Gilbert Law Summaries On Remedies 11th

Author: John Bauman
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 163459147X
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Resolution—equity can act “in personam, but not in rem” [§109] Among other
issues, the practice of issuing injunctions against the enforcement of common law
judgments obtained (at least in the opinion of the Chancellor) by inequitable
means brought matters to a head in the famous dispute between Lord Coke and
Chancellor Ellesmere in the early 17th century. A commission was appointed,
headed by Lord Bacon, resolving the issue more or less in favor of equity, the
principle ...

Ulrich S International Periodicals Directory

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$16.95. Harcourt Brace legal & Professional Publications, Inc., 176 W. Adams,
Ste. 2100, Chicago, IL 60603. TEL312-853-3622. 340 US GILBERT LAW
SUMMARIES FUTURE INTERESTS irreg, 3rd ed., 1982. $10.95. Harcourt Brace
Legal & Professional Publications, Inc., 176 W. Adams, Ste. 2100, Chicago, IL
60603. TEL312-853-3662. 340 US GILBERT LAW SUMMARIES INCOMETAx 1 (
INDIVIDUAL). irreg, 17th ed., 1990, $17.95. Harcourt Brace Legal & Professional
Publications, ...

Bowker S Law Books And Serials In Print

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Formerly (until 1995): Georgia State Bar Journal (ISSN 0016-8416) Description:
Discusses legal issues pertaining to the Georgia Bar and law practice in the state
of Georgia. Refereed Serial .... 2100, Chicago, IL 60603. TEL 312-853-3662. 340
1990. $17.95. Harcourt Brace Legal & Professional Publications, Inc., 176 W.
Adams St.. Ste. 2100. Chicago. ... PERSONAL PROPERTY irreg., 6th ed.. 1980.