Fundamentals Of Title Insurance

Author: Gosdin James L 1951
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A broad yet thorough overview, this book explains the basic elements of title insurance and gives attorneys and real estate professionals the practical knowledge and tools to counsel and protect their clients.

The Fundamentals Of Listing And Selling Commercial Real Estate

Author: Loren K. Keim
Publisher: Loren Keim
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A title insurance company conducts a process called a title search to examine the
deeds or title to the property. Title searches also check with any government
office or recording office where liens may be filed against the property including
tax liens, mortgages, judgments, easements or any other encumbrance. Typical
offices investigated include the local Courthouse, the Recorder of Deeds Office,
the Prothonotary's Office, with all taxing authorities and anywhere else a lien or
defect in ...

Fundamentals Of Property Law

Author: Barlow Burke Jr.
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title commitment, which is also called a title binder. The commitment is an offer to
issue a title insurance policy on the terms set forth in the commitment. The
commitment describes the current state of title to the land and the exceptions to
coverage that will be included in the insurance policy. Some exceptions are
unique to the property, such as outstanding mortgages, easements, and other
title encumbrances. Other exceptions are boilerplate, such as the possibility of a
subsequently ...

Washington Real Estate Fundamentals

Author: Kathryn J. Haupt
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A deed that is outside the chain of title is called a wild deed. The general rule is
that a subsequent purchaser is not held to have constructive notice of a wild deed
. In the example, Cooper's title is unprotected against subsequent good faith
purchasers. Suppose Atwood were to fraudulently sell the same property to
another person, Dunn. A court could rule that Dunn has good title to the property,
not Cooper. Title Insurance Given the complexity of real property law and the
high cost of ...

Attorney S Guide To Business And Finance Fundamentals

Author: Robert W. Hamilton
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In smaller communities, a leading real estate lawyer may also own and operate a
title company. To obtain a current and accurate picture of the title of a tract without
incurring excessive search costs, one must use the services of a title company
that updates its records daily to reflect all documents filed in the public land
records. In most communities, title insurance is provided (written) by private
companies that assume the risk that there may be a defect in (cloud on) the title to
a property.

Real Estate Fundamentals

Author: Wade E. Gaddy
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate
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Under the contract, the title insurance company provides for the defense of the
title at its own expense, as well as for the payment of any claims against the
property if the title proves to be defective. This is subject, of course, to the
conditions and stipulations of the policy itself. Like any other contract of insurance
, a title insurance policy contains the names of the insured parties and the
consideration (the premium, which is paid once for the life of the policy). The
maximum loss for which ...

Casenote Legal Briefs For Property Rabin Kwall Kwall And Arnold Fundamentals Of Modern Property Law

Author: Casenote Legal Briefs
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A title insurance company is obligated to protect the insured against defects in
title but not against loss arising from physical damage to property. Title insurance
covers title marketability, which relates to defects affecting legally recognized
rights and incidents of ownership. Title insurance does not cover market value. It
is possible to hold perfectly marketable title to valueless, unmarketable land.
Here, the presence of hazardous material may affect the market value of Lick
Mill's (P) land, ...

Fundamentals Of Accounting Course 1

Author: Claudia B. Gilbertson
Publisher: Cengage Learning
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Adjusting Entry for Prepaid Insurance 3 4 ACCOUNT TITLE ADJUSTMENTS
DEBIT CREDIT 6 Prepaid Insurance (b) 15000 17 Insurance Expense (b) 15000
GENERAL DEBIT CREDIT 1 Adjusting Entries Debit 220--Jan. 31 Supplies
Expense 5 3 0 00 3 Supplies 5 3 0 00 4 31 Insurance Expense 1 5 0 00 5
Prepaid Insurance 1 5 0 00 Credit The information needed to journalize the
adjusting entry for prepaid ...