Transnational Inquiries And The Protection Of Fundamental Rights In Criminal Proceedings

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The Spanish courts can also encounter problems when the referring States
request that cooperation be executed subject to specific formalities, required by
lex fori, that are incompatible with Spanish due process, or are coercivezo: in
these cases, supranational laws allow States to refuse the request if they
consider that the formalities are not compatible with the fundamental principles of
Spanish law. On the same subject, excessively inflexible attitudes should be
avoided when ...

The Convergence Of The Fundamental Rights Protection In Europe

Author: Rainer Arnold
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moreover, by their title and purpose are clearly intended to regulate fundamental
rights? Or are we supposed to understand it in a material sense, including any
rule of international law that has any reference to fundamental rights? The
Spanish Constitutional Court has opted for a 'material' orientation. Thus, for
example, in its resolutions, it has used not only Conventions by the UN (such as
the Convention against torture – STC 120/1990, LG 9 – or on the elimination of
discrimination ...

Spanish Yearbook Of International Law

Author: Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales
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Hence, as the cited ATC 795/1988 of 20 July makes clear, the violation of a
fundamental right therefore “. . . has its origin in the enforcement, although the
violation that may have been constituted by that foreign judgment – which, we
repeat, will be such only from the internal point of view of the lex fori and only
insofar as it is recognised and enforcement authorised will it become real and
effective, as it is projected or reflected in the Spanish judicial decision granting
the exequatur.

Making The Charter Of Fundamental Rights A Living Instrument

Author: Giuseppe Palmisano
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Otherwise formulated: Has the EU Charter contributed to the real protection of the
fundamental rights of the persons living in the territory of the EU? Is the EU
Charter more than a formal instrument conceived for the “glory” of its drafters and
appreciated by academicians as a new “product” for doing research? If the
answer to these questions comes from a Spanish point of view, the truth is that
the “Spanish” drafters of the Convention appeared very proud of being able to
have an ...

The Spanish Army In The Peninsular War

Author: Charles J. Esdaile
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Both during and after the War of Independence, the view of the uprising as the
spontaneous work of the Spanish people was reinforced by the Spaniards
themselves. Such an explanation was convenient for both sides of the Spanish
political divide. Just as conservatives could argue that the rising was a
reaffirmation of fundamental Spanish values in defiance of the alien and
subversive ideals of the French-inspired Enlightenment, so liberals could claim
that it symbolised the ...

The Art Of Teaching Spanish

Author: Rafael Salaberry
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Fundamental. Role. of. Input. Bill. VanPatten. University. of. Illinois-Chicago.
Michael Leeser Florida State University How do second language learners
construct linguistic systems? This question has been the central concern of L2
research since its contemporary inception (e.g., Corder 1969; Dulay and Burt
1974). For almost forty years we have seen a number of theories address this
question. In the early days, creative construction (Dulay, Burt, and Krashen 1982)
and the monitor ...


Author: Richard Gillespie
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For Spain, the importance of a technically sound management of the accession
negotiations, on the basis of clearly defined benchmarks, has been paramount.
Such a position is based on the notion that there are important hurdles to
overcome in the process of enlargement which are linked both to the candidates'
interests as well as to the often contradictory interests of the current members. If
the negotiation process is carried out in such a way that fundamental Spanish
interests are ...