Football And The Boundaries Of History

Author: Brenda Elsey
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349950068
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The essays in this volume use football to create a dialogue between history and other disciplines, including art criticism, philosophy, and political science.

Myths And Milestones In The History Of Sport

Author: S. Wagg
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230320813
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Sporting Pedagogies: Performing Culture and Identity in the Global Arena (New
York: PeterLang, 2005); Cameron McCarthy, Michael Giardina, JinKyung Studies
Critical Park andSusan Harewood. ... Young, 'Twoworld wars,3–4; although
compare with Chas Critcher, 'England and the world cup: world cup Willis,
English football andthe myth of 1966', in Hosts and Champions: Soccer Cultures,
National Identities and theUSA World Cup, edsJohn Sugden and Alan Tomlinson

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
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Another aspect (one that has rarely if ever been examined) of the negotiation of
treatment is also considered-the promotion of "sensible risks" by clinicians to
injured athletes. 1 Figure, 41 References. Adapted from the source document.
SA13750 Sorek, Tamir (Dept Sociology & Anthropology, Bar-Dan U, Ramat Gan,
Israel), Arab Football in Israel as an 'Integrative Enclave', Ethnic and Racial
Studies, 2003, 26, 3, May, 422-450. 1 Over the last two decades, football (soccer)
has become ...

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica Macropaedia Knowledge In Depth

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lory of Prize-Fighting (1988). Nationalistic gymnastics in eastern Europe are
covered in diethelm blecking (ed.), Die slawische Sokolbewegung (1991).
christian bromberger, Le Match de Football (1995), is an anthropological study of
French and Italian soccer spectators, eric dunning, Patrick murphy, and JOHN
Williams, The Roots of Football Hooliganism: An Historical and Sociological
Study (1988), focuses on British soccer spectators, eric dunning and Kenneth
sheard, Barbarians, ...

Racism And Xenophobia In European Football

Author: Udo Merkel
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag
ISBN: 9783891243435
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football in Marseille and Turin' (with Christian Bromberger), in S. Redhead, The
Passion and the Fashion — Football Fandom in the New Europe (1993). Matthias
... His academic and research interests are the Sociology of Sport and Leisure,
Comparative (European) Studies and Football. Most recently he has ... His
academic and research interests are in the application of a critical sociology and
social history of consumption to the study of sport and leisure cultures. He is co-
editor ...

Ireland Beyond Boundaries

Author: Liam Harte
Publisher: Pluto Press
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Violence and Community in Cork 1916-1923 (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
Harte, L. (1997) 'A Kind of Scab: Irish Identity in the Writings of Dermot Bolger and
Joseph O'Connor', Irish Studies Review, 20, pp. ... (Oxford: Clarendon Press)
Horgan, J. (2001) Irish Media: A Critical History Since 1922 (London: Routledge)
Houston, C. J. and Smyth, W. J. (1980) The Sash Canada Wore: A Historical
Geography of the Orange Order in Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press)
Houston, ...

The International Journal Of African Historical Studies

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The compound manager at the Roan Antelope Mine in 1932 bemoaned the mine
workers' lack of enthusiasm for the soccer and drill teams organized by the mine
management to occupy employees in their non-work hours. The manager
showed particular irritation at the failure of the African workers to recognize "
leisure" when they saw or experienced it: "They have the idea," he wrote, "that
whatever is required of them, whether it be an exhibition of Physical Drill or a
game of football, ...

Peterson S Four Year Colleges

ISBN: 9780768925449
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The College offers Seven intercollegiate sports for men (baseball, basketball,
cross-country, football, soccer, tennis, and track) and eight intercollegiate sports
for women (basketball, cross-country, field hockey, soccer, tennis, track, and
volleyball). ... chemistry, comparative languages and linguistics, computer
science, economics, education, English, environmental programs, French,
geosciences, German, history, human development and social relations,
international studies ...

Middle East Report

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Undeterred, the young fan kisses the guard's face and resumes his rabble
rousing. Football Iranian Style shows how the game that the world calls football is
integral to the construction of urban culture in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The
stadium — Azadi means freedom in Farsi — has become a rare social space
where Iranian youth can transcend boundaries of authority and express
themselves with relative lack of inhibition. Under the spell of football, complex
ideological, political and ...

Sport And Postcolonialism

Author: John Bale
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781859735442
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Journal of Sports History Vol. 11, No. 1: 120-33. Stuart, O. (1995) 'The Lions Stir:
Football in African Society', in S. Wagg (ed.) Giving the Game Away: Football,
Politics and Culture on Five Continents, Leicester: Leicester University Press.
Sugden, J. (1994) 'USA and the World Cup: American Nativism and the Rejection
of the People's Game', in J. Sugden and A. Tomlinson (eds), Hosts and
Champions: Soccer Cultures, National Identities and the USA World Cup,
Aldershot: Ashgate ...