Author: Mary Oliver
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 9780807068984
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A new collection of forty-six works features deep explorations of such themes as the mysteries of life, love, and death, in a volume that investigates clues that can be found in the natural world and offers insight into the writer's use of ...

Against The Evidence

Author: David Ignatow
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN: 0819572586
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Where his previous collections have been organized thematically, Ignatow here arranges his poems “according to the decade in which they were written…returning each to its chronological order.” Against the Evidence charts the evolution ...

An Essay On The Evidence External And Internal Relating To The Poems Attributed To Thomas Rowley And Others In The Fifteenth Century

Author: Thomas James Mathias
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I men* tion this, as the present Question is of little moment to the world at large ;
but if it deserves any investigation at all, it deserves such an one, as may enable
an enquirer to form his own judgment upon it, to feature forth distinctly his own
conceptions, and institute a just comparison of such evidence,' as the nature of
the subject will permit, wherever it may tend. As these Poems came to light by
means of Thomas Chatterton, either as author or copier, (for I deem it impossible
to argue ...

In Evidence

Author: Barbara Helfgott Hyett
Publisher: Univ of Pittsburgh Pr
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Poems describe the thoughts and emotions of the allied troops as they freed Nazi concentration camp prisoners and witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust

An Essay On The Evidence Relating To The Poems Attributed To Thomas Rowley Containing A General View Of The Whole Controversy

Author: Thomas James Mathias
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But no rational enquirer expects thsse same kind of evidence in every subject.
The mathematician glories that inconq 'trovertible science is his pursuit, and
stands on a bafis which cannot be shaken. The natural Philosopher is convinced
of the certainty of the conclusions he makes, when drawn from his own
experiments, yet scruples not to admit the testimony of credible men for the truth
of many others, which it is impossible or inconvenient for him to repeat himself,
and on which he ...

An Essay On The Evidence External And Internal Relating To The Poems Attributed To Thomas Rowley

Author: Thomas James Mathias
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Here is a specisic Impostor, one of the first Poets, (I mean* upon the supposition
of his being the Author of Rowley's Poems) that any age ever knew, who did not
reach his eighteenth year ere he expired,' a boy of acknowledged vanity, 'yet
refusing to gratify it in an honourable manner, and eagerly grasping at it when
scarce worth the having; constantly denying, except in the single instance of the
first Part of the Battle of Hastings, the fact where* with he is now charged, and that
,- wtth> ...

Evidence Of Red

Author: LeAnne Howe
Publisher: Salt Pub
Size: 41.77 MB
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Winner Of The 2006 Oklahoma Book Awards Evidence of Red: Prose and Poems rails against lost lands and lovers, heralds death and mad warriors, and celebrates a doomed love affair between Hollywood’s invented characters: “Noble Savage” ...

Evidence Of The Journey

Author: Ralph Sneeden
Publisher: Harmon Blunt Pub
ISBN: 9780979000515
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This rich collection of poems explores family history, personal narrative, and man's relationship to the natural world with an exacting eye and curious, searching spirit.


Author: Sir Henry Wotton
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It is now time to sum up the evidence which has been brought together, by
making it the basis of a new classification of Raleigh's reputed poems. I have
hitherto examined them in the order presented by his editors: and any attempt to
make a better arrangement must necessarily be defective, as I cannot suppose
that all the evidence has been exhausted. But the enquiry has been already
pursued to a much greater extent than I intended; and it would therefore be
improper to stop short ...