Author: F. W. Maitland
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521176507
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The lectures given in Cambridge between 1888 and 1906 by the Downing Professor of the Laws of England, F. W. Maitland.

The Forms Of Action At Common Law

Author: Frederic William Maitland
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521091855
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This study looks at the forms of action and how they are a part of the structure upon which rests the whole common law of England.

A Catalogue Of The Law Collection At New York University

Author: Julius J. Marke
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1886363919
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Besides the table of cases and the index, the book includes tables of treatises
and law review articles cited. Of course, its size does not encourage extensive
references in the footnotes to either cases or law reviews. Zechariah Oliaiee, Jr.
Sarv. L. Rev. 50: 547-548. MAITLAND, FREDERIC W. Equity, also, the forms of
action at common law; two courses of lectures . . . ed. by A. H. Chaytor . . . and
W. J. Whittaker. Cambridge [Eng.], 1909. 412p. That rare combination of profound
learning ...

Fault Lines In Equity

Author: Jamie Glister
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847319432
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... Gummow & Lehane's Equity: Doctrine and Remedies, 4th edn (Chatswood,
Butterworths LexisNexis, 2002); Hospital Products Ltd v United States Surgical
Corporation (1984) 156 CLR 41 (HCA) 69 (Gibbs CJ), 141–42 (Dawson J); White
v Jones [1995] 2 AC 207 (HL)271–73 (Lord Browne-Wilkinson); Breen v Williams
(1996) 186 CLR 71 (HCA) 93 (Dawson and Toohey JJ); F Maitland, Equity: A
Course of Lectures, rev edn (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1936) 42–

An Essay In A Course Of Lectures On Abstracts Of Title

Author: Richard Preston
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proceedings in courts of equity ; and that courts of equity would not probably be
considered as affected by it, otherwise than as courts had been considered as
affected by the English act, that is, it would be considered as affecting equitable
titles, and equitable titles by analogy to it. " There are certain principles on which
courts of equity act, which are very well settled. The cases which occur are
various, but they are decided on fixed principles ; courts of equity have, in this
respect, ...

Faith And Order

Author: Harold J. Berman
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802848529
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4 MEDIEVAL ENGLISH EQUITY' quity is probably the most mysterious character
in the detective story ii of English legal history. ... The "facts" of equity are at our
disposal, but no one has been able to give a satisfactory explanation of those
facts. Maitland ... Plucknett, London School of Economics, February 1939 1 F W.
Maitland, Equity A Course of Lectures (Cambridge, 1936), 1 2 John Selden,
Seldenia, or, The Table Talk of John Selden, Esq (London, 1789), 45 (
modernized spelling) ...

The Legal Observer Or Journal Of Jurisprudence

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It is manifest, therefore, that a well considered course of lectures cannot fail to
assist the student in his progress. In London, the plan appears to be very well
arranged. At the King's College, and University College, the lectures are
generally of an elementary character, suited to the student on his first entering on
his career ; whilst at the Incorporated Law Society, the several courses of lectures
on Conveyancing, Equity and Bankruptcy, Common Law, and Criminal Law, are
evidently ...