Eminent Domain

Author: Iljoong Kim
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107177294
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A collection of essays that examines the use and abuse of eminent domain across the world.

Private Property Community Development And Eminent Domain

Author: Robin Paul Malloy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317075668
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Lancaster Redevelopment Agency, where land to be acquired by eminent
domain at $3.8 million would have been resold for $1.60While Poletown was
recently overruled,61 and the taking in 99 Cents Only was enjoined by the courts,
the interesting point from a comparative perspective is that both cases turned on
the scope of the public use requirement.62 By contrast, in England, the legitimacy
of this kind of taking would be framed differently, as explained in the next section.


Author: Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.). School of Law
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Land Rights And Expropriation In Ethiopia

Author: Daniel W. Ambaye
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319146394
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Control over the use and abuse of eminent domain in England: A comparative
view. In R. P. Malloy (Ed.) Private property, community development, and eminent
domain. Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing Limited. Alterman, R. (2011). Regulatory
takings and the role of comparative research. In R. Alterman (Ed.) Takings
international: A comparative perspective on land use regulations and
compensation rights. Chicago: American Bar Association. Alvarez, F. (1970).
Narrative of the ...

Takings International

Author: R. Alterman
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781604425505
Size: 19.33 MB
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This book is the first large-scale effort devoted to this controversial issue, providing a vast platform of comparative knowledge on direct, indirect, categorical, and partial takings.

Land Law In Comparative Perspective

Author: International Association of Legal Science. Colloquium
ISBN: 9789041118790
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Litigation in this area was finally resolved with the Water Act 1866, quoted from
then on by the Heredamientos every time they had to protect their private
property rights over the exploitation of public waters.30 This law revoked the
property rights over waters whose eminent domain belonged to the Crown and
now to the Nation-State; all emphyteuticary royalties for the right to exploit these
waters were eliminated and the immemorial possession of those rights was
turned into full private ...

Value And Virtue In Public Administration

Author: Michiel S. de Vries
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230353886
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A Comparative Perspective Michiel S. de Vries, P. Kim ... Such an understanding,
however, presumes an understanding ofsovereign functions, including eminent
domain, elections, zoning,incarceration, taxation, and conscription. ... Although
they are under noillusion thatgovernment will assume responsibility for this
process aslongas the market perspective dominates, Gilmour and Jensen (1998)
pointout that market considerationsare notthe only concerns being voicedabout ...

Legal Impediments To Effective Rural Land Relations In Eastern Europe And Central Asia

Author: Roy L. Prosterman
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821345016
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A Comparative Perspective Roy L. Prosterman, Timothy M. Hanstad. Chapter. 11.
Compulsory. Acquisition. by. Brian. Schwarzwalder. I. Introduction The doctrine of
compulsory acquisition reflects the rationale that the public's interest in land may
be paramount to the interests of private landowners. Every nation has retained
the power of eminent domain — the right to acquire a specific piece of land from
its owner or owners. As a check against this extraordinary power, however, most

State And Administration In Japan And Germany

Author: Michio Muramatsu
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110868954
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A Comparative Perspective on Continuity and Change Michio Muramatsu,
Frieder Naschold ... Japanese laws do not contain provisions for penalties or
punishment (Haley, 1993). I also have pointed out that there is a tendency, such
as in cases of eminent domain and tax collection, for Japanese public
administration to refrain from executing the law (Allinson, 1993). The lack of
htunan resources usually narrows the range of activities which can be carried out
. Japan's bureaucracy ...

The United States Congress In Comparative Perspective

Author: John E. Schwarz
Publisher: Hinsdale, Ill. : Dryden Press
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... expression, organization, and movement.102 They also restrict the authority of
the political system to search private homes or to separate families. Furthermore,
no law can limit the right of persons to own property, except for purposes of
eminent domain (requiring like compensation), or freely to choose their
occupation. A second constitutional limit is placed on the Bundestag because, as
in the case of the American Congress, it is part of a federal system. In West
Germany, the federal ...