The Making Of Modern Ethiopia

Author: Teshale Tibebu
Publisher: The Red Sea Press
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Relations Between Ethiopia and the Sudan on the Western Ethiopian Frontier

Land And Society In The Christian Kingdom Of Ethiopia

Author: Donald Crummey
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252024825
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Richard Pankhurst, Economic History of Ethiopia, pp. 430-33. 19. For an
important article which has shaped much of the present argument, see Bahru
Zewde, "Economic Origins of the Absolutist State in Ethiopia (1916-1935),"
lournal of Ethiopian Studies 17 (1984): 1-29. 20. Haile Sellassie, Autobiography,
pp. 73-75. 21. McCldlan, State Transformation and National Integration, chap. 4.
Qaladwas introduced to Sidamo after 1917. See also Daniel Ayana, "Land
Tenure and Agriculture.

Conquest And Resistance In The Ethiopian Empire 1880 1974

Author: Abbas Gnamo
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004265481
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This inevitably provides ground for discrimination, national integration or both.42
It is obvious that Ethiopian state has tried to transform itself since the end of the
19th century in order to survive in the world dominated by international capitalism
and the “western state system.” Hence, Emperor Haile Selassie regime was
usually referred to as the “modernizing autocracy.” The commit- ment to
modernization, initiated by Menelik and taken up by Haile Sellassie, was half-
hearted, partial ...


Author: John Markakis
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1847010334
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The Imported State: The Westernization of the Political Order, Stanford: Stanford
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Assessment of ...

Bibliographia Aethiopica 2

Author: Hans Wilhelm Lockot
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag
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5809 Bahru Demissie: The role of the progressives in Ethiopian politics, < 1909-
1930 > . Thesis (B.A.), Haile Sellassie I Univ., Dept. of History, 1970. 5810 Bahru
Zewde: A commentary of "Glorious victories of Amda Seyon" translated and
edited by G.W.B. Huntingford. History J., Addis Ababa. 2 (1968) n.2, 40-42. 5811
-: Economic origins of the absolutist state in Ethiopia < 1916-1935 > . JES 17 (
1984) 1-29. - [earlier in] Proc. of the Second Annual Semin. of the Dept. of Hist.,
Addis ...

Society State And History

Author: Bahru Zewde
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1 i .25, and G. Mackereth, Report on the Economic Conditions in Ethiopia (
Abyssinia), 1929-31 (London, 1932), pp. ... At one time he tried to undersell all
the merchants of Addis Ababa by obtaining special favors in regard to the duties
on coffee. ... Wonji-Shoa Sugar Estate (1951-1974)*+ The Awash Valley If
Economic Origins of the Absolutist State in Ethiopia (1916-1935) 112 Economic
History and Political Economy Economic Origins of the Absolutist State in
Ethiopia (1916-1935) 96.

The Cambridge History Of Christianity Volume 5 Eastern Christianity

Author: Michael Angold
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521811139
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Solomonic monarchs, to be seyum ̈a Egzi'abeh ́er, 'Elect of God'.76 His reign
has been associated indelibly with Ethiopia's grappling with modernity, a process
in which he sought to act as a leader.77 Modernisation was a tool to transform
Ethiopia, to overcome the weakness manifest by the country's inability effectively
to resist Fascist invasion in 1935, and to make it truly a peer player in the
international arena. Simultaneously, like his predecessors, he, too, held a vision
of an ...

The Southern Marches Of Imperial Ethiopia

Author: Donald Lewis Donham
Publisher: James Currey Publishers
ISBN: 9780852557945
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69-83. See also Jon R. Edwards, 'Slavery, the Slave Trade and the Economic
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The Absolutist State', p. 4. 106 Gebru Tareke, 'Peasant Resistance in Ethiopia:
The Case ...

Journal Of Ethiopian Studies

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... and the World Economy 1901-1935" (University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign, 1986); Shiferaw Bekele's MA thesis, "The Railway, Trade and
Politics: A Historical Survey, 1896- 1935" (1982); and Bahru Zewde, "Economic
Origins of the Absolutist State in Ethiopia (1916-1935)," Journal of Ethiopian
Studies, XVII (1984), pp. 1-29; idem., "The Fumbling Debut of British Capital in
Ethiopia: A Contrastive Study of the Abyssinian Corporation and the Ethiopian
Motor Transport Company," ...